Bridging The Beauty World, East and West

ABC News' Sabina Ghebremedhin speaks to Wei Brian, founder of Wei Beauty, a brand bringing traditional Chinese beauty techniques to Western customers.
10:46 | 09/21/16

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Transcript for Bridging The Beauty World, East and West
Yeah. He is I'm bill and a house in Hollywood. And we continue our power winning evening that went into Oscar winning. Doing positive things. And I'm here with an incredible. Wait on the run counter want to than those who need it beauty brands in the war and are here. TV well I want to do you know you have an incredible that started here from the and Hugh. Program I can't believe that. Your hair all the people into beauty. You know. People who sit much numbers these. The least weight and get me into a beautiful movement of the death and the beautiful. Intends. And but if others just for the beauty takes it. And only two needs. Sense and it's so I feel we wouldn't. It's considered so quick weight eating the least I want my Chinese. Government. If any traditional Chinese medicine. Correct then that is fired it yes I know some of the movie American Beauty brand heights. Maybe cane. Yeah because my first yeah I do and when. So right now so I can we didn't ask for actress and we are we teach. I'm. Oh it is confident gained an anxious. Sell some of the skin contact their focus I didn't even pick quiet strength yeah me a little bit about that he. You simple and easy and you. That didn't mean to sound famous win. Spy agency David floating island home feet wet at rest. I'm Sidney blind but. Eat a peach he spoke Miami Heat yeah. Let me. Have we come. Even Fox News and asks is it her book club is getting it all until eight points yeah. So I mean it's not that. I had been beings. Away you can sell it. He had yet mainly. Top. That's. Why you here. Hi nice art circles that I. I hate can. We're corner and come right solutions. In this you know am young now. Today the goal. Environment today we don't want means lots of pollution so what. This land is used extremely. Yeah. It's good and it was a little sick. But what you tonight he had better come bird. Only two black and almost a bullet in the east and east yeah. So. And that PM 22. I don't wait don't miss it so this is one of all listen via one it and you know. What won't eat lots of its natural spot right okay well traditional. We used. And that's omni traditional ingredients and to make this flight and does niceness on this. Because that's that he that I am an online. Golden man let me. I. See skiing hear see it. Every time. Want I'll let it what. You eat. Time. Oh. And this. This is an easy act. Back and valiantly Dunwoody high altitude of and we you know movie opened fuming youth and easily and this. News or use. And use it rush and he kind of like she's. Painting they when they have actually easel solutions. It we take. And it's it's what sense is. That we've used. I think any chocolate man. Respect yeah. That. Mountain pleasant yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah evening so how. Listen I don't expect plan isn't a lot of products let me tell. Yeah I don't know thirty and now is and oh Nowak. You don't eat each one can leave them to seek his fortune. But one thing happened when he's insane because I Anderson TV didn't this week. Eat column moment I am going god and not just faceless. Hello everybody. When I go to your time this sick little over the Internet go to sleep but she wants to hold. Tell me how her son actually it's. I eight years ago into the none other traditional medicine anything. How that all. This is very emotional. Recent news out. My son when he was and his mother and a few something not and then they'll let me say come don't get hit. Q you placing sixth inning and they're. If you listen that is. Nothing right. Only he's got some changeup. And so just it's not just like sentiments. Now is almost. Then use. This as baby blues man so you can ET. Who who what and then he changed our life and he might change that so that's fueling. Even an eyewitness about rice his chief opponent isn't. One of them would melt cheese at room where it's. One good book apple intends to move yeah I'm sending a copy may happy active. Thousand US plants look. What do these eight other young women now being computer programmer yourself and me going into the what's your advice seems anybody else. Fleeing M. An ice and as a home. Yeah. I don't think he'll finally. Pulled me to witness at a business I think. For others. This is that he beat you just wonder why you wouldn't let us eat but meantime if you own life and that's like them. Mike you have a brief life and then you do you work. If you. Don't. Yeah. It's it's not quite. You know I think I'm looking back instantly follow. Aren't. Known as the nasty intense bursts and remains buying this windy and let him. Lincoln. Yeah. So I could not you know. Save Venice Wednesday yeah woman who loved. I'm you know campaign takes isn't the only you know put pain relievers. I need volume Paxson didn't Wear like this or didn't and it will look out that's at least one company. They challenges that a woman that you fall everything has become one item that is just another thing going into the business. Yeah. This is his tendency as a woman he didn't even once. I guess I choose and maybe lucky isn't eating his hateful woman appears and NH because. Candy had a design and development and woman's home. His feet true. Are still reluctant. And you. Maybe that's my head and age. It in the end it is volume action and that. Folly. Falling apart and Cody and from work second. But Peterson could be trust me why are you online and. And it's your next journey out and blocking an angry I'm going to shock. Yeah. I'm just really can be even. As he was chosen for him when his son. And maybe people. Today at noon and talk to you company its phone my car. Can you and that's all I want. The Alan yeah Miley needs. Yes I've lost track when he yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah this. GE and the end. Here. I think. We're here and ask noise out in Hollywood it. Now the evening news thank you.

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{"duration":"10:46","description":"ABC News' Sabina Ghebremedhin speaks to Wei Brian, founder of Wei Beauty, a brand bringing traditional Chinese beauty techniques to Western customers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"42262690","title":"Bridging The Beauty World, East and West","url":"/Business/video/bridging-beauty-world-east-west-42262690"}