Never Have a Really Bad Haircut Again to 6 Food Myths Debunked

Rebecca Jarvis has the news that matters to you this week on Real Biz 7.22.2014
17:59 | 07/23/14

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Transcript for Never Have a Really Bad Haircut Again to 6 Food Myths Debunked
Hello look -- -- because I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's on our radar. Ever have bad haircut I mean. Really really that well we've got to start up here today whose founder says. May have the answer to making sure that never happens again then -- why so many studies say you don't feel appreciated. We've got the clothing company yes the clothing company that is trying to change that. And speaking of studies every time you turn around there's a new one slamming your favorite foods and we're going to sort out the height from the fax. And debunks the biggest food -- coming up in just a moment but first. We want to turn to that trip to the salon it's supposed to be relaxing and fun. That's certainly what you'd expect because you're spending money on it but our next guest says. That's not how it went down for her after three bad haircuts she had an idea her start -- -- style seat is transforming the way that we find a -- And book our appointments and this year the company has grown so rapidly and we want to welcome to the show. This woman ink magazine named her the founder malady McCloskey the top woman intact to watch and -- company named her one of the most creative people in business. And she's here with me and also joining us from Orange County California -- pat park she's a stylistic you can book on style seasonality we're gonna start with you -- -- -- -- -- -- In Orange County had to come up with this bad haircuts bad color. Exactly right I. You know did whatever investments it's got to look at some sites or after friends you know -- -- to eat your heart and three time winner out it just wasn't happy and I felt that -- has upset and I thought this house you better. I'm so I wanted to build a -- in an app where you can find the -- stylist for exactly what you need in your area. And they're all over the country it's I would liken it to anyone who's familiar with seamless web. Or is not -- or even Opentable in terms of booking our restaurant on line this is sort of back. But for booking a stylist pat park is one of those stylists and -- I understand you took your clientele from forty to fifty people all the way up to 650. People using -- the. -- And my clients all through all the tools from -- -- grew to 650. I'm within the first six knots and it's been about two years since I used to -- the -- -- now. And not have over a thousand clients and fully booked to the -- not 2014 cent. I just loved all the tools that sounds he provides because I would have never been able to grow my business like this about it. Fully booked to 2000 all the way through this year. -- I want haircut or color with you I couldn't even get when I'm -- -- right now. There's a playlist on -- -- -- All right so -- sign up for the way this cat we want to thank you so much since you are so busy with all of this hair we want to let you get back to that -- an attorney now. Back to morality here with us in studio maladies sounds like this is working very well for cat certainly. Multiple stylists are using this throughout the country how are you making money on it. They're really good question. So meaning many primary -- the diet providing. It's but called premium model. -- me how the business platform that runs to -- that the entire business of our professional. And that's completely free but if they want extra fancy scheduling marketing tools -- -- between 25 and 35 dollars and and that would be the extra -- scheduling. Would basically be their way of getting in front more customers making sure more -- -- -- -- the about them exactly. How different from Yelp or life book Harry and to really get Christians -- we are in a couple of ways. Word solely focused on the beauty industry so we have hair stylists barbers male artist make up artists. We're really just a tool for them specifically rather than any small business for example. In addition to that we really how to -- tool and a mobile app that's focused on. Helping you find the best professional for exactly what you want your area and then looking after that from -- How do you do that because you mentioned earlier you've got -- color three times that you didn't like them you had gone to friends and asked them for recommendations. And what's better than a friend's recommendation will friends don't always have -- -- here textures you have they don't necessarily have seen as Sadek. And -- their -- that are a little more funky -- -- that are allowed more conservative and polish media hub lined -- getting your your hair colored if its lines. Is very specific every stylist -- -- -- different way. So when you have -- styles he you can look at their portfolio you can browse -- hundred photos of their work -- -- actual one color that they've done. But it is seeking in the salon -- before the -- means and that's a much Wear tailored experience and how you noticed that -- is -- -- jet and it's -- -- come from somewhere -- on the Internet week. How we have -- -- -- that's certainly that. -- -- The upland that directly from the apple we -- we know where they're salon is what it looks like and and it's it's fairly. Well I have to say full disclosure I have used -- -- actually book. This is long before we ever -- money for even came up with this idea so. Great meeting you malady that company is style -- you can go online and book and appointment right now with -- park or at least wait to book an appointment with -- part thank you thank malady. Stats you're rolling your child's life is just as important -- a -- but apparently you're not getting the same level of appreciation in fact. Americans spent 41% more on Mother's Day than on father's day of course money isn't the only way to -- that you care but -- And for those of you who try your very best -- he's also revealed that you