The Dish on Bieber's Racist Remarks to Juicy Couture Founders Passion for Fashion

Rebecca Jarvis reveals what's on her radar this week on Real Biz 6.10.2014
18:50 | 06/10/14

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Transcript for The Dish on Bieber's Racist Remarks to Juicy Couture Founders Passion for Fashion
Hello and welcome to real this I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's on our radar today a new -- Lets you drink with your very favorite stars we'll explain plus. I sat down with the founders of juicy mature -- 200 bucks into a multi million dollar brand how they do it. And -- sit -- some boxed wine and talking in the startup founder who says it's the new party favorite this summer. But first that -- what -- go inside is letting you scan your drink -- your Smartphone and get exclusive access to behind the scenes video and messages from your very favorite musicians. Here to explain -- Kevin -- you probably know him best as the former CEO Def jam he is also founder of -- WL enterprises. He -- fame for helping -- transform their names and to successful business brands and now he's at it again this time. My carrion -- not bad -- that -- -- -- morning good morning it's so nice to have you with us you brought along the new drinks and new app is called go inside people can download it right now on the App Store explain how it works. Well I went to green have given have a 2411 of all agree beverage with a great brand and also great technology so if you take a Smartphone pointed up. Two. You you're Smart Gephardt that everybody has worked on alzheimer's on -- person you say it's absolutely point to the gap and you can actually go inside he -- icon or -- life and so. It's something that I wanted to bring it to team which we filed today. People drink beverages we filed today come from disrupting the 4040. To happen at 84040 Jay -- 44 -- -- my friend and Iraq area wanted to say for every. And 24 the 45 year old female this is a great -- -- the. And it's that once people -- get the accurate to showing me once people -- scam that on their drink on their beverage they'd go inside they basically get to you. See what it's like to be Mariah Carey to go behind the scenes at 4040. -- -- said he spent the day yesterday with Mariah Carey -- pregnant all of us. -- been doing a lot of greens can work we have great press conference yesterday -- -- -- -- -- 200 million albums and now we have -- -- -- seventies and she actually -- idea probably. -- 78 years ago she wanted to do -- evening so we brought her dreams to reality. You are somebody who brings a lot of people think Syria having a lot of people know you as the guy that you go to when you -- -- make a brand out of yourself how do you do it what's the first thing you do with these celebrity. But -- got to cater to their point of view so with Jay-Z he's -- -- man. He's also a great entertainer. And we love sports we love the 4040 club and what they offer and asset -- disrupting a wise -- a -- in the face of the new the half and half you know almost 44 to -- it -- -- half and half and said Iraq I want to bring -- screamed to life. And a lot of artists that have a -- what his -- -- lines swimmers at Sola. Video games always felt it was great to does have a point of view. And then make -- system and a platform you know -- will while he's my partner Dwayne -- to semi tough unsolicited distribution. Was he got app distribution rights you can make something very exclusive but -- you recognize that -- exclusive not a lot of people are gonna find out about -- quickly. Nine and then what they've done and they said hey can we don't wanna suck it understood was we're gonna start US 7500 stores this it's me people travel -- that he. And who today he said sign me -- -- 500 always better than what. About one point five million bottles and they've been an amazing partner. And again -- -- true a relationship where we say. Where not only want to have a great beverages we want to introduce innovation. And also -- disrupting -- -- -- packaged goods business because normally you -- in cats and you have signs that you have to -- up but now you just -- his right here. If PDA device in -- you know my racket so much distance of fun thing yesterday I got things that you've never seen before other things from -- at the club that you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She'll -- she's -- that if you wanna see what's happened that I'm received 4048 Q what the NBA finals. You'll see if you want to have a sweepstakes the -- the on a ticket that would go to don't want to run -- -- section. You'll get that if you wanna go to -- in the -- in France. Brazil -- anywhere in the US you get that opportunity so it's not just about them having constantly doing a lot of contest -- More serious note I -- that Tracy Morgan is different yours. -- message for -- especially at this point you know which you know. With -- -- remains a strong woman and making news is there. With the family and his -- caves and you know he's known here. A friend but Geneva two in. And we stayed here at several substances that -- book due to the house but as was his family Tibet and in these times it's not about. You know calling them is about praying for -- -- about litany of lessons -- and that we had several moments of silence for him and trees and what you -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- Wishing him the absolute best of luck and I hope the two of you will be trading cups of sugar again very soon and our neighbors. Another thing that has been in the news as Justin Bieber -- -- and this video I want people to take a quick look. The main evidence and the leaves -- Larry it makes -- so I think that's enough for people. To see -- -- video. People can come to be overcome a lot of crazies these days -- -- is what do you think of that when you see Justin Bieber. Doing something like that. -- -- Had not grown fully yet and you know you you talk about 67. Years ago. -- being thirteen fourteen when -- was at that particular time. I'm I'm -- we are done some things and says some things that we might as we've become adults and so I think that he needs to reflect. When everything that he's done and to make a choice to make better decisions and -- that things when thing about being a celebrity. You once we -- out today seventy especially. If you can't. You can't do anything without it and and again let's pray for him pray for his -- success -- for him to grow and be