4 Big Mistakes Sabotaging Your Fitness Routine to The 10 Minute Workout

The top fitness experts in the country reveal how to get real results fast on REAL BIZ 10.14.2014
19:24 | 10/14/14

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Transcript for 4 Big Mistakes Sabotaging Your Fitness Routine to The 10 Minute Workout
Hello -- welcome to real this I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's on our radar. -- -- -- -- -- It's okay if you have it but if you have. And you're wondering why it's -- usually crowded. It's because it is prime time to get in shape yes apparently fall is when everyone is back in their routine trying to burn off those calories that they games. Probably eating and traveling all summer along hope you got that it. We'll in this special edition of real -- is we're taking a look at the future of fitness that 27 billion dollar industry employs more than half a million Americans. And from digital -- to cooking in your kitchen. The world of fitness has gone totally 2.0 we're gonna explain what that's all about. And today we're joined by the top fitness people in the country -- and miles is a fitness instructor he teaches high intensity interval training classes at equinox. Which medical experts say. Are the best way. To blast celluloid so we love hearing things like this year and welcome to real thing is good morning glad to be here and you have created this classic cult -- tell me about that. Walt -- is a circuit training class stations that your rotating around and it's high intensity -- training so. We're doing -- were using. Multiple equipment like -- sand -- -- first yes -- -- viper is it's like a cylinder two with handles which are moving in multiple directions. -- not -- and bells and honestly can't. And those signatures will be though about a -- that you reporting what grounds. And on its amazing class that helps -- you -- metabolize flat during class and for hours after the class as well. This is about a one hour class a 45 minutes 49 -- on our stations house -- this think we. Wanted to be an obstacle that skill once -- -- sadistic area well some days they some days fifteen. And you were telling me before you woke up at 4:30 this morning I did. So what's a typical because you're fitness instructor and clearly you are very fit how we wonder this in class when you're working out with an instructor how many times have they worked out during -- today. And and -- working out for hours before they got to -- class that can barely make it through. More you know from time this hard I try to get my work outs in -- light hours before actually have to teach because if I just finished work out. Gonna have to go -- teach a class and energetic and go all out. And my muscles so why don't -- panting and breathing as I'm teaching them. And -- in the move so. You know we try to get our work outs in plates using either early or late or sometimes depending on the class -- in the classic if you -- -- like the boxing. And things like that needs to do with the class so what does it really takes a look like best to look like you. It takes a 168. Hours a week of. Working out eating right recovering well and just enjoying life and anxious -- I didn't know that there were a 168 hours and for that something like that I hope my math. That's all right -- evaluate -- it's a full 24/7. Saying yet received death. What because people in the -- you go to a lot of gyms in America and you see people making mistakes -- Hampshire as a fitness instructor you notice it a lot more than the average person -- language. What are the sixth biggest mistakes people make at the jam case -- -- Number one. The biggest mistake that people make is going to the gym without a plan -- like okay they have very -- goals like I once -- Lose weight I want to tone up and the despite gym membership and they show up. But they don't know what to do they'll go and grab a machine -- they'll jump on the elliptical. Like the biggest thing that you need is a plan for when you walked in that day because if you don't know after awhile. You're pretty much going to you lose interest -- get frustrated and then just not going and you're not gonna see results -- showing up with a plan. That's the number one thing. A what are some other things that you see people doing at the -- they should be doing differently they get faster results okay so another thing another mistake that people make. Is on a limit themselves to using machines the machines are far they have their place right but the thing with machines as one they can they dictate. -- range of motion but where human beings we moved three dimensional -- And so you want to do exercises. That allow you to move freely that a -- allow you to you won't engage. The most muscles -- like using weights -- using equipment like the viper like -- -- things that allow you do like really Big -- exercises. Multi joint multi directional. -- we'll help -- to burn like the most calories than sitting. On the bench and doing leg extension and and then elliptical and then okay. I'm done I'm home. Manhattan -- now. How much time realistically. It if someone