Is Fed Chair Ben Bernanke Leaving?

Jeff Macke analyzes the morning business headlines.
4:20 | 06/18/13

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Transcript for Is Fed Chair Ben Bernanke Leaving?
Take pictures up today after some new data came -- this morning and break down the numbers and today's top business headlines and pleased to have Jeff MacKey from Yahoo! finance -- morning -- Good morning to you my friend and our right to -- some new numbers out today let's start the Consumer Price Index what -- -- -- Did show no inflation whatsoever point 1% or something as a -- there is no inflation. The inflation annualized of the last twelve months is under 2% the Fed has a -- of 2% before the ease back the stimulus. There is no inflation and and food inflation actually declined. So the folks at home are watching -- are gonna say I'm paying so much for groceries. Not according to the government there just isn't -- much inflation there. Housing starts. Housing starts a little lower than expected we came at about 913 and fourteen verses 950000. New permits for homes that wasn't terrific but the pace that we haven't housing. Is really strong in the numbers very volatile particularly on the multi home dwellings at the apartments. That number can vary so much. That the -- really are worried about it these numbers are more about the trend than they are the absolute number out there. The trend is still higher on housing recovery continues to be herky jerky at best on housing a man with the -- we made five years ago mayor herky jerky is okay at this point. I'll take it has looked at his mother headlines President Obama in an interview with Charlie Rose said -- -- Ben Bernanke may be leaving soon. How would that market react when he -- is what we expect. What what the president said is that he's Bernanke has stayed longer than -- wanted to or was supposed to and I'm I'm paraphrasing that's very nearly yet. If this is fortune -- stuff I'm not sure if that was really news to anyone most people on the street expected Bernanke to leave. -- January it's going to be all about continuity in terms of policy. The most widely expected replacement for Bernanke is a lady named Janet Yellen who would be expected to. -- all of the Bernanke road map and so the -- would take -- -- different someone else and it actually get a firm date beyond just the president talking to Charlie Rose. It will be more meaningful -- but at this point everything related to the Fed is really anticipation rapid reaction to news. -- -- shareholder Daniel -- buying a bigger stake of Sony's company's shares now. Six point 9%. Now wants to -- the company -- think this power plant. Well you know typically American investors trying to go into Japan and tell people how to go about their business. Has not ended well in this case Sony has set valuable assets -- the Spiderman franchise that -- People PS for the games stations. And they really aren't making much out of -- -- and so there's a real strong argument that mr. Lowell house. Not least of which is that I own stock and -- until I got my daddy pants -- -- and -- -- loves me we'll see how this goes though he's got a very strong case to be made. Daniel Loeb is looking for board seats at Sony. I think he gets it done but then again I'm on the stock so I've got blinders on as far as I'm concerned they can't do much wrong. Right moving over to Boeing it seems to be recovering well from its dreamliner mishap. Placed an order for a slightly longer version what does this mean for the company isn't crazy right does your waters just took off at last I checked they were -- -- And Allison are stretched from how to make and I make a new Wednesday it's out all -- the Paris air show and what happened was Airbus Boeing's main competitor. There are set to launch in 2007 -- they're big Airbus thing that's gonna compete with the dreamliner. The Boeing tried to trump that -- they came out a 102 orders for stretched out Boingboing version of the dreamliner. It's good news for -- and we continue to see a real strong recovery on that was airline orders. There's something again on the Paris air show which is really where they the builders like to go and trying to talk -- book a little bit in terms of Boeing and Airbus. -- silicon today. You know what really biding -- time before the Fed meeting tomorrow we're kind of looking at the market seeing if at this point. Anything within a pretty wide range about 1% up -- down. Is just the markets are jockeying for position and so really we're -- killing time until tomorrow tomorrow is a huge day. So pay attention to your book just right they're gonna sell stocks in a panic Stewart now for gonna buy stocks has yet -- -- -- about now get your supposition because tomorrow is the big one. Good to Najaf. Let's take one more look at it down now before we go it's up 46 points -- -- thank you so much for joining us from -- -- studio thank you.

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{"id":19428389,"title":"Is Fed Chair Ben Bernanke Leaving?","duration":"4:20","description":"Jeff Macke analyzes the morning business headlines.","url":"/Business/video/fed-chair-ben-bernanke-leaving-19428389","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}