Dollar Strengthens Against Japanese Yen

Jeff Macke analyzes the morning business headlines.
5:13 | 05/10/13

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Transcript for Dollar Strengthens Against Japanese Yen
Futures up this morning looking to close at a record week even better and on the way it started futures. Driven mostly by gains in Europe and Asian markets and I want to bring in Jeff MacKey from Yahoo! finance Jeff big smile on your face this Friday morning. Absolutely all's right in the world weapons or work and markets are up what's the date on all cylinders baby what a week is certainly -- but I want to start with the dollar what's going on there. The dollar's getting stronger which lies every single economic theory in the history of man. -- drug costs only -- our dollar down it's moving higher particularly against the yen. The end and obviously is going against what the Fed wanted to because as he's pointed out. -- of -- the prospect of the idea was obviously keep it -- low. Ride it's -- basing your currency in the idea of it is that it -- -- acts towards Ed Ed. Gets inflation going to -- the economy moving and and generally stimulates the economy. It's not happening and and we try doing that for years and years and the dollar has not really substantially weakened and so does this Japan deal is just the latest kick. And our efforts to -- her own currency which I think is fine art of you failed to debase yourself maybe that's good -- -- fifth set. -- -- -- -- As they defy all logic economically in the past couple of months seems to be the -- so we're the biggest concerns then about the fact that the dollars so much stronger as far as -- export imbalance. It's well is it one of the reasons we've been debasing our currency is that it makes our goods cheaper abroad and also allows corporations. To report higher earnings because you keep your money offshore. And as the dollar appreciates it we magically earn more dollars go figure. It has those implications but you know what I think that Wall Street will give a pass to companies that -- on what's called. Because they were kind of fake numbers -- began -- so with our economy improving a little bit maybe some dollar strength has warned -- maybe things aren't that bad maybe America's not terrible down. I'm taking a -- an opinion on that but hey I'm standing behind it. And well you certainly have a glass half full attitude this morning what's not that you don't normally have that I think you're very realistic type of -- about the same time. On its Friday price five baseball maybe and that's Friday and -- on him. Everybody's happy yeah I love -- got everyone's -- -- -- -- loud talk about -- for a minute because that's not spend. Really making a nice increase -- because this kind of proposal by billionaire investor Carl Icahn -- -- what are your personal favorites personal friend of yours. What's going on between he and that this -- slightly better offer than what Michael Dell's got on the table. Jack -- causing a ruckus and I I think he's doing so organize dads and I -- make it sound like where you hang out -- and golf or dinner every night. But knowing him a little bit he's never been more outraged ever in the history of his life that's effectively the letter he sent to the Dell board. That's kind of the letter -- -- -- every single board gets involved with and so a's and -- -- a rumpus. With these people who also bought -- to -- much higher prices trying to generate a little more money in the bid. Then what Michael Dell himself offered the problem being that as it turns out Dell's PC company and dole was aren't that hot and investment right now. Sought I don't think this goes and work on a -- shareholder I I accept money has offered and I move on to better things. -- it's all of the timing of an obviously say the tech world prevent Microsoft actually buying the nook from Barnes & Noble. -- -- -- It I don't know I mean I find it amazing how quickly these companies change their business models -- their approach so quickly but I mean any -- this does rumor that the government might -- -- every make and that. I don't are using a -- do you know anyone who uses a note here's like I tell the consumer electronics product as hot does anyone you know actually use it. Jeff you know that's a good point out. Now and some Microsoft bid -- they've invested in the note last year about this time. And they put a value about a billion dollars on which is hysterical to begin with because they're -- -- lose money about a quarter of a billion a year but okay. You know find their Microsoft. To come down and out there doubling down supposedly if -- a Barnes & Noble shareholder -- also selling tonight I've got all my money from Dell and Barnes noble -- -- to go by real stocks. And I don't have to count on Microsoft to buy me out of them. And -- but you can get your updates on your -- in case you get it. Cases -- Japan -- -- it and with Japan because the country has released a special broad. -- -- -- -- -- Obviously the plan -- -- an economics and brought. That's essentially what they're calling it it -- up three points for economic stimulus has outlined by the prime minister there the raw. -- its inflation and separates well from saying things -- the it's a Friday I've got your thoughts on this one. You know it things again. Feisty in Japan. Six an American -- revved -- the animal spirits as John Maynard -- referred to them seem to be. Kind of percolating in Japan so it gets this might just might be a sales gimmick boot on the part of the -- -- bet. I'm just -- -- that out there but in the meantime they're lifting supporting and then playing 92%. Inflation goal. Of the new head of the Bank of Japan seven giving -- that combines bras and economics and it's cool by means. Group posts in the bottom -- in more ways than one what let's look at that -- -- -- Doubt it straight up at ten points at 151093. Jeff MacKey forgot to finance have a great weekends there. You -- brother.

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{"id":19152051,"title":"Dollar Strengthens Against Japanese Yen","duration":"5:13","description":"Jeff Macke analyzes the morning business headlines.","url":"/Business/video/dollar-strengthens-japanese-yen-19152051","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}