Get To Know Barbara Corcoran on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis

Episode 82: The story behind the success that is Barbara Corcoran. Everything from Shark Tank, to building the Corcoran Group to her advice on making it as an entrepreneur. Plus meet the newest company she is endorsing on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.
13:34 | 03/24/16

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Transcript for Get To Know Barbara Corcoran on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis
Even my life happen on the heels of rejection I'm really couldn't rejection. You. And went to jobs. Like life in. Fans pipes right 22 jobs fire from only four. People at. My best advice is take the power. And movies so. I think everybody knows when you're in the wrong spot and sometimes it takes some fiery and we know things like this to be called in their buyers. And very often told exactly why I'm still want me touch my bosses who quietly and think is so why did you let me. I know I have carefully any of them actually. Excellent Farris reach out. And besides if they were all older than me all my jobs and twenty threes all those losses I body in the dead. Oh. Built multi dollar. Sharp today and how high up there I think that's something improvement are dumb kid in school and was tired of being made fun. They came into the work world proving everybody wasn't them. That I could makes success so I'll insult for life gets going this nation dementia at the spot that. Me and my first. Real estate and then checked and asked in this is no different. In choosing salespeople real estate company motivating and that's exactly what I do I checked I choose to Paris. And motivate them doing singles. Dollar will turn it. Yes that's what things away. I think the most important thing is I think people know that's straight who doesn't look good people. But I think I always had a very. Very good sense of who's winning who's losing would try hard wouldn't I think my only yes you really isn't very good size people when you really give people. There shake you support from everywhere you can. They rice's top do you like higher. Ers ice train and I like to hire attitude you really need them both the work ethic and the attitude. Proposed in the U got a winner if something and it's a lot more on where he liked that better in EG. We're excite and dreamed I would actually I have hired men women my whole life when I get a woman who's crying. I refile her in my heyday in terms of potential. Senate seat and yes it is telling me. What. Ritual when I was asked the shark tank I said yes immediately didn't read the contract and signed and sent it back in the three is throws going Shaq tying. I gotta pulled from the production company Mark Burnett productions saying. They decide another woman who has won females the other person and then used as a fallback but I wrote the best email of my life. To mark telling him that I consider his rejection lucky charm never in my life happened on the heels of rejection and really good at rejection. And I think he should invite both women actually compete for the scene and that's exactly he did. Now we got distracting everyone of the sharks news of the hit show we felt that it cut. And the reason we felt that is because our guys are selling mountainous just couldn't ask enough questions discussing what we shouldn't what we can I however. We were told constantly that shows going to be canceled we constant got the email sorry this looks like it's going it's going to be chance but we never got an email that was canceled in every now how these things work you hope for a little bit block yes. What's the ethnic. This really only one that I remember that I felt sad about. And it was an apt that was developed by two kids in college. The company is note all we're asking for 90000 dollars in exchange for 10% of a company. No holds a website that allows coasters to buy and sell class notes and study guides each of their college courses. When she was Smart when Kidd was done with Smart kid with the blessing of the college was able to self. Their notes from the class to the don't kid and it was endorsed by. Close to fifty colleges when I'm sure thing I thought I was a donkey out of what those militant was in. But mr. Let's McMillan for the fifth. 900000. Dollars for 30% in the business that's about those gains Sheila spine. And before they left the senate. Office you. If you say. He worked for me we got a deal a trust. Coach last season where he. And so they walked away from the deal shop the deal eight million dollars and it's been an empty chair. Oh after. An idol will next we have so many mrs. Laurie Batman. We'll get it at a hearing. Watch out walking the because it showed us and tell them. It could be days to lead to five when they speak up and impeached but don't talk to somebody talks. A picture looking chart entry and acting really cocky. And then they'll buy. It off with potentially. Watch how they. Won. With a ignore he added pressure. He or she. Falls under pressure than ever built a business because businesses Warner can you creative ways that's been again over obstacles. A there's. Out with the fits. That set with an at all or very interest in east of physical action action. You mean from a tree and I think I'm performing well armed century. And falling rappel how to. Happens all the time whenever the situation worse here to share. Compliments. Three years. And even some still like rattle. But what like this annual. Real and at 50. Is there. To be its history to reach its success. Just that they get back and I think what would a man to do. I I did. I say what I tell us that