FreshDirect gives back to community

David McInerney, CEO and co-founder of FreshDirect, discussed how his company is adjusting to life during the COVID-19 pandemic while giving back to the community.
4:34 | 06/30/20

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Transcript for FreshDirect gives back to community
working day in and day out to provide us with the crucial items we need like groceries. Here to tell us how his company is adjusting to life in the pandemic, CEO and co-founder of online grocer fresh direct, David Mcinerney. Thank you so much for being here and give us an idea of the increase in site traffic and orders, pre-pandemic and into the pandemic. So, as soon as the pandemic hit, I mean, we're talking early March, things came on really strong. We saw probably a 600% increase in people visiting our store, that means just coming on, browsing through the site, 600%, and in terms of orders and sales that we actually took it's probably up 40%. Oh, wow. Has there been a shift you've seen also in the type of things people are ordering through the pandemic? Do you have your finger on the pulse on what our eating habits are these days? I mean, we do only because it's so obvious. You know, it started out and everyone saw it. You had the stocking up and a bit of panic buying in the beginning to fill up the pantry. As soon as that happened, people were home and cooking then it was the fish and meat. And then, after that, we saw things get even -- then we saw things like yeast for baking, and we heard from people, they were doing things like baking and then, on exotic occasions, people were trying different cuisines. Do you think you're going to see a long-term shift in habits, but once things get back open completely, if you will, will go back to some old habits? You know, I think online groceries is here to stay. The reason I say that is, because in order for online grocery to take hold a habit needs to be formed. Right, and now, over the last three, four months, that habit has been formed. People have been consistently ordering every week and they like it. They like it more than going into a store and in our case, at least, we're backing up with really, really high-quality fish and meat that they would never have expected been able to get. Something that's important as well, people want to know about safety protocols that everybody has in place right now, an idea of things you put in place. We're a food company. We're operating out of a brand-new facility. That came up last year. So we had very high standards to begin with. Once this hit in early March, we were very, very reactive. Then ultimately and then proactive. We've done anything from hardwiring handwashing stations at the entrance at our corporate facility, whether you work in the operations or a driver or in corporate, you have to come in, wash your hands, have your temperature checked with a digital thermometer. And then get a mask. That's before you even walk in the door. Finally here, something you've done, New York common pantry, you've partnered with this organization has been providing 16,000 meals a day on average here in New York but when this pandemic hit, a lot of their volunteers didn't come into work and couldn't come into work for various reasons, you all stepped up and provided your trucks and your people to volunteer to continue this partnership. I understand you have some good news and some things to share on how that partnership is going. They rely heavily on volunteers, it's an amazing group of volunteers every day, up to 20, 40, 50 people a day. And once covid hit, those volunteers weren't able to come in. So we volunteered to pick and pack all of the food for them and we're happy to announce in essence here today that we have -- our customers have donated $1 million over the last four months. Which is going directly to the pantry which we're superhappy about. David Mcinerney, thank you. That's great to hear. Congrats on what you're going. Essential workers who kept coming to work through a pandemic making sure we all had food. David, once again, good to see you. Thanks so much. We'll catch up again down the road. Thanks, T.J.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"David McInerney, CEO and co-founder of FreshDirect, discussed how his company is adjusting to life during the COVID-19 pandemic while giving back to the community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"71535856","title":"FreshDirect gives back to community","url":"/Business/video/freshdirect-back-community-71535856"}