feel under appreciated. We'll bring in our next -- he's a man and a father who was built a business to tackle this very issue his name is Bobby RC and he is founder and chief dot. At -- it's so nice to have you with us. Thank you so -- strategy it's a pleasure. So. And what is this company -- -- selling clothes to help that's. Yes oddly enough you know what we wanted to do was to celebrate this constant data and what it means all of us. And the media and I chose to use it was something that was a no brainer and -- to -- in -- on the news so clothing was one of the things that I almost everyone uses. And we -- -- -- did you quality products and we can use it closed at the closing as our media. And and you can become messengers certainty is something you liked active clear message -- -- that you believe in. You aware and once you -- -- you will be exposed to messaging expose -- when -- and network around -- So we started without an ever gonna take the funds from that and put on no cost programming that we think is relevant to -- -- down so we're not really clothing company -- -- is using -- -- are -- A -- -- getting -- job. I am all for appreciating -- I certainly appreciate mine he's -- -- -- But I do one with statistics out they're like Americans spent 41% less on the Mother's Day event on Mother's Day. If you're creating something people have to bite for dad and they're already not doing that -- -- raise money for this. Well that's it that's your question we've been very lucky to have -- race. Supporters out there that are supporting us through this. Last two years he launched. And -- what would be he's getting traction out there is stacked in their amazing fought it out there and that's really how -- started -- I I realized the great apps out there litre in this box retreat is -- ourselves or we say I'm OK with being a great dad in bids box. -- we need to -- and make sure that that message gets out this it's really back. The great -- being under exposed animal and it sure is -- this process. It is very simple thing -- piece of clothing that people liked that we start getting that message to be more relevant to the forefront of discussion for people say it's reached -- -- that it does create Dax. -- are able to get that message out there herald -- leaking into certain expected that they'd need even more motivation. Or more importantly -- dads of tomorrow looking to us and say you know it's looking -- -- out there it's great it's -- to be a great attitude appeared. It's a it's a great message and it's so interesting that. I do think that the clothing element of this is is interesting because you do see today so many companies from Tom -- To what you're doing with -- dot you see so many companies that are trying to link that. Consumer out with the let's be conscious let's be cognizant let's work toward a -- Right absolutely acting is fantastic song list that sound just beginning to return to the forefront. And there is no reason you we talk entrepreneurs every day that are -- -- business and one of the things I preach Sudan is if you can find -- -- -- -- passion. And didn't use a a business or an actual tangible couldn't wrap around it is -- means so much more and we can use everything and anything -- to go to message -- so why not do that want to make sure that every part of any company is something that does it for somebody else and for us especially for me. The idea victory data is so incredibly important to me my family -- -- and everybody did we tax and we dissect the use something that we -- and being everyday use and we want to be in their closet. Part of the the reason that you started this company I understand is because you believe that there's a father with crisis in America explain what you mean by that. Sure I you know what I would say it's -- to better receipt that from my perspective is that we believed that. There is just not enough notoriety and and when I began this process actually want -- to you to join a group enjoying a and Rubin that was there -- see anything that was an at large scale. So I thought you know what I know some amazing artists out there and we -- to do this because. -- selflessly I want to lead to correct legacy for my children two boys. I don't want to understand what it means to be -- and what he needs to Ian well invested. One that. Most interesting thing that we find -- -- and I've found is that we are raised to believe that -- only giving. -- stats you know you're supposed to do this -- purity in their do homework with them cash but. Most. The best part about this process -- what she gained from it and what we team that's it as a man. The father at this hour as its meeting members so you know what I -- is that we're not. We got ticking on April and it into most. Appreciative way and we not really using it to give ourselves the opportunity. To set that example actresses for doubts that any decent motivation or -- Datsyuk tomorrow. I think what I am hearing you saying is that it's great to be -- that you really love it and it's it's a pleasure for you and your -- as much as you're giving the relationship. I have a question and that is why do you think it is. They it -- dads are under appreciated. It's easy to see but I would say that it actually starts with us leader -- -- I think -- we have been on in the shacks. And we have accepted that role that you know will look at sitting in this box and -- -- with my family and I'm very open about my emotions and how I do my kids and what I do with them and this is about -- that that's out there and it starts with then I'm really trying to make sure that we provide an opportunity for them to see something that celebrates them. To prevent accounted alignment content for Clint. And I think once that how it's. Once we get all -- street -- out there to say no this is an incredible -- not only do I know it personally but I want to share with everybody in -- gonna be set the example -- -- -- back -- that is an incredible opportunity. -- for the children but also for the -- and what that means for -- us. Well