Less Expensive iPhone, Lance Armstrong Interview

Mike Santoli analyzes the morning business headlines.
3:00 | 01/09/13

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Transcript for Less Expensive iPhone, Lance Armstrong Interview
Your latest in business and you're watching live coverage of the opening -- agency. Now bringing it up this morning the Borough of Manhattan community college better known on the Big Apple as -- MCC they are up -- celebrating fifty. And so there it is -- will begin -- Today Wednesday January -- -- everyone I'm Dan. -- in New York futures were up this morning so joining me now to discuss that along with the other business headlines this Wednesday. -- and toll senior columnist and our partner Yahoo! finance Mike thanks for being with us happy Wednesday to you. Thanks morning -- -- a little bit of apple news the company may be working on a less expensive iPhone I understand what are the pros and cons if they're gonna come out with with that essentially cheaper version. Yeah I don't know if there's a real big negative attached to it except for just a reminder. That really apple just at this very moment is not about new innovation and -- mean people even the iPhone 5 cents. Was not a tremendous quantum leap from the four so this is just kind of filling in around the edges of the product line kind of -- move. As opposed to -- some big splashy new advance. And it well potentially at the same time because of the could be bringing in some of the market that may not have been wooed by the iPhone if they're gonna make the dip into a lesser. Priced model. Well that's the strategy right here is a certain pool of of users out there customers that that really can't or won't get a contract without a contract. The un subsidized phone for for any of the new models is pretty expensive so obviously this is a big piece of the market and apple doesn't just want to leave behind. -- all right today in fact marks the sixth anniversary. Of the day that Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone let's take a listen to what he said at that time. What we want to do is make a leap -- products. That is what he's smarter than any mobile devices ever Dan and sue for easy use this is what iphones and and reinvent the phone. A genius clearly lost taken far too soon wing or when you look at that -- you hear that what are your thoughts as far as how the company has trend. Forms well for one thing you made good on the promise. -- obvious in the first take away and then look if this doesn't come along every year every product cycle I mean essentially. They invented a new category in the the phone is becoming pretty much -- so many devices in one really seems like it's winning some phone and many -- whatever it is. Is going to be the thing that is the indispensable device for almost everybody so that's done in away and now it's a matter of taking that farther and -- trying to distinguish apple from the competition. When everybody now acknowledges hey this is the field of battle right now it's something like a -- And there could be a new contender getting into that fight as well because right now the Consumer Electronics Show is going on -- Las Vegas and Sony has said. That it is going to make another go at the mobile market. You think they're gonna have much luck of being able to take -- some as some business from Samsung and obviously from apple. I think there's a chance I don't think it's going to be a matter of revolutionary market share gains necessarily but people seem to be impressed by the phone itself. It's obviously android base phone is a lot of receptivity. Here to new entrants in that area -- it's a great success of the platform. It's the dominant platform globally so it's something I think they have a good shot -- Little advances you can job and in the bath apparently great camera in all the little kind of virtues that you might look for in -- new phones I do think. There's a chance that basically gets it finds an audience but I don't think it's a matter of something it's big enough to either transform -- the direction of Sony. Or really to -- then -- the whole market. Always the warning do not operate the phone in the bathtub. -- -- Problem could be solved now at this went. Hey I wanna talk to you about a story that's Greg a lot of headlines lot of attention to New York Times has a story today in which the government officials are saying that hackers from Iran. Have been accessing web sites. For US banks now first -- how big of a concern. Should this be for everyday folks out there is the story gonna develop -- we're gonna get more investment and -- you -- More investigation into this. Well obviously -- well I think it's a game of -- -- the spy -- aspire all the time we hear about once in awhile. I think that it's a B a general concern but not a specific concern when -- -- about that -- It's the stability of the whole banking. System the whole architecture of the system that's what seems to be -- -- under attack here they're overloading the system they're not trying to get your account numbers are not trying to steal money even. They're basically trying to destabilize. The system it's a form of electronic warfare so I think that you know it's something to worry about but it's funny I think there's sort of this reverse. Anxiety that should I take coal which is when you're not hearing that they've detected these threats and they're fighting them that's when maybe you should -- because when they know about -- we hear about -- means they know about them. A deadly -- -- better than that that which you doubt. Lance Armstrong has agreed to a ninety minute interview. With Oprah Winfrey now obviously there is big box in the cycling world he lost -- -- a lot of that. Losing all his endorsements is there anything if he's gonna how this interview with Oprah and a lot of people believe that there could be some serious bombshells coming out of this interview. -- he's going to be able to do to win back some of those deals. I doubt it at least not immediately I don't really think. You have marketers out there that are just itchy for an excuse to go back necessarily Lance Armstrong given what's perhaps gonna come out in terms revelations. -- -- -- -- -- big part of it is he's now so many years removed from his his -- -- now been taken away and I don't think cycling really has a lot of enduring residents you know in the consumer markets I don't really feel as if this is you know -- right property -- a lot of companies are saying wow if only we could have. The PR -- to go back and get Lance Armstrong to pitch their products -- maybe I got in isolated instances. You know it could happen what -- makes sense as a cyclist but I don't think that right now he's gonna be that kind of endorsement -- again. That we saw a few years ago. Well for Oprah herself. Yes if you seriously about four for -- for her for all and for her own popularity from this I have a feeling I mean this is clearly probably the biggest coup in the senate terms of an interview for. Her network so far and I do think it will kind of create a little bit of buzz and maybe a little more attention there. But I don't really feel like that's the game four for a new network in an attempt to create these kind of one time event. -- -- excuses to to to tune in. I really feel like you know has to become more -- -- habit which obviously is what she left behind with giving up for syndicated show so it's it's definitely a positive for own which is owned by discovery -- or at least as an investment by discovery communications. In her network but I don't really feel like it's a game changer really on the cable. All right Michael it's good -- take one last look at the big board it is trading in positive territory up -- -- more than fifty points. At thirteen 1376. Might cent toll from Yahoo! finance thanks for joining us have a great Wednesday I think she did.

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{"id":18170192,"title":"Less Expensive iPhone, Lance Armstrong Interview","duration":"3:00","description":"Mike Santoli analyzes the morning business headlines.","url":"/Business/video/expensive-iphone-lance-armstrong-interview-18170192","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}