Detroit-based Shinola Brings Manufacturing Back to the States

Rebecca Jarvis goes one-on-one with Jacques Panis, president of Shinola on "Real Biz."
3:00 | 05/14/15

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Transcript for Detroit-based Shinola Brings Manufacturing Back to the States
It was pointless point. The 32 elevator and anyway what is right. It's quite simple we're making watched in Detroit bringing manufacturing back to our country there's no way I'm doing it in its. But he sort if you look at the landscape the United States to bomb making voters right we're making voters are motors power watches. So there quartz movements that are inside of our watches and so when we were looking. To have to manufacture. Motors in the US where better to go in the motor city. Then the people in Detroit you know we first started going to Detroit visiting with people and telling people about division and the idea that concept of gondola. The community really gave was the vehicle beer. Very evident that they wanted to help and and we needed no it was yeah. It's spinning what's really been about. Not what's our goal is done for the hood of what these stories. We respectfully. As company. Monster that's how about when you first went there. Many start there you weren't up lovely city. Awards and it actually I heard this morning on the radios those coming down that Dietz a way. Has surpassed. In arbor in the number of UCs. That are investing in that city story. Consistencies and Ann Arbor was a big hub for investment. And an NBC activity. In the state of Michigan and Detroit Nelson. What's exciting. Sir an end to those markets completely Michigan Ann Arbor is ready to receive Michigan and easy and have a Greek businessmen also say that to treat cancer and ask them. Kill. Yeah in all the hustle and bustle about Detroit is real there's a lot of good happening in this. And and that's what we're focused on the tunnel was the good is happening in Detroit and and you know how we're moving the ball on the field they're together as a collective and that's various. What does start up again do you think it was right start ups apparently thinking. We don't we go whereas the migrant communities what they get from being in the right. What they did you know number one they they they have an incredible talent. People are there people were in excellent people want to working. So you have that that that. That microcosm. Of people. That want to work and they want to be part of something bigger. You have organizations like the Detroit economic growth corporation. That are there to help. Whether it's with incentives. From a tax perspective. To help you navigate that then you have guys like Dan Gilbert town who have. Exactly. But then Dan has you know a thousand other centrist stands. Indeed and yes you have guys like that that are there to help you have organizations. That are there are prepared to. Did it to two assists startups in and getting going getting off the ground so you have. Everything you need is is in these. Indeed we handled coverage on capitol blocks certain highly anticipated it would thirteen items title. Have you talked about it. Thank you haven't had inner being eaten up feeling too similar consumers. And let it be that he's earning. Our talk about it was sacked you know we make the watches are Smart they can tell you at times by looking at it. So you know that that was. Yeah. That's daughter W have a device in your pocket you can text on so it's. You know this one is is there anyone that that has a battery life it's a little bit longer than eighteen hours. You know unlike the apple watch. But you don't look we love what apple is doing in and there are an incredible company in. They've actually make a lot of noise of the watching news in the Washington seeking use laws. Interesting so we aren't people used to think Powell I eat ice and the Smart don't know I would Wear lots. Watches are coming back. Watches are very much in vogue and we see that it's time. It's it's been an incredible adventures of barn with the company. Code in the made two years. We're the only ones guys in the industry at all for lights on here you know problems caused all the watches home with the lights on here is the best guarantee in the industry so. Says a lot about what we're doing in Detroit says a lot about what were able to reduce its Washington the highest possible levels of. The screens somewhere. Under his average about 656. County two opinion about where seven hopefully. Who is your. It's interesting aspect BRR or target customer is is very hard to pinpoint because we see the eighteen year old kid that's getting on a high school. Wants to be part of the cool new exciting watch company in America all the way to the eighty year old grandmother who's in Kalamazoo it's all about manufacturing in the United States and really wants to be part of this new trend that's happening in our country where people are starting to make things again. So you know and then there's that sweet spot in the middle of that thirty something rooms. Living in urban environment is you know it's rents that are early adopters time. You know so put. We see everybody in between and that's with the 181080 year old. I was saying it can't be not manufacturer. A high tech product here in the United States what you. So not true. Everything has cost this country look at what we've built this look at the foundation of this. In Detroit they're still making cars cars aren't easy things to me and you know if you look around bugs and the latest news content. You know we today. Are making all of our hardware for leather goods. It's made out of stainless steel typically when you buy back today it's brass instantly so the hardware is brass has played. On your back. And today we're making our stainless steel components and hardware for all of our leather goods in the United States we're making it. We could make room. Italy is expanding all over street murals and expanding its products have I don't watches. What will your company like nine years. Well you know today we we have plans to open about 78 new stores every year. We have a lot of exciting product categories that were. Looking at bringing to life here in the United States. And you know we've we've we hope to continue creating jobs and creating great jobs in Detroit around the country. You know to be bigger and and and with the with the continued focus on on quality improvements. What has been the most different halts. Barrier to overcome these blogs and company. Well the most difficult barrier over. As has been you know. Continuing. To innovate. We have got to continue in an enhancement we've done a very good job but. You know you run into roadblocks here in there when you're trying anything when you're trying to be at the forefront of manufacturing in this country. And and so you know you run into people telling you know. And 46 oh we don't take we we've we don't have two literal word are covered at dealer here. So what other shuttles. Past. While others you know Duncan died being there is jumping others it's people. If he was having an incredible team of people that we work with that title up. Who are on that same mission and that's to get things done and to create and innovate here is. He thanked me and that you there yeah.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Rebecca Jarvis goes one-on-one with Jacques Panis, president of Shinola on \"Real Biz.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"31045556","title":"Detroit-based Shinola Brings Manufacturing Back to the States","url":"/Business/video/detroit-based-shinola-brings-manufacturing-back-states-31045556"}