can allocate three days a week to go to the -- How much time should they really anticipate before they see a big change. Probably about six to eight weeks but another mistake that I think people made is they tend to be like focus on like -- Right so what happens is there's an -- it's number yet so it takes about six to eight weeks to like really condition your -- to see a difference -- what happens is. If they don't lose weight. Fast enough. On the end up getting frustrated and may fall back on their goals but what happens this. Is it -- working out right and you're eating correctly you may be burning the fat that's on you but you may also be building muscle so you're substituting the -- when your body that was -- With -- so you want to pay more attention to. How your clothes -- How you feel when you're running like overtime when you're working out do you feel yourself getting stronger -- -- of getting faster so long. That's about 68 weeks you know consistent effort with your exercises with your eating with your recovery and numb and you'll definitely see something and a frontal to. Jarron thank you so much for being with us where have you back on the panel in just as -- it is we're doing a full discussion with you and the other fitness pros we've -- here today thank you so much. Here's a question. Can you can shape in just ten -- today my next guest says yes and not only that. You can do it sitting at your desk. Or even cooking in your kitchen I would welcome to the shows eighty -- she is founder of bar -- so nice to have you with -- lady running to be acting yeah. So well I actually was talking about this with some people earlier this morning of the Karen make up at GMA and I said I've got a guest coming on real but -- today who. Has ten minute workouts and -- and that's just not possible I don't believe -- -- so. Now what what's go to -- how to argue that. I'm a big believer and the power of ten. My success is basically because they keep -- maintenance. I'm very very busy -- -- and land been active pilot fitness but they don't have as much time and place to and so I personally been working out ten minutes at a time because I've observed over time that that hobbyists and happy -- people. I now are people that adopt that kind of Wear out -- -- yeah it's a part of everything it's not having this thing that you have to do you -- an -- this scary gym work out part of my day exactly some mania that's youth fitness as a chore. As something that's outside of ourselves and my whole goal in life it's you. -- that as he sent the unit is integrated seamlessly throughout your day. It doesn't need to be Carolina can feel really dead and you can get the same results and -- seen it time and time again so what's the ten minute cooking work -- So I am had eight hits in town like most about this thing in my kitchen and on those desperate days I started to use that as an Alley are likely to you and -- -- -- -- us and we had -- -- -- studios across the nation. I'm you know so art studio -- -- as a hugely successful because of how we use that Alley bar to balance the body. And I found that outweighed ours are all over the place including the -- and that work out that we -- Price very little space it's little impact from doing your streak because. And you know. Between flipping pancakes are making it if you didn't see -- and -- -- I sat and Cayman Islands recently left to do it when you're cooking something that doesn't require -- -- in your hands exactly eight. Yeah hands need to be free I have -- -- -- -- and all of the workouts are five to ten minutes and they're designed for where you weren't my -- apartments. I'm you know at a kitchen counter behind us so that I -- -- tell me about the death -- patent. So this is one of my favorite workouts and impact my entire home office says it now I heard about their preparations and -- and their life. I've heard it teacher is all across America that are doing this -- -- now with our act. I you can literally stand at in -- asked at the Alley are just as a prop to balance the body. And do some quick ice metric holds which -- known for. -- range of motion -- -- by some larger range that really creates a functional. Results. Which is what we're all about. Feeling that clearing your mind. -- sighting -- Bringing some calories that when you work out. In a short increments you actually get the scene after -- meaning your metabolism -- as you deal longer work out. So if you adopted -- -- -- not even your -- wherever you are right now pure -- seen little money do you send news you're doing your body dead and can ultimately burn more calories you know I think that today. So anyone was watching real bits right now from a desk they go to the App Store yet and it's the bar three act yet iTunes that -- -- black yes. Wonderful -- eighty thank you so much for joining us and we're gonna be back for the panel as well. I am an opera have online yet out on our website which are tennis sixty minutes returns have popped another thing I can do from your desk exactly CD that you think you -- much. Also for you commitment -- we have something for you as well