contributing. Athletes -- this society because I think he's done a lot of great things intact a lot of great heights. And and we we Obama team. Kevin as somebody who. Has been so successful in your own right and has created success for so many other people what's your number one piece of advice to someone who says. I wanna be in the spotlight I wanna be Mariah Carey said there wanna BJP Sunday -- -- they do it. I think you gotta find your passion no matter if it's being the Huntsman to a -- and into canoeing -- company will be an employee. Find that they make -- -- tingle in the morning that thing you wake up. No matter how tied -- You wake up and you do it because you -- doing it you know whether it's -- the journalists a host what Plummer. Whatever makes you have we find that passion I think you have success because true success has taken responsibility to be happy with himself. And that's what itself in any person in young cut Scotto for a person trying to hasn't changed her life and typically have two jobs in wouldn't go do something that's -- that acts. And what's the goal with go exactly what if you've been having your way you and it would look anyway in the future -- -- But again two days of the team to have -- line extensions of brands for great tasting tea blends. And the second thing create a virtual network -- Any brand you -- now Mariah Carey has a new virtual network it's 4040 had a new virtual network to discontinue -- -- its ban on those two point. It's really great stuff -- miles thank you so much thank you priest called go inside available Walgreens and -- reading you download the -- in the apps store -- 4040 by the -- utility. -- thank you -- -- appreciate having Greenland. And speaking of iconic brands I sat down with two women -- -- 200 bucks. It will multi million dollar business take a look most people -- -- from juicy -- -- -- pitcher Ryan. It's it's incredible lessons that you've taken with you from all of these years of expanding and developing the brand what would you say between the two -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's all about product ultimately have to have an amazing product that someone wants to buy. And you have business this story -- it 200 dollars when you started -- that's right we did. Well -- to be a 100% correct we had 200 dollars when we started Travis genes which was our first business. And what we did -- we kept taking that money and reinvesting in reinvesting it. And when we moved into GC we just reinvest -- that same money and we just built and we never actually went and got. -- -- financing from anyone we never spent money and a big business plan. -- their plans to start internal plan we just did it in in very sort of. Control -- anchor and organically we really invested in our -- we drove the van to pick up the cuts that we taped up the boxes. -- we did everything. There was no role that was too -- for -- lot of people are starting businesses in vision as glamorous I'll be running -- there will be all these people who are important for me now you are what is yes we work I mean there wasn't a task that was two down and dirty. That we wouldn't do I mean we really did everything. And we ran the business we were presidents and Juicy Couture and still it was about 600 million dollars. And then he made the decision to sell we sold wave before that but what we sold to Liz Claiborne Paul Sharon and -- rants. Let us believe that apps like the business was ours and we were. We were able to make all the financial decision. What are the smartest things you did in the beginning was he started sending out juicy picture clothing to celebrities and then -- were photographed wearing it which is something. You know you know some of the first ones the trailblazers to do -- -- -- -- labels doing because you have instant Raymond FaceBook and Twitter in the second that somebody is photographed. Britain's air and it was commonplace -- people did not send celebrities close but we were lucky we were in LA. All the stylus new juicy and celebs want -- And that's a lesson I mean that's something for every -- nor. We didn't because we just have money for an advertising budget we actually didn't really know marketing was when people started telling us would you -- him in charge of marketing I have. But we did it because we didn't have money and we that's a great idea and it was -- Things changed that -- were no longer in control. And the business went from being you know juicy picture or worn by Madonna and Brittany to a lower and lower market I -- It's heartbreaking. I have to say that and that's something that I really believe both of us wanted to towel. We want to tell our tail in a way that people that people don't want to do what we did have to know that everybody dreams about selling your business. For a lot of money it's a pot of gold is what you kind of dream about as a little guy at some point but there's there's a downside to the downside to it is that either you're going to be Jill Sander -- -- -- -- you might lose your name. Or he might have to watch your baby be something that lacks the DNA. The authenticity that you put into it and see it turn into something that he might not like. Which is -- probably -- you're praying that DNA back yes it's a new label Tammy you tell me more about what it is it's. A casual luxury collection it's what we love it's got -- Southern California vibe really cozy amazingly she closed. That you just want to Wear every day. We don't believe in disposable clothing we love close to last we'd like to use really good applications. And we look what we're doing. What are the price points for example -- jackets leather jackets you're wearing what -- the price -- and this is the very tippy top extreme and the collection -- this jacket would retail for probably 11100 dollars but the bulk of the collection are. Teachers since starting ninety and maybe go to 120. And the -- starts -- I think once money it's it's reasonable though it's in really good place. And let it play it play out. And play -- -- any SA or not a holiday but the majority and to me now is part of our. Philosophy was making in our backyard and making in LA and giving -- her community in. Our very first GC label was made the glamorous USA. And it's I think it's important when you're starting a business we believe that fairy tale thing that if you make it with love. If it's authentic. -- -- -- -- -- We cared. We -- that it was made that miss USA that people feel when it by