Ari's Gold: Superagent Emanuel Wins Bid for IMG

Dominic Patten on the growing power of William Morris Endeavor's co-CEO Ari Emanuel.
3:00 | 12/18/13

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Transcript for Ari's Gold: Superagent Emanuel Wins Bid for IMG
This is a special -- I'm tired and is in new York and this is an ABC news digital special report that -- -- Are getting even more powerful and Hollywood today super agent Ari Emanuel. And is William Morris endeavor agency has won a massive bidding war for control of sports and talent agency ING. Among the new clients -- will be adding to his roster this guy. -- -- -- But that's just start -- -- joining me now for more on Emmanuel and how to make it so they what comes next were joined by deadline Hollywood's Dominic -- Dominic just for some context here for those of us perhaps not familiar with the name Ari Emanuel this is. Ari Gold of an entourage he is immortalized in that HBO series. Yes I mean Ari is Ari and has been playing at -- receivers several seasons on HBO's entourage and now in the upcoming Warner Bros. movie. But I have to be honest with you no matter what you've seen Ari Gold -- on TV -- Emmanuel -- -- bigger and better out here real life and -- -- -- to tell us a little bit more about the deal that he was able to pull off here the bidding that went on and and how pretty windy day. Well I think -- I think Ari I think its partner Patrick -- -- and WS he won the day the same way -- -- -- -- the past -- -- they've worked with a strategy. You know you have to remember this is an agency William Morris that was bought by -- Patrick endeavor in 2000 not -- they've long since been working for the building block strategy to enlarge themselves I think in many -- go beyond the traditional Hollywood agency model and -- towards being a media conglomerate. Right so what are we talking about what kind of money -- ING bring in what kind of assets were talking some big names. We mentioned Justin Timberlake. We've got Gisele Bundchen on that client roster Novak Djokovic who also we talk about and and how my body. We got eight Manning we've got Taylor Swift and it didn't think I am geez is it deals with management and talent representation. But here's something I think is getting overlooked a lot of this deal it also deals a -- -- licensing. I am -- mantra has always been taking a local sports international. And with its acquisition I don't let me beat the powerhouse now has a massive footprint internationally. Because sports really is the new celebrity sports obviously are the number one show on television they're really the only thing that captures the kind of audiences of the glory days of television and it's a place where you can make a lot of money with some very well placed properties. And WM he has a lot of them now. Let's get back to Ari and his hit his -- -- reputation as you're saying well deserved legendary reputation in Hollywood. So we have Jeremy Piven playing him on HBO's entourage he's played the high strung agent. He's supposed to be a caricature but you're setting up -- -- is accurate and then some tell us about little bit more about. Some of the more famous moments of Ari Emanuel. Well Ari -- well I'm not saying -- a caricature and I am not saying that it doesn't play homage to the man at the same time. -- -- Emmanuel is a Matty comes a powerful family and he is brother was one of the most powerful congressman in Washington then the chief of staff to President Obama and now the mayor of Chicago is. Other -- -- a world renowned doctor you know these are guys who fight hard and -- large. What you see -- it is sometimes profane sometimes loud and aggressive and in stirred things up in a Hollywood super -- key things buttoned down but he also insightful on strategic. The thing that WSB -- doing here is they are building on a brand building to a corporation. And I think that that's something underneath all the screaming and shouting what I'm sure was very very tight negotiating to get this. Two billion plus property under air -- This is something which -- -- is a part of groping their company far beyond the realms of Hollywood. Let's be honest you go -- one -- out. Beverly Hills most people can't name one agent they know who Ari Gold is from want to rock the thing is being payments on HBO. And being powerful are two different things and that's what's happened here. Power. How far has Emanuel come and how fast -- -- was he was he if you start as an intern that we have that kind of that kind of classic story of -- and rising from nothing to essentially everything in in this in this world. Yes essentially I wouldn't say rising from nothing but -- as someone who came up through the mail room -- -- to -- and he even got ten from one agency he was accused of going through files he shouldn't which is the way he and four and three other agents went off and form their own company. In a very short period of time Ari has become one of the major players in Hollywood. We say -- but let's not only about his -- CEO why that's a very important. Player in this as well. They've worked together to build this company I think you're gonna see a lot more happening. I don't think this is the end of the big acquisitions I think this is another stage in. Our producer country Brian still -- partners as an investment company they've got the government of Abu Dhabi investment arm as part of this ING deal they've also looked into digital properties they've looked into banking properties they have some -- and they're growing and moving. This is not about getting your 15% from just getting your client in a movie. This is about the whole -- -- -- -- talked about. How how good he is in terms of these acquisitions how much he can foresee into the future and know what's big he talked about. How important sports are now in terms of its being super talent. How -- juggle all of this this is a huge company with many different kinds of celebrities and -- talking. Huge -- how does -- keep everyone happy -- Well I mean I think that the juggling act is not going to be that hard as anybody who knows -- Joseph wants finds out I think what you got is. A very street inclined focus T. The reality is it -- while -- are going to be -- CEOs of the new amalgamated company IMG for the time being is essentially got to run as an independent unit to its 3000 plus employees and about thirty countries around the world they're pretty much continue to do a good job they've done that made them so viable so valuable to begin with. That's working and one thing I'd say about -- back to -- think things. They have broken. All right just last quick question here and -- unity now he still represent anyone personally here is he just running the company at this point. -- represents people -- -- you can ask Mark Wahlberg -- tell you. Out our rights and he does it now Ari Emanuel. Winning that -- and obviously his company and -- co CEO at large. Winning the bid for ING deadlines high deadline -- Dominic -- thank you so much for joining us at a crystal have a full write up on his Hollywood blockbuster right here. On hasn't been an ABC news digital special report I'm tired and it's in New York.

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{"id":21265332,"title":"Ari's Gold: Superagent Emanuel Wins Bid for IMG","duration":"3:00","description":"Dominic Patten on the growing power of William Morris Endeavor's co-CEO Ari Emanuel.","url":"/Business/video/ari-emanuel-wins-bid-img-21265332","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}