2014 Corvette Debuts in Detroit

GM's rollout of new Corvette steals the spotlight at Detroit Auto Show.
1:27 | 01/14/13

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Transcript for 2014 Corvette Debuts in Detroit
Stealing the spotlight as the auto show revs up GM rolls out the new Corvette in front of an audience of over -- thousand. Indeed viewing the seventh generation model the new -- -- bashed with an iconic name plate. -- -- -- This tired. Speaks yourselves dancers about it as an -- emotionally work. This company the company -- Detroit's gritty Russell industrial complex for the unveiling. GM's North America president says -- make over and debut marks a major milestone for the company and represents GM's comeback. The whole political arena here is changed radically here of the last -- -- instrument to bankruptcy. I think a lot of people needed something to really believe in here and now this cars one of those things in the company that we all believe in. And it was really fun because no matter what people said. -- we kept working on this -- and what you see here today is. His spiritual and emotional for the whole company. When we do this for our employees later today -- was standing -- not once but. -- you knew would be fast to the court that has so much muscle. 450. Horsepower he can go from zero to sixty in less than four seconds -- will be be fastest. Most capable most powerful stated -- we've -- an auto analyst Jim Hall says the court that will do well but he has a couple of issues. I liked the car I just wish the tail lights were a little more around. It's just me it's don't Corvette and it's still pretty high.

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{"id":18210110,"title":"2014 Corvette Debuts in Detroit","duration":"1:27","description":"GM's rollout of new Corvette steals the spotlight at Detroit Auto Show.","url":"/Business/video/2014-corvette-debuts-detroit-18210110","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}