March 18, 1990: Thieves target Boston museum

Brazen thieves made off with works by Rembrandt, Manet and Vermeer from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.
1:27 | 12/26/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for March 18, 1990: Thieves target Boston museum
Some experts are calling it the biggest art theft in US history thieves made off early this morning with a eleven works of art from Boston's as bella Stewart Gardner museum. Among the rare masterpieces by Rembrandt and Gough and Monday. David ensor has details. The two thieves dressed in what looked like police uniforms gained admittance to the museum at 1:15 in the morning saying they were investigating a disturbance in the area. They handcuff the museum guards destroyed several surveillance cameras and got away with twelve works of art worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The theft from the Gardner museum is of international in sports it's. Probably the largest art theft in modern times. Gone is the only cease gave Rembrandt ever painted storm on the Sea of Galilee as well as his lady and gentleman in black. Also stolen in my night at a Chinese bronze from the twelve century BC. And the concert by Vermeer one of only about forty known paintings by the old master by far the most valuable work taken. Experts say only someone willing to break the law will buy these works of art. There is no legitimate buyer for these paintings in the whole world. If you are looking it. By a Rembrandt you can look these up so quickly and find out that they were from the Gardner museum Boston Police say they believe the thieves were highly skilled professionals. Who knew exactly what they were looking for. David ensor ABC news.

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{"duration":"1:27","description":"Brazen thieves made off with works by Rembrandt, Manet and Vermeer from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"52000171","title":"March 18, 1990: Thieves target Boston museum","url":"/Archives/video/march-1990-thieves-target-boston-museum-52000171"}