$126 Million: Amazon's Net Loss Last Quarter

Stock slumps on report.
5:48 | 07/25/14

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Transcript for $126 Million: Amazon's Net Loss Last Quarter
Okay. It's Friday July 25 Wall Street is open for business in today's big number is 126. Million dollars. That's -- much Amazon lost in the second quarter compared with only a seven million dollar hit in the same period last year it caught analysts by surprise today investors. Hitting that sell button. Hi everyone I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington -- have all the details here on Amazon. Jennifer -- Lister of Yahoo! finance -- and it's great to see -- to talk us through this latest earnings report for Amazon. Will -- I love that they lost so much money that they'll only seven million dollars that they lost in this quarter of last -- six pounds let's take it was great. So yeah at this continues a trend of what Amazon has -- and delivered which is. Top line growth sales growth it is William Preston OK this is a company that does more than nineteen billion dollars in sales and that was right in line. With analysts' estimates that. -- and re invest in the company and recently. -- launched a set top box there. Launching a foam days have launched an all you can read -- so they've invested back in the business in these types of products and services which means. There's not many and they -- -- 126 million dollars in the quarter which was more than analysts were expecting. As you said the stock is really taking a hit as a result. Really taken a hit in and do will be interesting to see how those. Diversification. Aspects will roll pan out of course no one yesterday had suffered more than. And a sell off that you -- then Jeff -- just take a look at this here of Forbes quick to point out into the stock plunged. Cost him three billion dollars on paper. -- -- that data and it isn't always a fun game to play when UCS stock reacts to earnings is how much did this CEO is got a lot of stock window or Liz. So for days as as in about 5:40 PM yesterday Ford said it lost three billion dollars. This knock it down war and it was down more heading into the bell that it was -- yesterday after the reports. Presumably he's lost more but luck here OK so bad day for Jeff -- says he's still one of the 25 richest people in the world -- not to shabby. As well as night it closed at thirty billion dollars according to Forbes but compare -- to some of his -- -- an attack. CEO world it was a bad week for him Mark Zuckerberg on the other hand after Facebook's great report which sent -- the stock to. An all time high he made another one point six billion dollars so. When you compare them -- you know clearly. They just not the winner this week. So basically what you're saying three billion dollars -- change they're just chump change for jumping just on paper around an air. You know let -- let's talk about the company -- they're taking they've taken over the world of retail ivory. Mom and pop shop that pretty much. Hates them mayor moving into the area of drones and -- but they've been losing so much money since the start it took them so long to turn a profit -- -- has the sustainable. So yeah here's the thing Amazon has long had this stance as I mentioned earlier where they'd really invest in the business as opposed to just worrying about delivering bottom line profits for shareholders quarter after quarter as. We typically see on Wall Street UC CEOs -- are so worried about their stock price -- -- always managing earnings. And managing a business for those quarterly earnings results where there's a lot of pressure on because the stock. Prices really are fluctuate based on what at a company delivers every three months -- just so frequently so -- managed. For the want to animal based justice and that's what he's doing and he's not -- focus on delivering. Quarter after quarter something that will make Wall Street cheer and what's interesting is that at times. There have been periods where Wall Street has cheered that approach and neighborly give -- Amazon Friday. Despite losing money and when they report earnings but now you're seeing -- be punished for that -- mean another. Factor here is that they their guidance for the current quarter was -- even worse then and this quarter and than expected with. Loss is expected to be 410 to 810 million dollars so cameras. Not being reported this time for their strategy and in terms of what that strategy looks like you know today there -- shipping -- their new Smartphone. Which has gotten lousy reviews you know really. This isn't about selling a ton of felons for -- and -- expected to sell two to three million these bite and it this year for a little bit of context apple sells two point seven million iphones a week globally so. This is such as small small part of the cell phone market with they're really trying to do with these kind of hardware product. And development is get more people to shop on Amazon buy things from Amazon and making it easier for them because what. Analysts report is it. They do spend -- and with this phone you get a year of unlimited prime which is that free two day shipping and prime customers spend more -- -- better customer that's really -- is key to Amazon's business so. That's kind of the play with the Smartphone despite the fact that it has gotten some pretty lousy reviews. From and that that can allow you to scan it pretty much any product and then get it in your Amazon shopping -- so maybe. -- -- Yeah she and her CM today they have a surgery CF product and it can identify what that is. I mean it's really a dream -- -- shopper I -- but who wants to be that addicted to shopping that's just my little editorial I think for the day in addition they're going to be collecting so much information on new. Two kind of tailor. And shopping and merchandising to you it's. Kind of like a loss -- device and that way that depend -- I feel about it how dedicated you are ten to shopping and having it be so convenient to order on Amazon. Are we heard -- from you -- you're gonna. It take us out shopping sometime and loved to do it together learn from Yahoo! finance thank you so much for joining us you can of course. Keep up with -- latest headlines here on abcnews.com you've been watching the big number and Devin Dwyer Washington.

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