5 Career Tips for Millennials

Author and CEO Alex Malley reveals his top career tips for millennials.
5:14 | 12/19/14

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Transcript for 5 Career Tips for Millennials
Beatty is not your mom and dad's workplace anymore in fact as the millennial generation is find out getting ahead in your career. Is not just about hard work it takes a strategy as well and my guest today says in fact there are some things that you can do now. To set yourself up for positive future. When I'm down Cutler in new York and our guest today is the author of the latest book called the make it CEO out smelling coming in today. With some great advice for people out there because. Frankly the lessons that we learned about how to get a job how to steer career have changed over the past 51015 years. They really have John and bing supple and being able to understand had to move within the workplace and be relevant and have a vanity. Becomes all the more important so impressed thoughts are with the title why the title and they can see look it's it's about the truth. And and as a CEO I watch fantastic young papal desperate to achieve. Don't quite had to go about it got seven kids have got a vested interest all across the bullets wanna tell them the truth. From a suspended school boy to a disrupted city that's the truth I'll share with relay. You've got five tips force the first one is take it on the chin what do you mean by. It means rot from the stay there will be times that you would compete you dive like. Lynn had to respect the people you've done line if you can do that for me on manage. You landing him in every guy with people and as a lady that was like the people you working with. But they'll anytime we few if you respect them Siegel and had to respect the paper you've done like number one so surrounding yourself with people that maybe the best equipped but although may not be your best friend absolutely. And he is that balance the second if you have out there is to set big goals how importance. It's important because life can end up being indicted activity. It's sit to a three big hairy audacious goals. Till at least one office in about them an eleven to exist in your mind just said it. You can always reference and so you don't get locked into these data dice uncle the whole of your life which is easy to do. It you're talking about millennia those having that kind of set your set big goals agenda as well that he finding them later in life as a CEO those have stormed. Horton it's always important its allies important to have something it's beginning indicted dial laugh if you don't. You can just be consumed by the mine that all the time and that's just not filthy. So I still having in middle age some some big goals that I know of one it would chief and I've done a ways diaper on them but I need to neither the breaking out of a Psycho. This in the third tip that you offer is expose yourself to different environments where he means really important for an from a young age. Volunteer get involved with other activities said but sights set that I textile Unix to a city have a multi national news happening you know patent assigned time. You'll need to get access to that office and indicted I would came off. It's about volunteering different activities that not on the weekends you're actually enemy paper we could be on makes reference in the next job. Or could open a door for you and another scenario. Dunn leave you laugh just in you workplace explore being adventure. The event simply variation on the networking term as far as he needs to go out there get your name out there and understand what we're different people might have to offer team in you to them. Correcting and mom mom daughter that particular disease Lou Gehrig's disease sizzle full but I got involved with those activities and make people pay now a gripe lifelong friends and supporters. Because we have been in common that was not a with Tyson it was a laughs and. The fourth sits you have I'm here casting fear for mine is something that I think maybe a lot of millennial are fighting with right now because there's a lot of pressure for success in the Stan. Huge and fear and embarrassment at the two words I tell my kids you must never have. Expose yourself to scenarios that takes to feed and tasty level of embarrassment. There's no such thing as fear and embarrassment in my life. Will need it not do something because I'm not be embarrassed or -- be fearful stopped practicing their eyes to woods thing released. You laugh who become peak you want a big laugh not a small one ties to woods removed them. Have you always had I think I suppose you could characterize that as that level of confidence have you always have I have and an odd (%expletive) indict that right back to these magnificent unconditional love my mom got me. Even when I wasn't performing should tell me in my tank among canned good at. And I think that's what you gonna do you've just got a tight those two words believing itself. No matter that no matter what you file he'd get up he do it again it's not a problem so what. Which leads into the fifth and final tip be resilient you know. And and local laws he's tough it can have its moments and as I regularly cited can puncher and then is that the papal at the end of this respects. The ones who get back up she like themselves often go again rejection is how to laugh. Avery nix Avery rejection that comes to use these tacky closer to an acceptance. And tech projection is a friend you can line something from a class of. We can be tough lesson but a valuable quality. Alex now in the book is called the naked CEO thank you so much appreciate it thanks to.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"Author and CEO Alex Malley reveals his top career tips for millennials. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"27716172","title":"5 Career Tips for Millennials ","url":"/Business/video/career-tips-millennials-27716172"}