#1 Dish In The Sky

Watch: The most luxurious airlines in the world compete for best 5-star dish & 'Real Biz Chef of the Year' 11.11.2014
18:26 | 11/12/14

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And welcome to this special edition of real biz I'm Rebecca Jarvis every New York City and on our radar today a real day is chef showdown featuring. Airline food. And we're not talking about just any airline food but the top food in the world believe there not some airlines are serving up more than steel pretzels and peanuts. Singapore Airlines emirates and cutter Airways have already won multiple awards for their food and today on real -- we've invited all of their chefs here. Compete in the ultimate challenge the best five star meal. At 30000 feet we are on the ground for this one folks but this is what you're gonna eat if you fly any of these airlines each Jeff. Has repaired their favorite in flight meal exactly at that would be prepared for passengers on board the airline. Only one will go home the real busy airline chef of the year and the lucky winner we'll have their recipe featured on ABC news dot cotton. And here to make the final call our real this panel of judges only the best for he is one of the most decorated chefs in the world including Ford James Beard awards. Plus he gives good face. And quite an evening Tim what about fifty most beautiful people please welcome to suppress celebrity chef Todd English. You know her as the judge on the wildly popular show Iron Chef it one of the top food is on the Food Network she went from corporate attorney. To celebrity chef and restaurant where please welcome Donna tell our I. Time it's great to be here it's that we were flying in the air them I was used in front runner. I'm now back in connection we do whether it's and we get three miles. Yeah that rate and go that's the goal here that this is both of you have a background do you airlines that did degree yes yes yes I did apple series with next time chant on airline food and I went. I saw behind the scenes with the chefs have to go through right to prepare food on an airline it's very get. Clinton and I have been on and off over over the years and domestic airlines today and an international flights to see the challenge but I know and I empathize with with the challenges of putting it through to 30000 feet. Delivering it on time hot and all this thing these guys do great job I have to say. With their food I've been on a few of their airlines and I noticed do you guys do great job. People don't realize what happens to the palate when you're flying in the air and the traps have to adapt to that because our taste buds change you have to have more salt and spices so it's an interesting challenge. It also challenges also training the folks that service yes well because that is also because you know if you have a two hour delay. You know the food can be sitting in the oven for four you know that he's a fish is now dried out into issue. Before you know it and so you have to make sure that you you know adapt and yet to Trenton a lot of his training as well so. Yes well these are the best of the bats like we sat in the running for the top five star food at 30000 feet from Singapore Airlines Alfred port tolley he's a James Beard award winning chef the man behind Gotham bar and grill which was just named. Best American restaurant in New York City by the cat. And his food on Singapore Airlines gets top distinction rated number one. By the readers of Conde Nast traveler and we'll find out why in just a minute here it is guy's lap and here's the man behind our. Hello Ali welcome back you risk. This on the 8000 against the Todd mrs. I dish that we serve the first classes to Maine lobster salad stressed to the lemon grass. Dressing and it's served twists that quail eggs and caviar while this is in good overall and is this that presentation howitzer that's exactly yes and Jones. We try to do as much as counsel is this is what I take dish is a better on the current menu. At Gotham and adapt them for the airline get there are some limitations. This is that this is cold food so it's much but think much right less challenging than hot. This honored temperatures you have to worry about as well Carlson yes of the way the food is uploaded. Popular particularly is is you talk you have to keep the cold garnished mom separate from the hot food and the sauces can represented challenge that's really the gift. It is fat cat makes you also brought along a little. Beverages and actually has but this is what day we offer rod and Singapore in first class when I fly so is challenge to decide which I will. Like Mercury done very owner crew I think you're later during their legs. You always drive the Germans without. The only good thing for their work justice return is delicious and you also have your own cookbook for the air like yes. It's something that's all the chefs got together provided recipes we had a lot of fun they are doing it and you can always get the press culture but since this is so incredibly press yet and this is that over the evidence challenge with often don't give them a dish. Where and give them substitutes for certain ingredients but lobster is they concerns I mean and in Singapore plus a lot of licensee or community you have to this is the same. Late that has to come out of Singapore come out of you by wherever Micah Wright right breast so that's for a step further challenges well it is getting those numbers six do you and they. Assemble there it's not pre assembled and it comes out now in first class. It's all the of the food is actually plated on fine China while conservatives from against likened register everyone orders him. Get everyone orders exactly that Hamlisch and it calls me numb bus and base plate they were you trains through this typically. For 121 class guess that nurse as many as five or six cabin from. And they all have specific responsibilities. One being to manage the waiting. It's fantastic to retaliate thank you thank you don't attitude here thing thank you really great club I think. I'd say it's incredible and I tell you this is you get this if you cut them I mean at one in my fair restaurants in new York and get a say. In an effort to superstar but this is amazing and to get this at 30000 feet until this is treating. I'm I wanted to fly on your. We're ready to go wherever they had. I'm very impressed with the presentations all you expect in first class and it's really Smart I'd prefer something of high quality