The Food Of the Future Is Here Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis

Meet the company behind the drink that can replace all of your meals with maximum nutrition. Soylent co-founder and CMO David Renteln joins Rebecca on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.
6:27 | 02/09/16

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Transcript for The Food Of the Future Is Here Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis
Burned so tell don't thought what's the 32 elevator pitch so Roland is essentially two dollars and fifty cents for 20%. We've seen. You can have five bottles of silent as saying it be good to go up. He paid. Well because it's. I love but I just don't always have time to have performing meal and eat exactly the way that I liked. Each 400 calorie bottles when the 2.0. Provides 20% of your daily nutritional acquired. Like so many entrepreneurs this idea that was born. Essential have a problem we're trying to start a totally different type of company. You have time he didn't have money and a couple of us were living in this hacker house and so on we're spending a lot of money on food and cost of corn dogs and wrong and that some stuff and we'd still go through it. You know what locusts and we couldn't keep if we start seeing came as product to basically solve that problem time and some had to come up with. A lot of testing on ourselves and of the beta program of almost a hundred people who send products to and they use feedback taste and texture very important of course nutrients are you know the most important but those. You know right from the get go so it's important to find for you combination designed to be nutritionally complete our latest formula. Soil 2.0 offers a pleasantly subtle flavor smooth texture and the last thing clothes. How do you see it as being different and say a Clif bar or carnation instant breakfast a lot of these things or high sugar. They're meant to be sort of a snap or one often replacement we really try to do. News set the baseline so that you could live on this shouldn't Houston. Are you aware of anyone who has chosen to live on site at this point I'm not aware of anybody who's. Harley and so since you know what this is really meant to do's for your pool you know who in crunch time give exams view of the project and that's that. You aimed yourself after a scifi movie from toilet dreams actually the book make room make room soil was just this utopian who was. Nutritionally complete and that everybody in and so the brought about this utopian society. Ever take a step back from the opinions today. The fact that we are in need of the soil because we're so busy that we canning and make a meal together or is it down to breakfast or lines. As. She I think of it these sort of the opposite way I think that it's so wonderful that we have so many things that we are able and willing to do instead of looking through. How many it is a dairy country Frederick about two or three day particularly on the weakness so I can replace purposes. Full disclosure I have not tasted slightly yet have you had your silly today thanks you month. Go for it open. Okay. But they're not bad right. It tastes more creamy taste pretty creamy. So it's what in your so where algae. Sugar beets as vitamins minerals from different sources would basically chose the ideals and would recruitment. How many generations of us. To get as her. Did you ever feel like what's happened we knew that if this had to be possible. And I think this. With the network would funnel write something. What people what you want to see this permission is different from. Affordable nutrition everybody there's room in the big food companies for new ones I think you know we can you more healthy vastly. How important essential to getting your message out there I think it's very important you know we don't wanna just sheer pictures of our bottles constantly because it's not that exciting so we wanna get people this year what they're using so. What happened smartest things you've done to cultivate those hopes and get people talking about your products most important thing that. We. Hopefully a sense of trust the work of wanna be is open and transparent honest as possible because when putting something body when those that. I think that trust is something. What's the most typical left you at. When you're dealing with his physical product because we really. Software. That there are physically these things for drug production and shipping you have to work with large corporations and have bars on ingredients and sometimes they're from adjustable frustration. That was a tough. Thing to do so because we just want now. You think this self world hunger for two I think there's a lot of ways this and contribute to. And no contrition how are you getting into. Primarily what we really books on the skin of business themselves so as what we sustainable. Something that people were living on five dollars. What's your advice an art stick with it differently world sort you know. Say your advice Oxford north district where slightly basically unequivocally. Good taste test about Bernie I. It's good they're both featured. Could you see your son maybe from one mile yeah you don't like I do. Like. It may be slightly. Cheers. RA do you think you're welcome and enjoy. And the when anybody likes triceps -- Lance. Have you heard of soil and at this point. Slim is a meal replacement drink. 400 calories in a bottle did you save her ex then you need strife that. Could get. She likes that. Soar inside of ABC news going Florida for a taste testing silent. When you make yourself and coffee. Market and I tried my copy. I was gonna go like Kremer rounds here this. News.

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{"duration":"6:27","description":"Meet the company behind the drink that can replace all of your meals with maximum nutrition. Soylent co-founder and CMO David Renteln joins Rebecca on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"36814859","title":"The Food Of the Future Is Here Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis","url":"/Business/video/food-future-real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-36814859"}