Black Friday shopping tips

Expect the best discounts of the season in the coming week.
1:19 | 11/21/18

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Transcript for Black Friday shopping tips
Q earlier now has the news on how weakened scored the best bargains on Black Friday Becky. The morning Diane shopping season is upon us the noon news. Discounts come in the next six days those will be the best discounts of the season we're not expecting fire sales as we get closer to Christmas. There's an inside baseball reasons for that manufacture saying the cost of goods is actually going up for them. Rising wages and that the threat of terrorists making it mark Spence to make products. They won't eat into their margin to get rid of inventory. Close to the holiday season we think these are going to be the best discounts. Another new aspect this year note joins us your options for buying toys in store are limited. Recent from a firm called criteria. Saying 78% of the shoppers who plan to shop in store for toys are heading to Wal-Mart and target. That's good news for those retailers. But they just don't have the same amount of inventory that Toys 'R' Us hat so you should anticipate going early for toys. And picking the ones you want if there's a must have toy get it sooner rather than later. So shopping go time Diane get ready and shout. I write back yeah I'm I'm ready to go right after this newscast is over.

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{"duration":"1:19","description":"Expect the best discounts of the season in the coming week. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"59343927","title":"Black Friday shopping tips ","url":"/Business/video/black-friday-shopping-tips-59343927"}