Box Offices Sales Down 15 Percent From Last Year

As blockbuster season winds down, superheroes couldn't save Hollywood from summer slump.
4:50 | 08/29/14

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Transcript for Box Offices Sales Down 15 Percent From Last Year
Okay. It's Friday August 29 that the markets in New York are open and our big number today is 15%. That's my summer box office movie totals are down this year overall. Despite action packed hits like Disney marvels guardians of the galaxy which made more than 500 million at the box office becoming one of the biggest movie of the summer. Hollywood is already looking forward -- next summer -- by the way is the parent company of ABC news. Hello everyone I'm by the Nona in Washington joining us now with the details -- Yahoo! finance as Jack MacKey Jeff good morning. Good morning. So this here this summer blockbuster season started actually a little bit early we saw some big films trickling into theaters. As early as April and yet sales were down 15% so why is that. Lousy movies for the most part -- -- -- men all have talked about on longer stocks a look at -- seminal Disney party here. Capt America rock guardians of the galaxy good transformers. Holy -- is that a horrible movies about the fact that we had descended to China -- to make any money -- the box office leader overall but as you said domestically. Not so good lot fewer people going to that and Chinese box office tickets while they just don't get as much to the bottom line for Hollywood and so it's all about domestic box office in terms of profits. And no one came to the movies because they just weren't that -- not highly reviewed. Not be -- and a lot of sequels. And. And an unfortunate for movie fans this year. It seems that superhero flicks did rule this summer guardians was one of the huge hit. And the latest X-Men starring Hugh Jackman so does that appear to be Hollywood's best bet when it comes to. Trying to come up with a big hit especially in the summertime. You know they can go back to that well and that the model franchise all kidding aside about Disney and they just keep -- -- -- -- machine is working very very well. X and and in other birds is not that buzz out there I don't know about you -- we found a big Bob and I really didn't. Get out of the theaters all that much just as I couldn't get involved so you have the transformers -- -- also kind of on the national honor it's kind of action flick if you will I don't know the -- superheroes but their big large metal things. And again they just didn't have that broad appeal as they go back to the well. And with Hollywood chasing foreign box office they need very very simplistic kind of stories good vs evil -- translates the widest audience. And in people are a little tired of it -- it's just their favorites and so we go -- Captain America but we ignore a lot of -- Interesting and I AptarGroup you there wasn't a whole lot of draw for me to get into the -- at Peters heeded -- summer. So this summer not quite officially over Hollywood now already looking forward to next summer. And for the big summer movie buffs out there. We've heard of the summer of 2015 will roll out a sequel today hit about male strippers magic Mike that the -- launcher everybody felt we needed. Also new installment of the terminator. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. You think those will help at all. Yeah. Again boy I don't know you know that the demand to see kind of aging male bodies that used to be super -- apparently is on -- -- You can't. Possibly -- a thirst to see Arnold Schwarzenegger get out and get -- again. I'm not so sure how those are going to be out magic Mike was surprised it was very touching it didn't leave a lot on the table in terms a boy hot as this guy with a 95 -- Q -- -- -- turn out of the and I'm not so sure that's really got that much appeal and terminator that storage art have been told Stein that lost not a spoiled thriller anything. But what we need -- something out of nowhere and the -- we have this summer was guardians of the galaxy which is out of nowhere only in the sense that it was actually trying to go it. And and it that was really that -- this summer at least in terms of the crowd appeal goes. And if we're not getting it done with sequels sequels are apparently just losing flavored losing favor. With the audiences in the US and so we need a surprising it's and those don't com's forecast for 2015 -- those are gonna take us by surprise and hopefully we'll keep our fingers crossed and hope that maybe Hollywood can't surprise us next summer. So movie talk aside -- -- what else -- be watching on Wall Street today. Not a lot to be honest with you spoiler alert it's a little quiet out here on Friday after Labor Day. And so really we've got some nice games this August was to -- it up more than 3% for the month that took a lot of people by surprise. And -- the rule of thumb on Wall Street before Labor Day is not the -- are here and if -- here. Certainly been really really soon and so look -- their very thin trading don't make a lot of your investment lifelong decisions right now want to just go out enjoy the rest of the -- -- at a holiday weekend starting early definitely from Yahoo! finance thanks for joining us and we hope that you have a great holiday weekend yourself. And you -- of course keep up with the latest headlines right here on If you've been watching the big number I'm -- can Connie in Washington.

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{"id":25175727,"title":"Box Offices Sales Down 15 Percent From Last Year","duration":"4:50","description":"As blockbuster season winds down, superheroes couldn't save Hollywood from summer slump.","url":"/Business/video/box-offices-sales-15-percent-year-25175727","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}