Bloomberg News Faces Trouble at the Terminal

Financial news company allowed reporters to obtain client data from its terminal business.
1:16 | 05/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bloomberg News Faces Trouble at the Terminal
The company come under under some scrutiny because reporters reportedly had access information when. Some other users logged into those Bloomberg terminals -- and -- -- the store for me what exactly is being reported. Well I used to work a Bloomberg saw enough -- -- if -- Bloomberg user it's Internet system its and its its own closed system. Being males Bloomberg males people can contact each other do you know it's a nice system it's the benchmark -- financial data systems and if you wanna look up on a user where they work. Their address their contact it's pretty much widely available for people -- -- -- everybody does it. So level that reporters were look at is they were able to see when people last -- that's kind of a routine thing -- Pretty much do that on FaceBook. And so you know and again as the story goes somebody had said. They're trying to track down an employee who they thought it left golden isn't well you know here she hasn't logged in their Bloomberg and X amount of days in Maryland on how do you know that and so here we have. You know people looking into whether or not this is going on Bloomberg as reported has blocked reporters from any access to this sort of function perusing. Ability that they had and now it's just pretty much -- use the terminal and report the news.

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{"id":19169383,"title":"Bloomberg News Faces Trouble at the Terminal","duration":"1:16","description":"Financial news company allowed reporters to obtain client data from its terminal business.","url":"/Business/video/bloomberg-news-faces-trouble-terminal-19169383","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}