Jackie Robinson delivers passionate speech at 1964 civil rights rally

June 16, 1964: The former baseball great spoke at St. Paul's A.M.E. Church in St. Augustine, Florida.
5:22 | 01/31/19

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Transcript for Jackie Robinson delivers passionate speech at 1964 civil rights rally
I didn't and gently and gentlemen it. And in this or. I have been moved to not. I have been moved by this singing. I have been moved I there at eight you had evident. I happen money by the odd ring Solomon is out day in and day out putting your life on the line. Some of America in the rate. How people have been saying yes the Jackie Robinson of all people here in this country. You have less right to protest against what's going on anybody I know. And not been for Branch Rickey a white man. You would not have an opportunity of going and that baseball and. They went on to talk about all of the advantages that I as an individual. They talk about the home I had Stamford Connecticut I must admit I do have a beautiful home. They talk about the automobile they talk about the job and thought about my bank probably got that from I don't know if that's what my money in my home. But they can't talk about my back. I said Jackie Ramos that you have it may that you ought not to be a part of this movement. I thought I bought. This for a few minutes it came to Vienna form of them article written by a Miami newspaper man. And I sat down. I wrote it's a letter. And I said I admit that I have been fortunate here in this country played that people have given me an opportunity. He's say that I haven't made. I think do you remember Nat King Cole in Birmingham Alabama. If you're a member of the content view and all optic kind of mobility and acting call act. You know how much money that he called it this country and have you ever seen hit Oklahoma and California. I think you can also stated that he call has it made. Birmingham Alabama tried to Singapore and it rent an audience. And bonds why the problem jumped up on the audience can be acting call up simply because that as a negro. I sent deal and clean all arm wouldn't hurt him minute beauty. When there are tremendous amount of the only to earned money. Duke. Ultimately people have let them know that kind of contribution he had an intimate. I think our our hot you can also play. You know aren't as it may. A man out and walked Matt basket of California. Police pay is making more money than anybody else in the game of baseball and perhaps as the greatest all weird one Anil alarm. Willie Mays. I think you're marijuana and eliminate anyone out there and just don't out of my home. It was rejected it in such a manner that the mayor pat. And won a world. Eight while it may not want more American and I would beat out. I would be problem at hand pump and in my home. But while they may because he had my negro was objective. Until appeals. And you can all feel pain he had me. And I think yield what do you look like not. What do you think we operate differently if there if not let me girl not one I know in this country. That hasn't made Abdullah malt underprivileged negro at Saint Augustine, Florida had. It's been lying on on this team. In a lot going on a marathon on serving Birmingham. Observing the holes. But the long and the bra. At an old rule that you wonder it ever attempt to local law. And they thought till they have children on their home. And lastly do participate. Their children look at them stop payment and ten. They can't look at me looked at camp they can't it would end to him. I want to great campus life each and every one you might term vendors pride and pleasure. Having this wonderful opportunity of coming out here to say hey sincere thank you. To let you know that what you're built. In salt anyway it makes it easier for me. I had being looked at southeast. Unless it is true. He ought to they probably content did you hear me. I hope that you have those threats and that period in the termination date. I hope that each woman who has Lyonnais is on the night. Rededicate ourselves to this cause of freedom. And Powell that we really are at across the world they cannot Andris about it man. They got to get all relevant and I'm a struggle in which art TV quality and freedom in our time. There's a wonderful opportunity. A lot of wildlife tonight thank you once again for your contributions. And I certainly believe that it worked well earlier. Every American is gonna say thank you just as I've done here and I like.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"June 16, 1964: The former baseball great spoke at St. Paul's A.M.E. Church in St. Augustine, Florida.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"60752464","title":"Jackie Robinson delivers passionate speech at 1964 civil rights rally","url":"/Archives/video/jackie-robinson-delivers-passionate-speech-1964-civil-rights-60752464"}