The Brewery That's Making Craft Beer Into Big Business

ABC News' Clayton Sandell tours New Beligum Brewery, home of the popular 'Fat Tire' brew.
3:44 | 07/26/16

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Transcript for The Brewery That's Making Craft Beer Into Big Business
They gave Clayton send all at ABC news thank you for joining us today we're getting a bit of a break from politics here and in fact if politics lately has tribute to drink. You're in the right spot because we are at the new Belgium brewery here in Fort Collins, Colorado. Want to bring in Brian Simpson a spokesperson for the brewery here he's gonna gonna gonna. Tour how it all works the craft brew industry he's. In Colorado right that's true actually until we one of the most when he agrees and our little town of Fort Collins renowned wanting exactly on. I'm in Colorado ranks of the largest and go Beers. I'm doing their offer when tiger's a week at the University City streets not possible and nutritional supplement. Yeah Ellison in our Los Angeles. What do you call this area the Santa Barbara has tale we have Q fully functioning brass here in Fort Collins. So in this round we began live malt and Barley. You wrote it basically you if you roasting you killed it in the give it a certain degree. Color and flavor so when you're making it darker beard he's a darker as we get more this topic you coffee Jones back comes nationalism. This other beer begins Fox News that perhaps can give you basically mocking you sweet. Pots gives you bitter. So we are probably one of the very first buries the country to focus on dollars and sol Beers in reverse not adjourning this child's. I'm usually pretty straightforward Germans back from purity law only four ingredients water hops Barley. And mom dad and then develop self driving facilities London routes splicing some of those that area east yes we have coriander aren't feeling here. Very typical spicy for Belgian style went there. Favorites all that together in the days. So we bring our malt and Barley in our brains out we steeped in the water to wet mill and we send them over in the mass. What we're doing here is heating everything up and out of water and recovered in the starts that's inherent neck strain into a show here. Nash ever will be a good source later on when I mean he's he's living organism needs on the shorter breaks that down about policy acumen that. Match here so like biology and chemistry there's a lot of scientists were inherent. Baghdad. It's going to be fun looking. Hours. But I'd. An hour actually in the fermentation cellar so everything we created next door after the couple hours inspecting the five weeks here. They're overdoing it. The warmer temperature brought. Quaker few weeks until you're. So the work comes in three series is what you have at that point right there hey he's been there it's your bracket meaning the sugars and breaks them down now. Upon and then we had sued him and then we take some bottleneck maintenance and over. That they're now right. Whether you're actually live here in the black. And that some people like it. Hezbollah the last 700 miles per minute I don't release you've got we'll system. New York about getting too big. You know people love that Hannity Beck challenges to getting big and is also very opportunities and about half time until we feel like we have been following and we enjoy back panic drove them. We do it down. All right you can see the boxes here are headed out of the stories. We're gonna head out now here thanks to new Belgium brewing. We'll see you guys next time.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"ABC News' Clayton Sandell tours New Beligum Brewery, home of the popular 'Fat Tire' brew.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"40890962","title":"The Brewery That's Making Craft Beer Into Big Business","url":"/Business/video/brewery-making-craft-beer-big-business-40890962"}