Earn Big Bucks From Your Baby's Clutter

Just Between Friends helps moms sell and buy baby items on the cheap.
3:00 | 03/27/14

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Transcript for Earn Big Bucks From Your Baby's Clutter
Let's get right to it does this sound familiar -- new parent and your home is filled with kids clothes that don't fit toys galore. And stuff your new baby just doesn't use any more well it's clutter everywhere so many of my friends are going through this right now. Many of you up they're probably -- as well and if instead of storing it -- it or donating it you'd rather sell it. Well we've got a solution is the idea behind just between friends a franchise that creates bargain stores. For all things baby Shannon will burn is the co-founder and -- with her as Kathy Winslow franchisee it's a nice to have but lately -- -- we're excited to be here. Explain what this is Janet Taipei says it's at children's and maternity consignment events we now have storefronts are franchisees rent a space in the territories where we have franchises. And they advertise to the community to get families you have children to -- -- -- baby equipment that they're ready to get -- -- Those people those family -- bring their items to the event -- tagged it's that much like a department store. At -- -- to the public himself thinks fifty to 90% off retail. That families that participate may. Sixty to 70% on whenever they're selling 67%. And I read my notes -- something like 350 dollars that the typical sale. If you coming in with -- -- you're gonna make 350 dollars across the country that's the average that we have something we have some the only separatists have to report heads and they may make. -- thousand dollars -- 15100 dollars it's healthy depends on how much. People brain Kathy. There is some start up costs here to becoming a franchisee -- -- it was -- 25000 dollars on average for typical person so. There is some there's a little bit of risk involved here. What -- you do it well I decided. When my daughter was three years old I wanted -- cute clothes for her. -- my first event was a little bit different because it was actually in my living room I just cleared. All the furniture out put plastic on the floor and then how about thirty friends over -- so I started small but now. Franchise you know it can grow a lot quicker than what I did -- now and 70000 Jesse Kelly may have had -- -- -- 8000 square -- people have about 14100 can signers. At the upcoming event in April in -- on the cities that are registered and ready to go attacking their items. And I thought you where talking earlier about this one easy here it's it's -- -- four dollars that's what somebody could buy it or not between -- and this is a boutique once the anywhere I like an eighteen dollar one sees so. Like Shannon said about 90% off -- what you would pay retail brand new in the store and it looks brand and I think he's yet to decide what they want to sell their items -- CU we have. Fifteen at the exact same stroller and someone selling for thirty and selling ever -- and now. We have we have lines that easily go around the building and people wanna get in for instance debates I -- -- What is the biggest ticket item that -- when your sales we have you know high -- diaper -- -- that an indictment bags are like a 38 -- which you presently. Like a form of PG -- -- union pickle bottom as is a big -- union -- I'm not I'm not. That I'm sure Colin Angle and it almost rollers I mean it's like we have strollers and -- cadillacs for kids for babies and and the -- go crazy election that they'll wait in line for up to two hours just to be the first to get in the doors. Things that your adult parents are concerned about is actually new -- -- recalls and and these are the kinds of things that happened a lot with car seat -- EU. As it reseller these goods protect consumers at the great thing about just between friends is that we have and and -- Only in charge. Recalls and she. -- information out of the franchisees and to the people in charge of pulling items from the sales but before -- -- -- in the public. And earnings came in she works in theory closely with the consumer product safety commission and other safety organizations -- number one concern is making and -- think that things were selling. Are safer it's an Anglican signers as -- -- Right on the side on our website is a recall -- so you can just type in. -- -- -- and it'll bring up anything that has been recalled with that name so. One -- I was just looking honor my coffee maker had been recalled Kelly bring it brings up anything that's that's on the CPSC registries. And in terms of -- I'm sure. For a lot of people in my eleven overwhelming at first to think about being a franchisee. So I'm -- for a lot of people they start out. They -- they sell of the things they make some good money and they're excited about it -- -- could actually be doing this on a larger scale back. What's your advice to people were listening right now. And I about trying to go that -- and just doing a little more becoming the franchisee. I think if -- did with people -- -- well organized and you have a lot instituted this. -- and if you don't give up easily because he'll start off in a little it as a smaller in the smaller venue you know finding the right location. And then getting your closest friends and -- because they will be your biggest cheerleaders. And I feel like we've grown a lot from word of mouth just having an exceptional event with high quality items I am really picky about what comes into the and actually that's key us -- don't want people sifting through Jack we don't want it to feel like a garage -- -- -- -- and they're like oh my goodness I had no idea how organized this would be you know all of the -- -- together all of the door -- -- together. Keep them coming back got next like it doesn't get them on one by having a budget jog but -- want them to come back got an edited and everything's organized by size by gender and it's Vieri. Easy don't you know walking around have a list and get what she needs them and we get all ads for shopping -- on our. You know bring a list of what you're looking for and -- -- -- for people worry -- the F sale dot com JBS yelled out just between friends adding that if they so much for joining us some real value I guess that's the good stuff for now. Anybody who's got a baby check it out.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Just Between Friends helps moms sell and buy baby items on the cheap.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"23083376","title":"Earn Big Bucks From Your Baby's Clutter ","url":"/Business/video/friends-maternity-childrens-bargains-earn-big-bucks-babys-23083376"}