Big Jump for Jobs in June

Morning business headlines by Dan Kloeffler.
2:12 | 07/05/13

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Transcript for Big Jump for Jobs in June
Good friend -- the couple with a map -- as well. Organization make food housing and college campuses and. And kick off trading. For Friday July. Good morning everyone I'm -- Cutler New -- futures up today coming up a holiday and coming back to some good news let's get -- the business headlines this Friday. The June jobs report is out 196000. Jobs were added last month that's according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The numbers for April and may also revised up as employers added more than 70000 more jobs than first reported. Unemployment though that rate remains at seven point 6% -- all of this good news for main street Wall Street though. May have a different take on it because the good data could mean the Fed could start to taper its quantitative easing policy. Sooner rather than later and Bernanke and other fed shares we're keeping interest rates relatively low and if in fact that happens the stock market. Could in fact have a negative reaction to that one regional fed chairs of the tapering could start as early. As September. Now interest rates at home could be going up the Bank of England though and the European Central Bank pledging today to keep -- interest rates low. For quote as long is necessary also -- on the minds of investors today the turmoil in Egypt president -- -- -- ousted Wednesday by the military. Oil prices then reacted spiking and that of course could have an effect at the -- and -- today. -- more -- supporters are calling for large protests. On a Friday of range Egyptian military says the Suez Canal the pathway into the Atlantic for a lot of oil. Will remain open in fact. Back here at home tech giant apple is at the center of a lawsuit not though. By another company Boston University is suing the gadget maker -- what was professors -- Is being used in the iPhone iPad and MacBook air and -- the school wants a cut of all of the profits from those products which. Could amount to 75. Million dollars to wait to see how that lets -- play out but for right now on these early moments of trading the Dow is up about a 107 points. At 151096.

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{"id":19587752,"title":"Big Jump for Jobs in June","duration":"2:12","description":"Morning business headlines by Dan Kloeffler.","url":"/Business/video/big-jump-jobs-june-19587752","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}