GLAMSQUAD, Gilt Groupe Co-Founder on 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis'

Episode 100: Co-founder of GLAMSQUAD and Gilt Groupe, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson talks building a brand and finding the right mentors on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.
5:21 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for GLAMSQUAD, Gilt Groupe Co-Founder on 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis'
You live want you cannot be focused on what everything looks like on paper. When you made that decision to leave guilt group. To go created new company what was the thinking process behind I had been kept for seven years. I'd never been any company for an outline with so emotionally attached to kill and nineteen Maine and accompanying experience there. And Scott to understand what. Transplant was all about in home care services that you could book through its high quality. Relatively affordable but he got blown out and I am very excited about the contest how did you built that landslide brand in the beginning and what are some of the things that other on for viewers watching this can take with them as they build their own. Creating a brands in the very short period of time is. Is critical not optionally you have to do what of their brands and Fuller. Who are. What are we and whether we now with your company culture and what are elements that you want to keep travelers have for example our vision. Is to be Eric and beauty and fashion we have been Mary clear that we want to service times and women. We have. And democracy tie and a service and really into luxury service that you years ago was deserved after. Who leads the rich and pain and we are. Making this experience except from a how do you maintain the quality control one bad experience from a customer's standpoint means. There are no longer customer plan squat we take 8% Matt Harris to apply and make up artists and even smaller 6% of all the things that you learned the lessons that you are ridiculous group what's the one. The you've taken with you applied the most to plant's life. I think it's very normal for entrepreneurial people to want to be constantly launching an in invading kind of thing what about crowds with about three tanning about officials. You you and you name they want. All lanes in terms of beauty services gunman plans quiet and we are trying that they laser focused on our core business so we have specifically chosen this day for now in three cities New York now in Miami and chosen to focus on three core services can't make up and down how did you find the people that you really trust that you can rely on for advice. I believe the more established and getting in my career the moment I think half. Earlier in my career tying mistakenly had the thought that might mention should all be women and they should all be. Women that I want to be content in the future I started out right out of college investment banking. There weren't that many women at the top but the few that were there and I looked up here and with and say okay I wanna be like her she's. Successful at she has the family she seems happy. And I want I wanna be like her. That didn't mean that that woman with going to be assignments aren't in it. Be the ones looking out for me though it is very different and think to have role models verses mentor Anthony think they're both valuable. You don't necessarily need to know here on my. But you should identify who aren't they may be between. Our. And your managers are people who really have to he there for you to be sounding boards that you can really trust for me I had a lot of different mentors. And gone to a different stages in mind careers so Mindy Grossman for example achieved that the U agent and she's an incredible mentor can also wrong about him there are. Various moments in my career where I have called her encounter had been written and in reference to that particular problem the question. Can you get the invite them. And a than me I'm calling her for all my questions and and if she's in for every. Tough moment in your career that should be different people that you. Should hopefully be able to meet what's been the biggest surprise pre amp. Startups are they're hard they're really hard work and they looked link land grant from the outside and there's this sort of cults of entrepreneurship. And startups are really really hard most startups fail it's hard to get funding. So you have to really. Believe in your business believe in your teen members you know 300 person you're giving your college emotional. It's exhausting. Two partners have moment that there now but there's nothing like a start but it's really. You experienced the highest high and you could possibly imagine exhilarating when things are going well and then when you have a bad moments bad day. We have to have thick skin. And you could be go getter and use you have to believe in your fielding. What's the worst piece that you've received over the course all of these years creating companies your idea and. We're gonna work which I heard from the number of people in the case and killed when I was early in my career I was really focused on the mezzanine out of something and we love you live want. You cannot be focused on what everything looks like on paper.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"Episode 100: Co-founder of GLAMSQUAD and Gilt Groupe, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson talks building a brand and finding the right mentors on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"40954171","title":"GLAMSQUAD, Gilt Groupe Co-Founder on 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis'","url":"/Business/video/glamsquad-gilt-groupe-founder-real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-40954171"}