what I totally understand one gym membership it can really be wrong because it can be expensive. Or you're locked into a year's worth of well one -- Enter your class passed a start -- that lets you take limiting classes from -- -- yell back at multiple studios for one monthly fee. And here to explain is I don't did not yet as CEO and co-founder of -- as it's so nice to have you with us and I am so this this. Concept class pass. Is really blowing up during new York and I know it's getting really big and a lot of city explain for people -- familiar with that what it. Just -- past classes a monthly fitness membership program it lets you take multiple classes across a variety of things to be asking -- -- spinning class BO class. Dance class offered I nine dollars a month you get unlimited class says it's really a customized way to -- the fitness routine that you want. And it's it's something that's really caught on in cities that are offering all of these classes and expand its yoga cross it. There are so many different smaller studios pop up and in researching -- show one of the things that I found so interesting is. There's 30000. Different fitness classes programs all across this country that's a huge number. And for people who are willing or don't want to commit to one misses an opportunity. Now what we realize is that people want a variety -- they wanna be able to. Could do it spinning class and then also go to a bar class to get tanning and it's actually much better for your body to do different work outs he -- Any challenge your body you get to step at that and never got talent not -- we never want to happen hearing you don't want to get. Sunk into -- -- report out and never be able to expand into something. When you started this idea. You have to probably go around and talk to. All of these different fitness studio -- And some of them probably said you know what we've got a huge clientele the people are showing up at filling the seats or that the spaces that are -- how did you convince them to work with. Well what's really interesting is that we've learned from -- our research is that this industry actually operates at 40% excess capacity. To nastiest he has aren't exactly selling out all the popular times so we want to do is here at a way to help them solve that problem -- Let's seize onto the heresy and I'll have to -- and their class -- they have a passion and they -- to teach classes and we want to build something so they could worry about teaching an honest I worry about filling their classes because we knew we can build a marketing engine and a. Such an interesting point and I want to bring out to have this conversation with both of -- I wanna bring Jared. And CD back because. What I'm also fascinated by one of the reasons where we're really focusing on fitness right now is first of all the classes are getting more polyps follow up. We thought that it was the new year when things got really busy because people made there. New Year's resolution. And then all of a sudden decided to go without I was surprised to learn that it's actually -- kids are back in school the school years back hit it yet. So I was surprised to note that this is prime time. You know I think what's been amazing about the -- -- -- -- is that there's -- -- coming class is coming out every single day people are really investing in their life. And being fed and making sure that their bodies feel that it and -- made and that you know after class -- we believe is that people can do this and more accessible way. All the technology is thought for you you can sign on just -- -- class and show up. -- what do you think about this idea of not doing the same work out every day. Because I think there's there's some school of thought well if I do the same thing every day can track my progress I -- know when I'm getting good at something I don't know when it's time to graduate to another level. Verses -- gonna try a little that this may be a little they do a little bit of spin class. -- what it is is that you know I teach like interval training classes what you don't want to do. The same style of work out because for one. Your body will eventually adapt to it and then you'll stop changing you'll stop seeing -- progress. And then number two especially with the classes that I teach you indeed -- other types of formats in classes to -- your body to recover or to restore itself so. Maybe one day you're hitting it hard in the group -- the studio and then another day you're doing and easy jog outside. Or you're rolling or you're taking -- yoga class or you're incorporating stretching on form bowling -- -- release like all the things the kind of reward your body. For the hard work that -- -- in through the more intense classes so no you don't want to do the same type of classes all the time to give your body a chance to recover. And get ready for another round. -- -- -- green beret that UI that's fighting boredom is there really important thing. I'm you know keeping fit it helps your brain to move your body in different -- I'm its you know its get -- -- -- it feels dead you know I think. A lot of people