Dumpster Diving to $100M Biz

Nasty Girl CEO shares unique success story and inspiration for those who've lost their way to get back on track
4:12 | 05/08/14

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Transcript for Dumpster Diving to $100M Biz
-- not likely success story. She went for dumpster diving in shoplifting. To running a hundred million dollar company I sat -- with nasty gals CEO Sophia Amoroso to find out how she made this transformation. When you started the eBay store eight years ago. Did you any idea was going to be nasty out the company. I had no idea now. You know I start selling vintage clothing I was unhappy working the job that I was so I quit by eBay for -- And figured out the rest how to successfully eBay store selling vintage. And from their lunch nasty -- dot com. And today we sell vintage we also sell. Other designers and a couple years ago started designing our own namesake label that's what what was the smartest piece of advice in the eBay for dummies book. EBay you know it's such a great -- -- for figuring out how to do business online. For me it was like OK well if I would get that feedback if I down to ship this -- on time if I don't get my options up at the right time. People might show up looking for them and then just find something else to -- on what's the biggest piece of advice you have for somebody who's selling -- day. I would say that eBay is a visual format and it's important that you take great pictures. And it described things accurately. What's the best time to list on -- so starting options on a weeknight is really important because people are -- just kind of hanging out. Media -- them on Sunday an excellent snow while I'm having them and either Sunday night or like -- Tuesday or Wednesday was always -- just. How did you come up with prices everything was optioned with no reserve starting in 1999 so even though I might have bought a piece of vintage for twenty dollars -- thirty dollars. At a certain point I knew what would work and what what -- And I was willing to take the risk of selling it for 999. But I knew that the quality of the photos I was taking in the styling and the model is putting on inspection I was giving it. And breathing new life into these these old pieces. Made them more desirable than -- would have been sitting on Iraq at thrift store. And from there in the 1999 became a bidding war politics is one girl in Australia and another in New York to freak out and go crazy and bid up -- -- so for anyone who's listening who's big and -- -- wants to be on eBay. Start the bidding war what's the most expensive items sold it. The most expensive item I sold on -- it was a Chanel blazer. About it for eight dollars eight dollars dollars and Salvation Army boots and let's put it on eBay in 1999 starting auction. I -- made a dollar but I ended up making closer to thousand dollars your heart must have been racing when you foundation -- every but it wasn't just terrifying though because I got it strikes -- for its customers like how much they -- about an -- sent to her like perfect. And the dry -- -- -- one of the buttons. So I had to call the Chanel boutique in like. On -- you know Beverly Hills. And they ask me to cut another button off of this lake rare and unique eighties blazer send it to them in Los Angeles so they can match it and then send me. The matching button back and had to dig through their archives dated -- 1980 jacket was actually pretty cool experience but I. Search that right means before even got to the point of calling. Should -- that you looked around their floors and I'll look at his idea machines on their floors I was pretty angry this is what being an entrepreneur is all about and -- You have to do things like search the floors of the right leader to be successful and nasty -- like to say there is no that's not my job I've done almost every job that we have nasty out and it. I am not too proud to do any of the jobs that there are to do I don't think anyone else should be your story is not the quintessential CEO story -- dropped out of college. You. Were accused -- before you acted nasty I tried to smash capitalism as a teenager and ended up. Failing that and I you believe it I think idea and you're on now the next big thing brick and mortar. And you're actually pursuing it in LA it's one of the many big thing coming up its sleeve a public. -- not really so it's a possibility everything's possible. Our thanks to nasty gallant Sophia.

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{"id":23641221,"title":"Dumpster Diving to $100M Biz","duration":"4:12","description":"Nasty Girl CEO shares unique success story and inspiration for those who've lost their way to get back on track","url":"/Business/video/dumpster-diving-100m-biz-23641221","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}