like lobster served cold. And something hot that you can't really keep us what's really well thought out a lot of fresh herbs which is really important and delicious. And there's still more to try now from emirates airline chef Darren bot he manages regional catering and has helped emirates to win multiple awards including favorite magazines culinary travel award for experts choice. Best in flight dining first and business class and he's here with us now Shep but thank you for joining us well I think this is an incredible Everett's Brennan wow. So beautiful massages and manicure what do you have here this is sort of a players from home frustrated and ready to see authenticity of went in on comes from is his office cost him as they offered. To have a range of different Mazur is that a specific to the region we flawless on signature reads it goes flying and now two of whom on about current US destinations and emirates. It's more like an ala carte menu and eager sort of choose all throughout her whole flight would. There's not a set menus and Jeff Craig do you choose and pictures what how many choices and typically in Ghana and an offense costs first coast covering wishing Donald amounts you can join any on the tonight. You have a choice of 45 star system including a C portion in this would we want and truly one of those choice is first off to. They want just one. Choice is a stock are they all laid out like this that lie there like now what is this whole that the Arabic ms. that talk Harvick hasn't brought this is one of the most popular. It is young saudis indeed yes the C. You know and people are flying to. You can't even the locals. Report this as well yesterday yeah obviously did these it like Arabic calling Israeli Syria have for Todd and assembly sick on this one his Alam campaign. This how this is I'm keeping any assets amid slam stuffed with calling nuns and she some Tuukka. She's incredible what is your favorite thing in all of this. Come on why the traditional ones the to do today that African nation homeless. When perpetual exclusive very very to just are these pastries made in each location they out there are and it on to a specific risk is so we centralize all of them. Persecute Croatian packing Dubai. I'm we send our rescues in and we have a team of people that fly around the world and cultural shifts around the world on the scientists and get consistent product. What's the most difficult thing you said consistency that have to read about how sad that's an important you're seeing in excess of 200000 means a dynamic site. Consistencies Kiefer percent of whom were very fortunate we have great moment citizens and to god we got the world's biggest and on catering facility in that season on instinct. 560000. Dying now incredible jackpot thank you so much you originally. Didn't think Alicia enjoys really again really delicious what did you expect. I have said I'm so impressed with a variety authenticity of this which is prevalent in other of them homer of the Romans the incredible pastries I have to say this is top notch fresh clean. Be through with us pups leap and got this. I I am so impressed looked like he talked with the variety that you're putting out. For so many people and the freshness and the authenticity I love that I love eating ethnic food from the area where you're going or coming from I think about diminishes stunning in the to believe so I'm. Million students knowledge. It's amazing evening about how we're so accustomed to may be a bag of peanuts or pretzels and and then the variety of getting here that gas Hebron contrast. There's a whole different level and I think this is a it's totally different level and that's seasoning I mean it's so important and you would be surprised how often people miss with that either have to my church not enough salt and peppers I think this season there's actual play very gatherings there's flavor its balance. And from Qatar Airways calling been more chef and lower oversees all food and drink on cutter Airways. He and the airline have won countless awards for best airline in the world for international travel to notable in flight dining in first and business class by sabre magazines. Annual culinary travel awards and he joins us now with this. Beautiful looking dish Wellcome thank you. What do we have here. This this did you just the cold prone much Bruce took a favorite dish from the region. And this fish we approach to say that this is a business thought for looked northwest lost four oh because we are proud to say our business thought for what his dysfunctional is better than our competitors Krstic is very popular in our region a lot of slices a lot of flavor right. Which helps us to reach the taste buds in the sky and weather spices and Russia is Carmen Chu min clothed powder. Cinnamon and it's big because the gulf is in the spice route from the old days to visit a real huge amount of of tasty spices and you can use in North Korea and with the across. Print potentially serve it with knots we do you do not free requests. But normally what are some of what she's -- contain nuts but sometimes. Difficulties that we knew are setting out a menu for. Thousands upon thousands of travelers with different taste button we're viewing will begin. We'll we're. On cuts or Airways because this of a dollar boosts our guest profile these these these launch we have we have different religions we have different cultures you have different tone. And nationalities fly. We we offer a great deal of choice and already crossed and we we knew what to do with the traceable tool tastes. Including this fabric as of yet not alcohol and yes. Well because alert Alicia speak we have passages set up a diverse tastes. We not only case of fruit for guess that some and enjoy alcohol level premium wine selection would also we'd be like to them to wolf for. Premium nonalcoholic beverages. So our guests can connect could enjoy them as well also shut cooking fish on board is also very difficult to get all right and I guess you got. You know that timeliness of this obviously Turkey. Very important cooking version of its assault on the ground all questionable at Crabtree he crumbled their profile Coventry the train to a high standard and very enthusiastic which we like this chefs. The heated run correctly and they did shoot the give them an incentive to ring see you've got the Russians sought to inflate this some more yes that's for that's that's an credits. A rustic and helpful and comforting things what I