New Corvette: Popular Sports Car Gets Female Touch

Jim Avila explores the ins and outs of the 2014 Corvette Stingray.
3:00 | 01/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Corvette: Popular Sports Car Gets Female Touch
It is the iconic American sports -- six decades of Corvette celebrated -- all new next generation thin red. Introduce this month in Detroit and New York sold everywhere this fall. I met with the chief designer and this is his baby in the design. This kind of take a look at it seems -- We've tried to shrink crap that if if you sit in the driver seat you'll see it looks like put his melted over the -- If you look at a lot of new cars introductions what you see. Is the whole for an end is coming up popped up and that's because of European pedestrian protection. -- requirements where you have to protect occupants head striking the -- we've pushed her really down. Hype over the hardware not just in -- case but all around the car both the outside skin in the structure underneath. Is carbon fiber and that lets us -- the material properties to absorb the energy to meet that requirement. The new stingray nose seems more integrated the frame in the last generation and rear -- that reminds one of -- Ferrari. We certainly didn't set out -- Ferrari we set out come up with a new design that looks different in the ways of the looks different contribute to making it work better. The fact that this car producer so much more downforce and today's terror is a big reason. Why the standard cars or be faster early testing around the racetrack and as the Korean sports -- a -- performance model. Of today this first -- -- -- that the interior was designed by a woman. Personally assigned to path by GM and -- to design -- And Helen employee admits being nervous about the -- -- -- I'm giving the club that I just went quiet which for me as a -- -- an -- that meet the quiet is not normal. This is known has been known as the man's car -- -- Not as popular with women now it's can you have you suffered at all. National thinks bill I don't think so that wasn't always made -- -- -- -- tonight the thickest most minimal critical about materials and -- How things go to get than they Wear the colors some of them on but on that night. So you looking for cars spear -- what's the mission. The mission must do to really make the content area and that the -- wants -- -- to -- the content that would. That would -- -- -- time have you -- -- and with -- with him into a political -- because the -- to the to have it to -- to contact -- We've had couldn't -- it but I've never been picked -- the name of the conference. I think it's a lot with details and can't look into the right thing. So by the comments by -- in human and it's you know -- its meal I hate it wrapped with life stance. Do we do -- ninth. This is the first Corvette to be dubbed the stingray since the 1980s. Putting the stingray -- on the car was the last to design -- we did. We talked about you know me which it calls -- stingray early on but we've set that aside and we said you know what. This -- -- such hallowed name in the auto industry -- her slap that had done anything on we see how we do personally make sure that we get -- are worthy of the name. And when we say worthy of the name that mean that incorporates a bunch of different variables one is the design statement. It has to be a great looking power -- has to have a formidable street presence. And it has to have a design language that evokes the Hydro dynamics that you think of when you think of a stingray moving through the water. The automaker hopes to distinguish this Corvette from previous month and not only in name. But also in almost all of its components. The -- -- uses an aluminum frame which is 57% stiffer and 99 pounds lighter than the steel -- used in the 2013. Corvette. Infected shares leaped to -- -- -- that. There's more than just -- it's got to have the functional technologies. You know. The performance. Well there are no EPA figures yet but Chevrolet engineers are hoping for low thirties on the highway. And confidently report that this will be the most efficient Corvette ever bottom line isn't getting you drive the -- of the best thing about it the -- it drives. The -- it looks. The impression for the drivers one of all leather in carbon fight the -- strip of aluminum on the door. For the first time Chevrolet will offer two styles of seats. The standard sport model and the competition sport option with side bolstering to provide greater support -- -- Begging the everyday drivers hit maximum g.s in the corners. There are only through 2014. Sting rays in existence today both are hand -- and for display. The no driving allowed so far. We are promised to test drive this summer. -- now we can only report but the new -- doesn't look sixth. Remarkably ABC news New York.

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{"id":18302898,"title":"New Corvette: Popular Sports Car Gets Female Touch","duration":"3:00","description":"Jim Avila explores the ins and outs of the 2014 Corvette Stingray.","url":"/Business/video/2014-corvette-stingray-gets-female-touch-18302898","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}