How to Make Holiday Cocktails with Vodka?

Prohibition Distillery Founders reveal vodka cocktail recipes and discuss growing market for craft spirits
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for How to Make Holiday Cocktails with Vodka?
John Walsh and Brian -- cape founders of prohibition distillery -- here to talk about the growing market. For small that's -- -- craft spirits and they're also going to -- up some holiday cocktails it's great to have both of you with us welcome. Thank you so we love -- segment at you know 9 o'clock in the morning that allows us to drink holiday -- to spread out the back I think it. You guys have bootleggers vodka here you started the company in what is it September of 2008. -- Yes what's been the most difficult thing about starting of octopus as well over the last. Years five years ago we started this it was a very difficult thing because as -- -- as a craft distillery there were many people doing us when we're we're equivalent to the microbreweries back in 1980. So getting people use to a local product -- international brand that was it one of the biggest challenges we look at how did you. Door to door we John and I want on the back of Margie -- -- back but yeah we had our cars actually drove drove around the city went door to door and just trying to started convince people that there is a better. Products made locally and that was that was one of our biggest challenges and the other was raising capital -- the time and capitalism it's tough. This is 2008 when that credit market had completely dried up no weekly get access to money. Where did you get it -- -- was -- all friends and family. Initially started off with friends and family -- Brian has basically been doing a bang up job going. And raising money going to private investors and and asking members to be -- part of our -- What is the goal with -- our goal is to build something bigger than. And what we're gonna leave behind you look at lasting brands have been around forever Jack Daniels engine means. -- forests are started by small guys years ago and we feel that we can build something over a lifetime we have to our kids or. You know a fifth of -- explodes at 11 point and of course we have to we have to evaluate each opportunity as we see it. -- goes to build something that's uniquely American -- anything New York so it's about a legacy for you not just about the good news but a legacy. Of course it has it goes back to when we first or when I first had a lemonade stand wanted to be much cleaner and getting away from big business and going -- -- and building something. That we were part and that's archery. And how it's still a challenge you mean you -- 2008 being a tough time for raising capital still. Five years after the financial crisis it's still a very difficult time for a small business to get -- Yet we we've we've had our challenges. We would say we had a bank we talked to yesterday and it's funny you think after all this time at all as progress and on track record. You still don't qualify for traditional bank loans. So for us it's been private investors it's been we've had a couple of local -- river ventures out of Hudson Valley invents and food beverage companies. And given us alone. Our induction development association and some -- partnership. So we've gotten some private money in public money that helped us grow -- that time. -- hopefully they're watching now vacancy -- taste test tell me what what you brought because I love that you mentioned the lemonade stand as a kid and now you're mixing. We cannot -- survey of rejected. Well -- brought a couple of things -- we brought to holiday cocktails Korea. One of them is very simple -- a little more complex and start with the we'll -- simple first we're gonna make a traditional. Traditional Tom Collins OK what doesn't to a -- confidence that a lot of love a good idea. And hopefully somebody -- -- however bootleggers say. What we do is we put in a little bit of vodka -- it and this is making two drinks that this would be an out two -- of vodka okay. And -- -- to talk politics yet making two well one time talents and it either arrest before one look at. Thank you sorry about that no problems -- when there's not -- we're gonna do an ounce of Clement -- -- Collins are required to you put in sugar to go and offset that Vernon bike with vodka and -- practice kinda unique in that there is no bite or burned. OK I'm so it's smooth as glass and what I'm doing here is adding a little bit Kelly actually this is -- -- -- -- -- got all these and I legislator can do enough black -- today blacks here you can take things like gambling or marmalade and amusement cocktails that gives you something if you don't have fresh fruit. It is. Necessary circles think. What we'll do -- Good way to highlight -- start accused yet perfect. And and one you. And -- have -- report that will for the general election so just tell us what the second -- is an international mix it up but -- like outlook for the top Collins can I try says yes. In the second drink is something called -- wintry mix OK and it's it's it's got to. -- it's got a couple of different ingredients not gonna make it but we're -- -- do a couple of agreements which are bootleggers that we infused with. Cranberry move -- -- -- had to do for that is just put cranberries -- -- bottle bootleg -- that overnight comes up bright red how we go down fake honey syrup. And we took a little bit a ginger -- court. And some fresh. Little bit of applesauce. Club and we take all those ingredients -- -- -- that and we shake it up and it creates a cocktail was not. To take. Take all the ingredients shake him up and it makes quite a remarkably beautiful soft drink that is -- based -- -- all -- natural thing. And -- so it's very holiday fast. We love it what's next for boot later. We have -- later when one is coming out -- we have whiskey that we have barrels -- staging that comes -- February and were actually have can. That we'll start making next week with hopefully bring that in Solingen. Whiskey and that moonshine and where people buy it well we're looking at in twelve states. -- our website. Which is -- story dot com has some application of our our current locations. But certainly throughout New York City upstate new York -- Long Island and restaurants like -- -- four seasons with the new Marriott that just opened up around the corner -- featuring new -- -- you start to see it. As well as they can -- he's right in this area. Congratulations you guys cheers to a great 2014 had thank you just for the Tom Collins -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":21248633,"title":"How to Make Holiday Cocktails with Vodka?","duration":"3:00","description":"Prohibition Distillery Founders reveal vodka cocktail recipes and discuss growing market for craft spirits ","url":"/Business/video/make-holiday-cocktails-vodka-21248633","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}