Mafia boss Paul Castellano killed in 1985 shooting

The head of the Gambino crime family was gunned down outside Sparks Steak House in New York City.
2:57 | 03/14/19

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Transcript for Mafia boss Paul Castellano killed in 1985 shooting
Police in New York are still looking for the man who gunned down Paul Castellano last night the police are not sure what they have on their hands that could have been a killing widely sanctioned by the underworld. It could be the beginning of a gang war but Weil a police do not know much about yesterday's gunman they know a great deal about the victim. Here's ABC's Betsy Aaron. It was said he was the boss of bosses Paul Castellano gunned down on a crowded New York City street. It was said he was that god father of the mafia in the United States. They don't come any bigger. Represents. The assassination of the deed the head of the largest organized crime family in the United States. It's a crime war. Well it could be the beginning of the war yes. It was said Castellano headed the Gambino family a family well acquainted with a fascination. In 1957 the family was headed by Albert and a station he was assassinated Carlo Gambino took over. In 1976. Gambino died and Paul Costa mono took over running what's been called a full service organization. Restaurants trucking gambling loan sharking labor racketeering and drugs. A lot has been said about Castellano. Now that he's dead speculation centers around who did it and why. That probably makes sense at this point to believe that it was agreed upon by members within his own family and sanctioned body that has of the other families in New York. He was not providing leadership in the family. Because he was tied up with numerous court proceedings whose training money from the family. He was not allowing those in the family to continue their illegal activities for fear of exposure. Cost alana was on trial for auto theft and murder at the time of his murder he and four other New York crime family boss is scheduled for yet another trial in the spring. US attorney Rudolph Giuliani still hopes to prove the existence of a crime network stretching from coast to coast. If organized crime experts are right the mom is now confused its members struggling for power. Here is an irony to all this violence increase pressure by those enforcing a law may be leading to more mob violence. Betsy Aaron ABC news New York. Well the murder of Paul Castellano was the latest in a long history of gang land executions some information from our fact file. July the twelfth 1979. Car mind Valenti head of New York's bonanno family murdered on the back patio of a Brooklyn restaurant. April 7 1972. Joseph crazy Joseph Gallo shot and killed as he celebrated his 43 birthday in Manhattan's little Italy. June the 27 1971. Joseph Colombo head of the Colombo family. Shot at a unity day rally of the Italian Americans civil rights lead. He died after seven years in a coma. And march the 21 1980 Angelo Bruno the Philadelphia mob chief shot and killed when he arrived at his home after a night out for dinner.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"The head of the Gambino crime family was gunned down outside Sparks Steak House in New York City.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"61679924","title":"Mafia boss Paul Castellano killed in 1985 shooting","url":"/Archives/video/mafia-boss-paul-castellano-killed-1985-shooting-61679924"}