love about the decision often you don't see that on the Airways so it's great that news really that big flavors yeah in the news center. I think we're thank you so much particularly huge traffic just incredible. So what you guys think I think it's incredibly mean you know I think the flavors or Greta that done until the threat of in the fact that it is. Rusty can and homey and you know makes you feel good yes since duke it is very comforting on the flight and I also love that it's reflecting the region where you're coming from the spices. It's very spicy on the ground here but I know. In the sky would be that's an interesting yes it did strike out yet I'm in no I don't think south African American male this unit have a nice. Georgia which is what you'll find didn't let us sleep right and make the time I love the spices I love the Arabs and of the race and the use of knots and the fish. All of these things are very hard to execute happening Aaron malicious. This is tough this is very difficult very different I mean they're X highlights do listeners. So for me out for part Tyler I mean lobster and caviar I mean come on yeah I haven't. V serial beautiful when you come to expect in first class flawlessly executed. Light delicious but then you go to Q the check at emirates with the men say I was so impressed with a variety. That I had and I loved everything I did think that he flaky targets were a little. A little under season and a little I don't know cold or Delhi but everything else was flawless. Wallace and then my homey comforting dish business class which I thought was really impressive I love the play for all delicious. It's very difficult decision bright eyed. Patrick I think that. I love them but I'm Preston cook I'd love those coming flavors and love that big you know boldness of those. Of that of that combination of them especially the spices and again at 30000 feet as you said tell us GAAP as an incredible you know I thought the execution of emergence. Flawless beautifully done by review pastries could have been a little bit more seasoned the more filling it can hasn't won yet more. To me was that Wheeling pastry filling was lacking when the Dow yeah there are options there what are now I thought that would be fine you know you're sitting on an airplane. And and sometimes you get one plate of food. And it's one note not that it's not good right it's one thing on an airplane B idea that you can discover the different things and get excited. That's not what bread basket with different threats that had them. Also incredible yeah I also think there's also Anderson it took as an airline and as representing what your culture is bringing that. On board yeah I think is important as well this is the fruit of our people we're very proud of it. Not like that as well. Tough decision a decision but if you had jailed you have a favorite. I think. Overall I think what the chef at averages did was the most difficult complex and offered a lot of variety. Was true to the culture so I think I would give it to him shepherd but at Atlanta spotted them and you look. You know what I'm and have to go to hometown boy thought they do it reflects the the elegance of the sophistication. And what you'd expect relief from an airline like Singapore. I like like Alfredsson chef or telling us. Well I love you conference yeah ask you have to audition I am not offended I most ventilate personally I was gonna go to my Kutcher Airways. I'm glad we have it but we have to crown somebody can we have to grab somebody soap right let's let's let's put. All of that aside for now and say if you are passenger flying first class anywhere in the world. What is the number one thing that you expect who delivers on it. Well I'll just say that if I were to fly first class what I would lead. Is shepherd college in central I'd want yeah that's when I really want after the one I go back to you I love of writing the. They'll give girls beautiful Edwards the vote beautiful but I just think that. When I'm in first class I'm thinking OK that I haven't done Harry I'm having crew. I want lobster caviar that's just in say okay. I'm on the right that's how I would I it is easy it's a tie and I have to reflect on what I would want of the three dishes I think that all three were exceptional but I would ask for the lobster fish and I had a choice aren't actually bring him back. I think you should bring about. I don't know that we loved all of that yes we'll answer now I mean I guess it's it's just as tough as it is a very like designated no matter what you know you're pretty good you know all of these placements and all right let's bring them back how Leno well but thank you for me you know and casting and particularly when the echo our. I guess judges wanted to give you some great feedback. Yes none of us who didn't agree we all agree that it was with a very pivotal decision because everything was exceptional one of my favorites was yardage today because of the varieties of freshness. Your commitment your culture and the homemade breads were so impressed I was one of my favorites yeah thank you. Chip Morris I have to say the reason I love big old rustic flavors that's my style. About a love eating that and be fair even business class where every book had a better record this incredible players that was one of my favorites for sure. When you put us all in a very tough spot here on earth and ultimately if there can only be one winner. SP. Reeled in her toddler's death. But around the world global airlines thing challenge it's pretty big deal. And it's you for coming. It's been honored Thursday we in this company Beazer. Right credible experience we all Rodriguez oh yeah. He'd were all amazing I was really tough position. You know is going to be safe are either thank you. And by the way to anyone out there who's gonna try and recreate this fish good luck first Obama at a time for. For the recipe they check for Kelley created for us today will be featured on abcnews.com. Plus. Well you can feel really good feeling that you've just won the real this challenge and both of you as well emirates and Qatar Airways can feel so good being here because we were blown away by all of your food today thank you thank. Bathroom I think it's. And people go we wanna hear from you which dish looked to the best to you don't like us tweet us that Rebecca Jarvis and comment below and from our studios in New York City I'm Rebecca Jarvis have a great day.

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