think that fitness is monotonous. And explore and -- not plan to do that when you diversify your experience physically it's. It's really -- Which is so I mean you bring up a really interesting point which is now all of a sudden you are seeing friends going Q class together it's becoming. The -- -- drinks it's now the replacement for that it's instead of going out to dinner let's go. Actually do something physical. I wonder how much of that has to do with the fact that a lot of young people -- -- city is now were all. It jobs story erratic job you're probably sitting at a desk you just want that. -- an action that connection -- -- I respond to bring different class and try something now what do you think Sadie is the number one thing that keeps it going. Because a lot of people they they go -- initially with the mentality of us on how and they might see those results early on and feel good. But -- there is this plateau point now what is the number one thing to keep -- going. I went to -- Atlantic effect connection. So I think all fitness as a means mean I think in the industry for twenty years I taught everything under the sun -- -- me for certain pretty tears. And that thing that keeps people coming back over and over again -- connection whether it's a part three class or an interval -- an -- equinox. Or -- you know your mom or your aunt your friend and -- and having not. I think for people looking for fitness experience -- who do you connect black. You know what -- an awful -- -- -- election Expedia out. And feels true to you and doesn't feel like a foreign experience that I'm comfortable -- intimidating. That would warrant an accessibility keeps people coming back. -- your weekend up at 430. You are -- three miles here who knows how much how many weeks -- -- comment on a daily basis. Would you have an off day. And I got to believe you've got it you have an update your parents and -- what is it when you know we've got a -- that you need to be on. What is it that gets you out of -- it makes you do your thing what. I'm very -- Passionate about this job. Mike -- -- like -- -- concern for example like we have a family history of like home different -- diseases and issues and so. You know I want to make sure that I live long enough for my future children I -- -- would retire my mom. You know so I wanted to know work out and do well but more than anything I just love my job I love my members I love working out I -- feeling good in my body. And so what you know might all these it's hard for me to light not work out because it's like eloquent -- -- -- my friends opposed to consider it work out and. That's my -- they think it's Roman wrestling beautifully the past that the job I -- -- -- a go ahead think I assist Tennessee fitness. What we've discovered can become a preference not even happen as -- new -- -- DO. When you find not that not sick in your own life and for everybody it's different. And I'm very inspired by Karen I need some Daron and me I didn't pick up at 430 and looking for the record. I work out ten minutes at a time I'm very I'm kind of like a -- work out -- -- -- well. I it works really well for me. And I'm addicted to it that's a preference -- way I read this -- -- assistance of. -- about it and -- you know I think that that's that's what I want for everybody it's decline you know. And any kind of -- finds some time in their day to have that mind body connection to rejuvenate to you in makes you feel so much better I always say this is appealing. Hi it's not really you know -- will be a commitment to -- -- to I have to -- work out. It's a way of life and it saying I choose to rejuvenate my health -- my body in the same way you -- things. I wish this on. Crazy at work out there's there's always something going around there's always some weird who knows what I think that's everybody is talking about it this is the new crazy -- We can start to -- what's the craziest -- that you hear people are doing right. There isn't beyoncé dance card in a class Aaron has been gang. And we've seen and it's really popular people literally tell that one minute honors night -- Amazing work -- previous. And it Fayette. Well I type -- their work work out as can increase the -- Yeah yeah the innovations to me now -- -- We'll be. I'm an answer rim like a lot and so I see a lot of lake street and more workouts where people are like in the playground and kind of flipping on poles and doing flags will be like digital. Sometimes I look at that and I'll try it Michael my own doing flight -- where you aren't old enough time French. Can you do that. Sort of animal the for a few seconds and then -- I -- so what can you do. I cannot get back at an advertisement now. In -- announcement of England it out of my accountant in school what -- Thank you so much -- eighty Jared it was great talking like Allen -- -- getting him. And thank you so much for joining us for real -- hear from you. Like us tweet us at Rebecca Jarvis and comment right below from ABC news world headquarters in New York City I'm Rebecca Jarvis had to agree to.

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