Finger Food for Super Bowl

Anthony Munoz & Alex Guarnaschelli talk Chicken wings, Taste of NFL & finger food for football.
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Transcript for Finger Food for Super Bowl
We attacked chicken wings. Because I know you're obsessed with them. And I wanna shell this little clip before we get to it this is -- rebel stopping by air restaurant -- -- nine to find out how they're prepping for the game. On a regular NFL Sunday we probably sell a thousand pounds of wings and on the Super Bowl will sell 5000. While the chicken wing has come a long way from the original buffalo -- from fifty years ago. Now everyone has their own spin on wings from honey mustard barbecue -- high in sweet and sour. -- -- And by the way speaking of amazing we have to a meeting guests here to talk to us about weighing about their -- -- plant Alex British -- is the executive chef of butter and she's also from. The -- some Food Network show we love the show chopped plus. We've got a hall of Famer here in the house Anthony Munoz considered one of -- best offensive lineman ever. The best best ever to play the game. And wings are on the menu for both of you. Like -- -- was telling me before this that is it one point 251 and a quarter billion -- witness -- don't -- Let people keep that I'm Super -- -- I mean idea and I -- that we are talking a little -- beforehand about how. Try not to fry and I told you that I think there should be little animals I really need -- -- okay aspects. He's got to get into that nice crunch the hot sauce and -- it's when -- -- and brush with -- and let down home. Let's make -- -- -- in the house it is it is a lot easier you accept the deep Fryer and Alex -- I got what -- Eddie what why he is someone who use your hands a lot what do you think Kate what are you smiling your hands go -- Yeah yeah. Yeah I. Put through a generic -- what you think she can -- is that is the perfect food for watching sports and music will need to -- -- sides are great and their little messy and use. It -- racially aspect. Of the pardon just kind of you vs the -- exact words that some magical girly thing that honeymoon. Yeah. -- ice cold beer and -- Shoveling yeah. I'm thinking your fingers and putting them on the cup all there's little. What we're all manners go out there -- no us -- so. When it comes a particular wing not just a stack of napkins this high and there should be some practice for the -- -- ceremony that I would absolutely support. So you guys are going to be at the taste of the NFL. The which is one of the places you have to be. All 32 NFL teams the city right that you're the each of the cities have a -- representative. Well I mean it's just -- -- taste in because it's something to 700 dollar ticket but it is Mary yeah skirted. -- 100%. He's got -- regular. It's really nice everything and this year as it's true every year. These Super Bowl host city and -- local area there -- gets 3%. All funds raised like that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I got I got to ask you this because. You know obviously NFL wants to go to more more cities to reward. It's local cities who filled the stadium constant pain you have a Super Bowl it's kinda like to carry it what do you think about a cold weather outdoor super -- -- you long lines of I don't care earth from. One that says you -- the two best teams let them play to the highest level. I've played my second it would -- in the AFC championship game to get to -- Ruble rose 59 below zero now coldest game ever oldest in -- During the game some of them mobile and I -- some another. He laughs I was gonna hide it puts you back -- the -- event happened over my opponent it's -- I can't do it I'm looking at the monitor. I had -- anything that you don't have any like being your chopped off from them scallions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think it's great to to come here to Jersey and in New Jersey in New York but I really believe it and we clinical -- Detroit. And the weather was just terrible but we -- -- -- that you're you're here and you're hinting that you don't think this -- -- -- maybe selflessly now retired army camp played golf you can actually. That -- I personally if -- on the committee I would move to keep it all in southern cities. That's southern cities. -- -- there's a lot of northern Arizona that are gonna. Be a little upset about why Minnesota -- I need your anonymity. On the ground the -- that the orbital no but it was indoors it -- -- that I don't mind if it's indoors. I mean streak candidates and I'm good with the northern cities that are in -- -- the control climb both teams have you know the same environment -- Your objectives wearing her vikings purple and that's greatly. It got a vehicle and I'll -- we're not yeah. Question is your money -- If I'm betting man I'd have to go with memory team Payton man Peyton Manning and -- candidates -- yeah. Our -- there man. The patent. Eight. One thing -- do when -- mentioned yes that's how he echoed the parties you can go and make donations in effect on us. At that level. Can people do that. Just -- -- -- -- -- analysts say we're going to have on the website you're -- it wings recipe. Which is amazing and sugar. Well we'll make every moderate -- great. -- -- A really great -- and -- Super Bowl weekend thank you so much Alex Anthony for joining us here on real bears and deer in. What do you think you you -- Daryn got all these guests around again wherever -- goes the cool people follow we love having a. -- -- -- Party. Drivers -- yeah. Yet that is if the remnants of the last -- exactly that's perfect and check -- is bigger than they did so much for checking that I'm real businesses Rebecca Jarvis from New York have a great -- Enjoy the super --

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{"id":22284550,"title":"Finger Food for Super Bowl","duration":"3:00","description":"Anthony Munoz & Alex Guarnaschelli talk Chicken wings, Taste of NFL & finger food for football. ","url":"/Business/video/finger-food-super-bowl-22284550","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}