the product and how do you plan to compete with some of the other labels in your category for example some of the more -- items that you have who could be competitors with lululemon which has gotten very popular. -- is true athletic Wear what you're doing his athletic -- translated into fashion so it's a little bit different but in the book we also say that. Competition is healthy. Each rising -- do better things to think of a better way to make a product to make it. More amazing I think competition is fantastic and -- last question the number one thing. That you would say anybody out there who's trying to reinvent themselves lost -- Each person here. Believe in yourself from. Surround yourself with the teen who. Who really believed to -- -- for us we didn't do it alone we had a great team of people who really drank the pool lane and we feel like. You just have to surround yourself with people that you love be fearless. And take a hard look at what you might want -- be reinventing I think you have to do that. -- from drinking in the correlate to drinking the line this summer everyone is buzzing about boxed wine in if you don't believe me just a grocery store. And count the number of boxed wines now on store shelves the reason is simple. Easy access. I what do bringing co-founder and CEO public house -- stepped on being here with tapping into this new trend it's a nice have you step I'm very much happen to be here and he brought along some samples did. But some wind to share. To be -- troop arrivals right now -- and wrong cavernous something known both from Chile. The cool thing about this cavernous ambulance having a -- is that it is the first and only by appointment comes -- cops Xbox easy. Easy but -- -- out of the euphoria. Miller had thought of it because I think that this category doesn't get lot of love. Because I think in the -- -- the considered the lower quality product. People thought it was down market they associate boxed -- -- that box that sits in the refrigerator all summer long and you know somebody walks up with a cup fills up their company goes about their day exactly who you're changing that. We're change entirely. There's a lot of benefits -- box one of the very few people know about like. What does the three liter box comes with four bottles worth of -- and -- -- that's -- of the unconscious way to much more efficient way. There's no waste with a glass typically a bottle of wine is 40% -- 60% wind is at 90% -- 10% -- It comes with the cops and stays fresh for -- month when -- opener which is fantastic from go to have a glass of much. Longer than a bottle wine -- exactly. And why would you come up with this -- mean when you stand the world of opportunities and different start ups and things you could be doing your clearly an entrepreneurial person. Why this. The very good question sometimes ask myself that through. I was working and advertising with big alcohol brands -- the big wondering I loved wine the way drank wasn't the same when my parents trying for example. And being in the category realized there was no -- that existed for my generation from the wind category so I decided there was a huge opportunity here. And better than toil away creating ads for larger brands and model who -- for myself and doing yourself. When you get the -- sets from Chile howry sourcing -- So this one is actually imported from -- huge bags similar what's in the box because it's a more efficient way of keeping one. It's part of upstate New York courts packaged. With our -- -- -- Federer and sent to the warehouse and from there we just make the sales and you know. -- -- Aaron -- stores here in liquor stores throughout the northeastern. Area we're actually just in New York premiere in New York you've made -- very -- just -- -- and focus all of -- from in New York we actually. Also opened up in Tennessee as a test market really consider that a white and it really. It's a great market there's a lot of sort of younger up and coming people it's not too pretentious it's not too competitive some -- -- -- next Allston this kind of cool factor there. And without any marketing support is -- really well so we're happy to see that and the price point how did you first of all what are the price is obvious you. Each one is about 35 dollars reached 35 dollars which you're saying again for four bottles per box. How come up with that price point that must've been a difficult choice. It was there's a premium category evolving in the box one category and they're priced anywhere from 25 to fifty dollars. We felt that our one is better than most of them are what's all of them from a little biased. In thirty of thirty -- a sweet spot because you're buying wine that is of a certain quality of -- twelve dollars per -- quality. But it's not such an expensive purchase that there's a huge -- sticker price you're basically getting. Four bottles. Twelve dollar wind for little under ten dollars which I think it's perfect -- So was it was partially about -- was about getting people to adopt it to actually have that willingness to try in the first place. You're focused on -- -- you have this Tennessee Ingle was well. What's the goal. Well the goal is to really establish our brand as the brand for the progressive are pretentious consumer that is very social and doesn't really care about a lot of the Hassell associate with a category in the goal is to become synonymous with anytime you're with your friends drinking wine we wanna be the one -- -- an experience for you. Would you want to get bought out by a -- vineyard for example I mean could that be the end game for you. I would hope -- -- vineyard. You know getting bought out as always good and bad in there. I think that eventually for this to become the brand that we hope will become we should get bought out to tap into some distribution. But we really want to controls as long as possible that's one of the reasons we stayed in New York really really create a passionate following. Among New Yorkers. Step thank you so much it's called public -- blind you -- -- on public house my dot com get. Find out where it sold in New York -- now and Tennessee and Tennessee cheers thank you so much the -- appreciate it. And thank you for joining us for real this -- one year from -- the battle of the wines what you drink and poolside this summer. Bottled or boxed -- -- that real business RJ until next time. This is Rebecca Jarvis from New York.

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