it shut up. And I get before you're. Just taking space. And thinking you know what. Are the most businesses. If you sell in its news if it's just think fees and Indonesian what the other person wants year. Most hopeful and like you. You get away or. But people like you. You can give much less in that situation in your way funny about people if girls with people can sense. People can sense when you. Delivers should leave yourself and your decent people. And that's how awful hard in the world teaches you have. Proper etiquette these are certain way dress a certain way have a certain education. I think it's terribly fresh of people to elect its first real deal. Because as a lot of treatments. So accustomed to seeing in authentic gets old and a sport I hear from people all the time. Have a great idea and they're working so hard to lure some reason they're just not getting it over. We'll lie to that person who. Who thinks ticket sales were what's different. If you are level had enough to see yourself for who you are and then really. And meet honestly she's so we want to go and what part in missing you can always find the part. You can't replace desire if it's not there we could always find a part to make you so hit complete your sheep are most people are marketed sales. That's a certain gift he Billy is selling idea. Is that's exactly. The ability to inspire. You have very valid worry about what you don't really want we'll ask yourself that question. Do I really want semi really willing to get over what it takes to get there. You know Rebecca what I find most interesting is every entrepreneur let me start they business is low with the idea. If fully passionate and they had every intention of doing it until they drop. But here's what goes awry once they get into it. The passion wanes the minute they hit their first obstacle the minute someone sensor tells him in the eye is worth less. She shows them to the site doesn't show them any respect. The minute and I punched or hire somebody in the person to turn coat with those working for someone else takes the secrets with. What happens is they suddenly have an excuse to feel sorry for themselves. And tell you that is a wintry every successful country we're does. They don't take the time if you decide for themselves they are ever art I agility of course I felt sorry for myself I was you rejected from shark channel at. Well and the minister I think 80 poor me very quickly I turned into old cat. Action let me stand up for myself that's not a special treat I have it's a trait that is common to every successful engine roar. Without exception in my office and all the businesses I invest in on my wall beautiful frame mad at pictures of every action norv invests in money from season one and I think they totaled 38 to date and the meaning something happens where I see them feelings I have for themselves let go right over my want to hang upside down. To align myself never spend another real minute of my life worrying about McCain could say never gonna make it. It's a very efficient systems it calling dean who aquifers long list of people in need attention or people and it's. Right side up to you winner is they felt. So complacent and I probably have 13. Everywhere there roughly a third rule. Well still smiling but there upside down. Three out of four employed Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. The service is designed to provide no cost credit to 68 million underserved Americans. Steven is a very interesting company its an solution for employers to help their employees. And manage their own personal finances. And also tremendously high interest rates on the credit cards they give a line all it's kind of like a credit has colon seven. And he was at the age of purchases so you don't have a expensive credit cards have high interest rates is now interest rates and so in plays a very excited about bringing down Lucas who plays on it. And it doesn't cost anything so this is why your endorsements yesterday and it's something that you care a lot about because it helps people with financial freedoms and allows people not to feel financial stress say in the end workplace and people really can't succeed get a entering into good jobs. If they worried about their bills and escalating credit card charges. And multiplying out on the rich history just makes sense I like anything that results that. Instead it doesn't the job that. Okay. It isn't rabbits rabbits are you ready and I know what is but okay but let me Lewis wife and Alice no water I knew it. How much sleep you've got a very easy eight hours to. Five hours depending on the on the your biggest splurge flowers. I probably spend more fires are most women spend on issues complete sentence and utter waste your money. A friend joy and here it's. Investing. Mr. Holmes and little poems on videotape of the quote miserably. A there. When it. It's. Remarkable. We the people on the street action kids and me. Hope that apple to do. It. Robbers. Robert. She. Shark tank at. We won it brings it. Avery out of my trail these I think about. It. Largest instant.

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{"duration":"13:34","description":"Episode 82: The story behind the success that is Barbara Corcoran. Everything from Shark Tank, to building the Corcoran Group to her advice on making it as an entrepreneur. Plus meet the newest company she is endorsing on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"37886725","title":"Get To Know Barbara Corcoran on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis","url":"/Business/video/barbara-corcoran-real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-37886725"}