Beauty at Your Doorstep

VĂȘnsette CEO Lauren Remington Platt explains how she bootstrapped her at-home hair & makeup service.
3:00 | 04/14/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Beauty at Your Doorstep
Well imagine getting your hair and make up professionally done. Without ever leaving your house or even your jab at Lauren Remington flat not only imagined it she created the company that lets you do it. Her first brave step she quit her hedge fund job. And made it her mission to make beauty convenient now her company vents that an actual hair and makeup service. Launch four years ago here in New York is available in major cities across America and we welcome you to Michelle it's so nice to have you with thing insulin to having her back and you just not writing here. Behind the scenes here real visits a tiny little sad but everybody makes in time for others it's not for their sake Rick good to CEO and hugged me so you quit a job. A cushy (%expletive) Got to do this last that had to be tough job. Choice. Permit I was very passionate about the idea I've started exploring pence when I still working fine hands and I had this idea when when and for me about these decisions it was an easy decision is did you hate your job. Now forget I didn't say from the with the frustration of why didn't the success I'd really been watching the beauty fashion colors and space really heat up and they were selling different ways to purchase fashion and beauty online via e-commerce model we've the last juniors and about commerce. There is made you can purchase product online but for me I think the next ten years it's about services I found beauty services or some something that it's my flight daily. And it was very difficult to got so when I thought about has very fashion about why has the it's been created before and that's really what fueled my desire to go out make it changed me beauty services accessible to women. On a daily basis that name how did you come up with a name what does it mean. And that is made up so I combined hospital down with granting that. Both curry Asian exactly for me I really want have been sacked him body. France and really French speaking Hispanic. How did you begin in the beginning stages of this you had left a job. There were huge costs to start it but you had to come up with people who could really deliver on that beauty promise exactly so you know we really creative with eighty mile from scratch since 2000 allotment this is really. Cooper I just started but you're the first markets a lot of that was. Understanding consumer names on my socially created can be mean I want it. But then that's going out and really talking freelance makeup artists and understanding hide get them to join events or what were the pain points today. But they were looking forward to be solved on the grant and really beauty events is not only works for the consumer but it's a win for the artists we have such a high. I'm an artist loyalty to the pot form we're really supplement artists incumbent making more per year. Because I had access and are really making seamless solution. For consumers and artists to connect with one another do you think this is the end of the salon business as we know it the way Amazon took out the book business I think at the beginning. I think you know the big written about technology and technology today is that we're really consolidating a fragments market making. It more convenient for consumers access some of these freelance professionals. Yeah I think you're tapping into something very inching which is more and more people are freelancing. Which acts do we have bus ski hat task rabbit and a number of other companies like B overs of the world they're all taking people who have spare time. Helping them to make money on taxpayer time and if you can come up with a business model that does that. Six that's exactly in the back I think really the next seniors is going to be about services and is going to be about the economy and that's very excited to be at the forefront. And be spearheading on demand service industry as you were bringing all of these professionals together people who were working for events that. How did you make sure there was that accountability and how do you work with the payments process to be sure that people show up for their jobs they get compensated and you get compensated as well now we're back about the great question really at the heart events that is our quality control we have an entire team. All they do it in person interviews in our offices and interview and test each artist that comes and today's here. They think it traded at one point we've gotten a little bit too big for not that they go through an in person hair and makeup test with a member of our team. And then once they possibly can make up tests and they do actually less than 10% of artists that apply to events that actually pots and make up test our quality controls very very rigid. If they do cost and kept house invited in for four days have been working in house treating. And what that means is that we don't teach artists how did you make up we teach them honey do offense that way. So there's a level of of consistency. No matter the stylist you've got him out of the city that you're in and sat right now is active in foreign markets where in New York City and Los Angeles San Francisco and Miami. And what are consumers love is no matter this year and they get the same consistent experience no matter who comes to their door smartest decision you made a lot in the way plunging I love and evidently beauty service industry and the last flights basin and something that is going to be changing changing consumers' lives wonder well congratulations and everything. Hopefully you'll be expanding to some new city stand. Great gaps that we a lot of exciting new things in the works that you'll be hearing about stand fantastic congratulations and thanks for joining us and then you for having me. And thank you for joining us for real this we want to hear from you if you could create any company what would it be. Like gusts between us that Rebecca Jarvis and comment below and from the studios in New York City I'm Rebecca Jarvis. Have a great day.

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{"id":30312825,"title":"Beauty at Your Doorstep ","duration":"3:00","description":"VĂȘnsette CEO Lauren Remington Platt explains how she bootstrapped her at-home hair & makeup service.","url":"/Business/video/beauty-doorstep-30312825","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}