Never Have a Really Bad Haircut Again

Startup StyleSeat allows you to browse Stylists work before booking your appointment.
4:56 | 07/23/14

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Transcript for Never Have a Really Bad Haircut Again
At first. We want to turn to that trip to the salon it's supposed to be relaxing and fun. That's certainly what you'd expect because you're spending money on it but our next guest says. That's not how it went down for her after three bad haircuts she had an idea her start -- -- style seat is transforming the way that we find a stylus. And book our appointments and this year the company has grown so rapidly and we want to welcome to the show. This woman -- magazine named her the founder. Melanie McCloskey the top woman in -- to watch and fast company named her one of the most creative people in business. And she's here with me and also joining us from Orange County California is pat park she is a stylus that you can book on style seasonality we're gonna start with you -- -- -- -- -- -- In Orange County had to come up with this bad haircuts bad color. Exactly right I. You know did what government switches got to look at some sites or -- friends either couldn't -- to eat your heart and three time winner out -- us and happy and I felt that has upset and I thought this house you better. I'm so I wanted to build a -- in an app where you can find the back stylist for exactly what you need in your area. And they're all over the country it's I would liken it to anyone who's familiar with seamless web. Or is knocked -- or even Opentable in terms of booking our restaurant on line this is sort of back. But for booking a stylist -- park is one of those silencing cat I understand you took your clientele from forty to fifty people all the way up to 650. People using -- the. And IE. Starting -- -- style seat about six months into working at my salon. And my clientele. Through all the tools from -- -- grew to 650. I'm within the first six months and it's been about two years since I use -- -- now. And not have over a thousand clients and fully booked to the rest 2014. And I just loved all the tools that South -- -- because I would have never been able to grow my business like this without it. Fully booked -- 2000 all the way through this year so I want haircut or color with you I couldn't even get -- on -- -- the right now. -- All right so I'd sign up for the way it -- -- we want to thank you so much since you are so busy with all of this hair we want to let you get back to that or an attorney now. Back to -- here with us in studio maladies sound like this is working very well for cat certainly. Multiple stylists are using this throughout the country how -- making money on it. They're really good question. So meaning many primary -- the diet providing. It's but called premium model some neat how the business platform that runs to -- -- the entire business of our professional. And that's completely free but if they want extra fancy scheduling marketing tools -- -- between 25 and 35 dollars and and that would be the extra fancy schedule eight would basically be their way of getting in front more customers. Making sure -- -- -- -- in the about them exactly. How different from Yelp or life book Harry and to really get questions that we are in a couple of ways. Word solely focused on the beauty industry so we have -- silent partners -- -- make up artists. Were really just it will for them specifically rather -- any small business for example. In addition to that we really haven't -- -- -- -- mobile -- that's focused on. Helping you find the best professional for exactly what you want in your area and then looking after that from -- How do you do that because you mentioned earlier you got -- color three times that you didn't like them you had gone to friends and asked them for recommendations. -- What's better than a friend's recommendation -- friends don't always have -- team here textures you have they don't necessarily have seen -- -- And so -- stylist that are a little more funky there silence that are allowed more conservative and polish media hub lawn care getting your your hair colored if its lines. Is very specific every -- -- -- a different way. So when you have to styles he you can look at their portfolio you can browse a hundred photos of their work in the actual -- color that they had done. But it seeking in the salon prep before the -- means and that's a much articulate experienced and how you noticed that -- -- jet and it's a feeling come from somewhere else on the Internet week. How we have ways to -- that's certainly that. V me. -- upland that directly from the -- we -- we know where they're salon is what it looks like and -- it's it's fairly easy for such well I have to say full disclosure I have used out -- actually book. This is long before we ever get good money for even came up with this idea so. Great meeting you malady that company -- style -- you can go online and book and appointment right now with. Cat park for at least wait to book an appointment with -- -- think you -- morality.

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{"id":24679124,"title":"Never Have a Really Bad Haircut Again","duration":"4:56","description":"Startup StyleSeat allows you to browse Stylists work before booking your appointment.","url":"/Business/video/bad-haircut-24679124","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}