Six Flags Over Georgia and White Water reopens with new guidelines

Communication manager Divina Mims discussed ways of preparing the family to visit theme parks.
3:38 | 06/25/20

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Transcript for Six Flags Over Georgia and White Water reopens with new guidelines
anybody wanting to go to a theme park this summer. Before you get the family together to hit the road, make sure you're fully prepared. Six flags over Georgia and white water just re-opened. Divina Mims communication manager for those parks is with me now. All right, Divina. I want to go to the park. I want to get in that line and get on my favorite roller coaster. How is this going to be a different experience? We're so excited to re-open our six flags over Georgia. So many other parks rolling out day by day. There are things that will be new when you come back. First of all, you have to make a reservation to come to six flags over Georgia. Go to That allows us to keep a good handle on capacity, to make sure folks are maintaining social distance when in the park. We have new thermal technology. We're taking the temperature of every guest to make sure folks are safe. Of course, if you rate high, we'll ask you to step aside for an analysis. Then we have contactless security check points. No more checking the bags. It helps you get to the fun a lot faster. Those are just a couple things that we have going on. We also have new clean team that are rigorously cleaning the park continuously. We have hand washing stations, sanitize stations. We're doing our part. You said you're cutting capacity. How dramatically are you cutting it? What's the limit you'll allow into the park? There's a few thousand people allowed in the park every day. That varies. We're able to either take those numbers higher or lower depending on what demand is. For the most part we're operating at far less than what our normal capacity is day to day. What do I need to prepare for as I'm going to the park? I assume we all keep masks with us. Are those going to be required? Anything else I need to keep in mind? Masks are required. I have mine here. Once you're inside the park, we're asking guests to wear this the entire time they're in the park as well as on rides. We've tested it out. It works. They stay on. We offer mask-free break Zones throughout the park where folks can go into these areas, which are also separated six feet apart from other groups and parties. You can reconvene there with your family, figure out what rides you want to get on next and then put the mask back on. You said mask-free Zones. Will you not be allowed in if you don't wear a mask. Every guest must have a mask. The great thing is we have exclusive masks for sale right outside the gate before you get in. We have Harley Quinn, Batman, the joker, you name it, our villains are here as well as our super heros keeping everybody safe. I've never heard it before. You name it, our villains are that was a promotional thing even. Let me ask you about white water. This is a water park. Now what's the mask situation at a water park? It's a little different. While we ask folks to maintain the masks in high touch point areas, restaurant lines, at the bathroom, while you're walking slide to slide, you won't be required to wear a mask for that. Obviously it's difficult to wear a mask in the water. Summer time people wanting to get out and wanting to get on their favorite roller coasters. Divina, thank you for giving us some of the details. Good to see you in Georgia. Any time you guys want to ride goliath let me know. All right.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Communication manager Divina Mims discussed ways of preparing the family to visit theme parks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"71452305","title":"Six Flags Over Georgia and White Water reopens with new guidelines","url":"/Business/video/flags-georgia-white-water-reopens-guidelines-71452305"}