the company -- spoke out the man behind it is Bobbie thank you so much for joining us -- -- you've probably seen at one day it's fat the next day it's starts -- its sugar than its sweet and it's butter. Well it seems like everywhere you -- there is another study slamming another -- -- how separate the facts from the fiction we're here to debug the biggest -- We turned out where -- she is dietitian -- -- -- Who's also the author of the book read it before you -- it how to. And you -- we always like when people bring -- -- -- -- -- but I'm curious to know how much of these foods were actually allowed to eat how many are actually good for you out. Well you're allowed to eat any of them -- -- is how much are having and what else you had before and after it. But you know when it comes to -- to think that means. I think that we have a tendency to just listen to the headlines and that you really have to be careful about. What they're talking about how many people -- users. -- -- applies to you know which is why we turn to people like you by the way that you can read through the entire study and tell us what's behind headlight -- that is that it. Let's let's thinks fish for -- it's really unfortunate that so many people are not eating fish because they fear of the stories about Mercury but the fact is that. Fish is rich in Omega three fatty acids which are so important to you for brain development for a visual acuity. -- in adults they could reduce the -- of cardiovascular disease. And if you can eat fish then having -- this -- and four. Or even tuna light to and that would be fine to eat. But during pregnancy even their pregnancy and the guidelines say that you should be eating this. Somewhere around eight to twelve -- up to twelve ounces a week. And even for kids it's important. But not everybody can be fished out everybody likes this and if that's the case then taking something like an Omega three supplement with deep change EPA in. 250 to 500 milligrams a day could really be important for you. What salt because -- there's always been this conversation around salt that you shouldn't have too much -- yes. Well what bugs me about -- and he's cooking shows where there. See the -- -- using salt like they're feeding chickens on a farm. That is not the way to eat solved and always more than what I use yes and it's more than you need to use. What I would do -- take -- salt shaker -- assault and fill it with seasonings and spices because not only will -- be cutting back on salt but we know that certain seasonings and spices meets sweet talk about another time. Actually have benefits -- them. So with -- story most of our assault comes from food that we -- better restaurant foods foods you buying the supermarket so you have to. -- -- before you eat it pains me how much sodium you're actually getting. And also -- in some foods that are high in potassium. A baked potato has more potassium than two bananas oranges has a lot of potassium in it so potassium can help your blood pressure to do. What -- -- -- chocolate because these are these two. Items where people say well they're actually good for you eat some dark chocolate drink your white adults right and I totally agree with that -- yeah. Okay but when it comes to wine the problem with wine is too much -- So just because something is good for you doesn't mean that a lot of even banner and -- does have very positive effects even there -- -- relaxation effect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And with chocolate it's not just about looking at the percent dark chocolate we have to look at that Coca -- -- that are in there which could actually. Again relax blood vessels and increased circulation. Which we know helping decrease inflammation -- your heart. Circulation has sent some eighteen while I'm traveling on the plane yes but little squares. OK if you're not necessarily by this -- the beer so it and there's a study out that says -- is harmful. Yes well. Near I wouldn't call -- harmful lesser having too much and actually did the study was talking about a beer belly. And then that you know do men really have a tendency to get a beer belly from too much beer. It's more of a problem. Talking about what you eat when you have the -- If you're having big cheese burgers -- and everything else that goes with it that can give you a -- -- also men have a tendency to game lead in the belly area. Whereas women have a tendency to gain -- in the back so. What do women get a beer but you get out you have to really read between. Like here but -- cannot live Diet Coke and so we're not we're not we're not calling out one diet soft -- here but you brought a diet soft -- along right. There there are always these conversations about drinking diet is not good for you where do you follow on that. The way I follows that I think that there's a place -- Just about everything. I happen to not be in full disclosure a son -- man and so whether it's diets I drink a lot of that. Yeah but the thing about diet soda is what else would you be drinking instead. So if you we need wearing -- if you'd be digging a regular soda and that's not a good idea I'd rather have someone drinking diet -- but yes. Water is the key beverage it's important for everything and it has. No calories no preservatives no additives no fat no sugar so there's nothing better and especially in the summer time get a big pitcher of water filled with cut -- -- angry happening in the prince feeling that your kids and then -- passing -- Great stuff and body the book read it before you eat at. I'm planning generating that's been learning about what I need to do before -- eat. All of this bit later today -- any president let's have them and yes -- -- -- so much appreciate it the president. And make you for joining us for real this we want to hear from you what's your guilty food pleasure and you know it's good for you are bad for you. Confused tweet us -- real business -- -- until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York have a great day.

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