The Facts About Your Favorite Food: 6 Myths Debunked

From seafood during pregnancy to the real deal with beer bellies dietitian Bonnie Taub-Dix tells the truth about nutrition.
5:37 | 07/23/14

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Transcript for The Facts About Your Favorite Food: 6 Myths Debunked
You've probably seen at one day it's fat the next day it starts at its sugar that -- sweet and it's butter. Well it seems like everywhere you turn there is another study slamming another -- -- how separate the facts from the fiction will -- to -- the biggest -- We turn now to our specially she is dietitian -- -- -- -- is also the author of the book read it before you need it how to. -- -- we always like when people bring food picking him apart but I'm curious to know how much of these foods were actually allowed to eat how many are actually good for you out. Well you're allowed to eat any of them -- the key is how much are having and what else you had before and after it. But you know when it comes to scientific that means. I think that we have a tendency to just listen to the headlines and that you really have to be careful about. What they're talking about how many people they -- surged. I believe in applies to you know which is why we turn to people like you by the way that you can read through the entire study and tell us what's behind headlight and that's that exact. Let's let's thinks fish for exam it's really unfortunate that so many people are not eating fish because they fear the stories about Mercury but the fact is that. Fish is rich in Omega three fatty acids which are so important to you for brain development for a visual acuity. -- in adults they could reduce the -- of cardiovascular disease. And if you can eat fish then having -- this -- -- -- or. Or even tuna light to -- would be fine to eat. But during pregnancy even -- pregnancy and the guidelines say that you should be eating this. Somewhere around eight to twelve ounces up to twelve ounces a week. And even for kids it's important. But not everybody can be fished out everybody likes this and if that's the case then taking something like an Omega three supplement -- the exchange EPA in -- 250 to 500 milligrams -- -- could really be important for you. What selves because that there's always been this conversation around salt that you shouldn't have too much of it. Yes well what bugs me about -- and -- cooking shows where there. -- -- real -- using salt like they're feeding chickens on a farm. That is not the way to eat solved and always more than what I use yes and it's more than you need to use what I would do is take your salt shaker. -- -- fill -- with seasonings and spices because not only will you be cutting back on salt but we know that certain seasonings and spices meets sweet talk about another time. Actually have benefits -- them. So with the -- story most of our assault comes from food that we -- better restaurant foods foods you behind the supermarket so you have to look. -- before you eat it -- to see how much sodium you're actually getting. And also -- in some foods that are high in potassium. A baked potato has more potassium than two bananas oranges has a lot of potassium in it so potassium can help your blood pressure to do what I -- wine and chocolate because these are these two. Items where people say well they're actually good for you eat some dark chocolate drink your wife adults right and I totally agree with -- -- -- yeah. OK but when it comes to wine the problem with wine is too much wine. So just because something is good for you doesn't mean that a lot of even better and -- does have very positive effects even -- -- -- relaxation effect. Is something that's important Allen Doyle -- relaxation with why -- -- duke and with chocolate it's not just about. Looking at the percent dark chocolate we have to look at that Coca -- -- that are in there which could actually. Again relax blood vessels and increase circulation. Which we know -- decrease inflammation of your heart. Circulation has sent some thinking you -- traveling on the plane -- but little squares. Okay you're not necessarily -- this -- be -- beer so it and there's a study out that says -- is harmful. Yes well. Near I wouldn't call -- harmful lesser having too much and actually did the study was talking about a beer belly. And then that you know do men really have a tendency to get a beer belly from too much beer. It's more of a problem. Talking about what you eat when you have there. If you're having big cheese -- the locks and everything else that goes with it that can give you a beer -- also men have a tendency to gain -- in the belly area. Whereas women have a tendency to gain weight in the back so what do women get a beer but -- it. You have to really read between like here but. And I cannot live Diet Coke and so we're not we're not we're not calling out one diet soft drink here but you brought a diet -- -- along right. There there are always these conversations about drinking diet is not good for you where do you follow on that. The way -- follows that I think that there's a place -- Just about everything. I happen to not be in full disclosure a solid fan and so whether it's -- -- I drink a lot of that. Yeah but the thing about diet soda is what else would you be drinking instead. So if you we need -- wonder if you'd be digging a regular soda and that's not a bad idea I'd rather have -- -- -- at a date yet. Water is the key beverage it's important for everything and it has. No calories no preservatives no additives no fat no sugar so there's nothing better and especially in the summer time get a big pitcher of water -- with cut fruit. -- angry -- -- in the -- given that your kids and then -- passing grades. Great stuff and -- the book read it before you eat at. I'm planning -- reading tests and learning about what I need to do before -- -- All of this bit later today -- act because anybody -- have yes -- -- -- so much appreciate it the president.

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{"id":24679243,"title":"The Facts About Your Favorite Food: 6 Myths Debunked","duration":"5:37","description":"From seafood during pregnancy to the real deal with beer bellies dietitian Bonnie Taub-Dix tells the truth about nutrition.","url":"/Business/video/facts-favorite-food-myths-debunked-24679243","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}