Apploi: New App for Job Seekers

Mobile app allows people looking for jobs interact with prospective employers
3:00 | 12/04/13

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Transcript for Apploi: New App for Job Seekers
First we want to start with that ADP report 2151000. New jobs better than the estimate of 170000. And who better to ask -- Adam Lewis he is founder and CEO of a start up a ploy a new mobile recruiting -- That's changing the way that people are applying for jobs great to have you with us Adam -- about -- so what I saw on this report that I really liked was the fact that there's construction and manufacturing jobs being -- -- those -- the jobs that pay better. They're not just the retail jobs what did you think. I think it's -- really exciting I mean if -- the best growth we've -- the whole year we've seen a very good average 186000. Jobs a month. As you say like this is now widening difference different industries -- -- retail hospitality -- month the month which is great. Now to get different industries increases -- of nuns is very very encouraging and very exciting. We want jobs -- we want the good paying the solid jobs that you can make above minimum wage and that's what's gonna really drive the economy forward if it's gonna move. Where are you seeing the growth in your business. Mean we've seen huge huge growth in retail hospitality -- job. That really this huge huge volumes on tongue river is really really ought to mean -- to states -- four point four million Americans I'm months. -- quitting their jobs -- fifteen India. Does that mean they're starting a new place do they feel like they've got another opportunity. That decadent and -- in jobs very short amount of times three months four months and moving on. So what we're trying to deploys actually trying to match the right people to write -- and believe -- That it thinks -- -- basis for that so we cannot deploy it within our ecosystem we have let's training advice. To help those candidates realize west -- best -- for them. And that we provide that if I told him how can get a job and then succeeded Agile once again. Considering how many job losses there -- during the Great Recession it's crazy to think four point four million people are actually quitting right now in this economy that they feel. That's an acceptable -- You know I think that people want to see eight roots to a -- so when -- to a job and then that you -- you know Hornaday. Type of environment when it is working for a couple of months. They don't see that the -- to -- the future and how to develop -- skills -- -- of their careers in those roles what I think the company's away what we want to kind of focus on. Is it yet -- might be an entry level job but what does -- training -- but this doesn't have helped them progress -- decorated. But that might not even be the why this investment when you think about it -- -- -- is literally going somewhere else. And it feels like everyone's living in limbo the companies are living in -- They're not even hiring full time a lot they're just hiring temporary employees and then the people themselves are also living -- -- What is staggering is that there's tens and tens of millions of Americans that don't have access took -- audience. And that means they don't have access to the -- rights -- -- You -- festival. Most people are now browsing that bosnians on -- Obama -- ST certain demographic just like -- shot like Friday and cyber -- percent of people on the on the about. But he don't they they don't see job opportunities on -- -- -- so what does that mean it means that they don't have access to apply to those jobs and as a lot of Americans. The -- -- device was it was sixty million Americans that didn't even have Internet access. So what we're doing as well he's medical -- companies and organizations. Aipac kiosks job kiosks. To put them into community centers shelters in places where people don't have that access. And then we widen -- -- -- that might be amazing people for adult by the county might be fantastic. -- -- -- -- -- -- them so how are you changing outside of what you just described what else are you changing about the way we apply for jobs. It's really mobile centric -- its widening the access and it's also. Adding in an element of -- candidates who really -- really -- -- us now Nazis to throw application. Companies can see a lot more than a catalyst this application. There's video of his orders and are as you can listen to a disgruntled customer and it -- back to be used -- to explain how they would deal without cost Nazi were the companies -- you know more. But its goals rather than having to get your manager on the line are fighting somebody else that's all literally happening in real time -- -- that would cut down from a consumer experience our wait time. When we have to deal with something that's frustrating at a company. Definitely a night oversee social media people groups say it will different types of things the people who representing the browns need to be there right types of people. And I think that's by allowing them to show that passed Nazis and truth themselves -- -- companies -- much more confident in making hiring decisions much Boston. It does still little 1984 though that they -- -- the idea that. There's constant surveillance and it has some upside but it also has some doubts. Yeah I think ticket I think that's you know candidates. Need to be able to stay focused on. That -- and progress -- -- I didn't think people should be jumping between one rolled to another up. But I think companies also on the flip side of that. -- provides a long time career opportunities for these candidates -- Adam Lewis a -- thank you so much for joining us very much interesting conversation and you.

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{"id":21099014,"title":"Apploi: New App for Job Seekers","duration":"3:00","description":"Mobile app allows people looking for jobs interact with prospective employers","url":"/Business/video/apploi-app-job-seekers-21099014","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}