Whole Foods of Fashion

Fashion Startup Zady uses icons to let shoppers know where their organic clothes are made.
3:00 | 12/11/13

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Transcript for Whole Foods of Fashion
Have been described as the whole foods of fashion their ethical clothing lines. Are all over the place arrived to Robbie and Maxine that I have created the clothing company is eighty pinpoint the whole foods of -- so it's great to have both of you with. I bench your pop up shop in. LaGuardia is actually really exciting the morning that I that was the very first morning actually was the day before. That you got a live right so -- And so great it's so much fun to meet all these folks from not just across the country but from all around the world. And it can meet and speak to them in and seeing their reaction to you know what we're calling whole foods -- fashion it's been great so tell me what that is what is. -- the whole -- of fashion. And Sadie we cater to a conscious consumer -- customer who really wants to know about the origins of the things that they. Just as we now know after ten years and organic food movement. About the origins of the food that we put into our bodies it's time that we know a little bit more about the clothing that we buy and how and where it was produced since eighty -- -- the globe. We look for the very very best products to -- absolutely find the highest quality materials. The most beautiful and stylish designs and we. -- the story behind every single thing that we sell on CB dot com so what's the story -- -- -- -- -- a lot of our affiliate I think what is the story behind easier and tell me. -- those hearings are hand hammered brass from California. The designer's name is Marisa Haskell and she's absolutely wonderful she goes to her local hardware store to find the brass. And she uses a laser cutter to cut out the designs they're absolutely unique one of a kind. We think that it's a wonderful alternative to gold as an affordable price point and it looks stunning in what is -- -- we have. Those -- about 99 dollars 99 dollars. And it's interesting because everything that you just mentioned about these -- and imagine walking into any retailer right now getting back kind of description right about the person who made it and that type of quality of interior that you don't need to as a and that's what I. Think you know when we have in our pop up shop that's what people are really loving is that story they get to feel that connection. And it feels so good and it also looks great on a lot of different people and so that's what we're really looking for is. One of those pieces that people want to -- for years and years to come. -- -- brought a number of -- really cool pieces with you today I'm curious though how much do you think people want that story how much do people actually care. About the origins of their fashion. We think -- quite event and mean it it and you can get clothing -- where it can cost from. Zero dollars you know all the way to tens of thousands of dollars but what really matters at the end of the day for people in the promotional connection at that -- Keynesian doesn't make you feel good or what does how does it make you feel -- it makes you look I'm. And you know where it comes from and so it's really. Developing an emotional connection and people are really excited about the -- -- after some of those -- in Bangladesh in factories in Bangladesh where so many workers. Human beings were literally killed for the sake of fashion. I'm telling you -- so both of you so adamant about putting an end to that kind of thing and making the consumer more conscious of what's going on behind the scenes. They really must stop it absolutely must stop big box retailers ten no longer produce clothes and ethically and get away with it. I think that the time is now for a change. Yesterday. -- professor sustainability walk into our shop she looked around she read a few of the stories and without. Having met me before she looked up and said this is the future. And it's those kinds of reactions that make us feel really great that city is on to something and we want to be as big as whole foods -- -- we want people to recognize us. As a brand that they can trust and a brand they can turn to when they want. Stylish and sustainably produced items. Speaking of that future one want illegal outside of being pulled -- of Spanish and you wanna be not -- -- it sounds you wanna be on every block in America what's the goal. Well -- just three months old I think I we have. Really grand plans obviously we've started with a pop up shop and and that will be the first we hope of many brick and -- experiences that we helped to provide. I'm were also shipping domestically now but looking to expand that as well also there's so many avenues to explore and to expand -- and it's at its bright future ahead. So tell people outside of little -- LaGuardia pop up where can they buy these things right. Net and www. Available dot com -- eighteen lives and they can follow us on Twitter on face that's my opinion -- just about everywhere in stick around just by looking for adds eighty. This comes from the social media aren't -- by -- -- actually had a big background in social media so nice to speak with both of you the company is eighty vaccines are I think some -- yeah how unable they had in a back.

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{"id":21177270,"title":"Whole Foods of Fashion","duration":"3:00","description":"Fashion Startup Zady uses icons to let shoppers know where their organic clothes are made.","url":"/Business/video/foods-fashion-21177270","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}