4 Foodie Lover Trends for 2014

The James Beard Foundation reveals what the kings of culinary are cookin' up in 2014.
3:00 | 03/18/14

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Transcript for 4 Foodie Lover Trends for 2014
Q about one last thing and that is the top three food trends of this year what would you say because I mean you look at many of these days -- It's not every menu highlight that we eat used to be on every menu so if you -- to name three what would you say the bakery. Well I think everyone's trying to find the next -- let's say and now -- cut cauliflower broccoli seem to be big contenders -- we are stuck in the Christopher Christopher has the category of vegetables. I think another trend -- these matchups that the -- and Dominic on cell made so famous that it it. Traveled around the world and and we got Robin -- and I don't really know what the next hybrid is there's that to -- -- but but someone's gonna put something unexpected together and that's going to be a big hit. And then I also think there's a huge trend of -- becoming more and more politically active week we think a farm to table -- as a sort of statement about sustainability and local. And local. The support of the local economy but they're actually -- there are getting into all sorts of different programs different political movements what we're we're encouraging them -- program we have published just boot camp for policy and change to really become the advocates that we know they are and that they now have a national and international stage to. To fight for things that they believe strongly in and I think. Sheath in politics -- is and it's a burgeoning trend that's gonna really change the world. Fight for the crowd and -- entity it Mitchell Davis thanks so much for joining us we really appreciate it. Thank you.

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{"id":22956929,"title":"4 Foodie Lover Trends for 2014","duration":"3:00","description":"The James Beard Foundation reveals what the kings of culinary are cookin' up in 2014.","url":"/Business/video/foodie-lover-trends-2014-22956929","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}