GM Rolls Out the Electric EV1 Car in 1996

The automaker unveils the car "for people who never want to go to a gas station again."
1:42 | 09/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GM Rolls Out the Electric EV1 Car in 1996
In Los Angeles today General Motors is finally produce an automobile for the public that was developed specifically. To run on electricity ABC's Carol Lin reports in California. The EV one. This was automotive history and Madison avenue -- General Motors chairman Jack Smith dramatically rolled out -- forty EV one. The nation's first mass produced electric car at the Los Angeles auto show it's a -- for people. Who never won. To go to a gas station again but critics suspect this announcement was more show than tell. Given that just two weeks ago the Big Three American auto -- appeal to the California Air Resources Board. To delay mandates to mass produce electric cars by 1998. Consistently they've told us that the vehicles are not ready. And that no market exists for them. The federal Clean Air Act mandates that by 19982%. Of all cars manufactured to be sold in California be electric. That number grows to 10% by 2003. The state pollution regulators say that would reduce air pollution by half. Already the State's largest electric company is setting up charging stations in anticipation. But automakers including GM insist they need more time to develop -- car consumers will buy. GM admits their electric cars battery will only allow a driver to travel seventy to ninety miles before it needs another three hour charge. Given the limitations of electric cars consumers may wonder if they're willing to pay the price for GM's version. More than 30000 dollars about what you'd pay for the average gas powered luxury car. Carol Lin ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":25249903,"title":"GM Rolls Out the Electric EV1 Car in 1996","duration":"1:42","description":"The automaker unveils the car \"for people who never want to go to a gas station again.\"","url":"/Business/video/gm-rolls-out-electric-ev1-car-25249903","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}