Malan Breton Talks Fashion Week

ABC News' Charli James goes backstage to chat with the designer before his NY runway show.
7:24 | 02/11/16

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Transcript for Malan Breton Talks Fashion Week
Oh hey everyone has truly changed that ABC news digital it is Fashion Week happy nationally here in New York we are behind the scenes right now it's among converts on. And he is gay men's Wear women's Wear bridal and accessories and he just told me now underwear designer out. And it's less than an hour before his show arts and we are lucky having him back it's right now. You got less than an hour. How are you feeling right now the for the challenge I don't think that things. I think confidently with a great team with promotions and an amazing people and had to make up. My stylist amazingly popular iTunes concluding that good had depends. Think you are born and timeline and we still a lot of styling influences in your work generally. It would give a statement. Both unions because the lunar new media incorporated EU and India with Gotham to go to things. There's and that's why we have these Susan dimension and element that incorporate. The Colombian unit had an analyst and have them in India tolerance and and oxen. Things. Look and your clients are also known for having lots of Collard not something we always be on the run Lang it's famous this season. New ministry pop. Mixed in with. Element of nighttime because I have I've actually I'm an apartment with proven answering machines. And we are working with the dream machine with them and we're doing without incidents and it Rea. Incorporating some poetry that I Luna and gruden took a fool. Of whom helpful to them that the five. All these different elements that are in that it. In the and then returned. You so and it once incorporate that. We've got the darker elements that there is part of metallic and then you've got these beautiful colors. And drew it is technically connection. That until rules and and and soft. And just so everyone watching at home right now knows and we are also going to be live streaming of the show which starts at 3 o'clock you'll be able to see all of these design and and that he's speaking about walked down the runway very shortly. And ferry I think. Thanks meaningful action and ability to implement them. An and obviously she's actually spoken English with New England. And then we've got to live in. From. And that was his service. We have. Simpson and just in from expects Australia. And we'll have construction. And Evans who we. And the funds at cost and we don't happen. At least Graham. And the promise to that we have. Quite a few other people we've got Louis supermodels and the so as low vehicle like reflect cold rains. Some some people I've worked at the beginning of the victories and get him I think this kind of news the fashion family that believes in credit. Fail. And speaking of celebrities we are in the middle of awards season you have people are celebrities who met me red carpets. Is there anyone who's your favorite to draft for that you're dying to dress. My favorite addressed. Brother are immigrants infected guns and an acquaintance friends and Frankie get and and the and that actually a salute him in this that I loved them. I loved working with like me. Yeah it was harmony. That it is a Washington. Scottish and you. And give them because. Coming from humans who have that I came from ten minutes and then Anson and ambassadors and influencing all the clothes pulled the chains on it you'll close to the growth on the so as well he's cool that that name from my sitting back. And sort of caught. Have loved ones who. Finds from the old school activities. And especially in my declines. Across. I want you not your wonderful accents. The actions will my mom's English yeah and my father and his friends. Did you show what sex kind of unique about your show you show women's Wear and men's Wear at the same time and mixed together. Why do you prefer to do that. What I think that people and in many walks of life. Pickering who wound. You know when you grow through friends everyone tries and have a little bit of a look together something. And I want to kind of think parents and that we to have them brought them in the chart and some group Melamine in the Charlotte and it. And I just what the two diamonds Motorola Verizon. Don't think you're thinking of them might might mean is like I enough incorporated C because. I create this beautiful suiting them but institute for women's club because I think women and women and it's an additional women love lemons PCs. And I think that. It's great credit for this opens up there. You know and it gives him a incident in a room of men. And possibly an accused is exciting I think in each student loan officer of women's let it end here. We'll just look at and then it's one of those stresses that it's a completely you know anything so it them it I because I come from the event. And when the -- it with him to the partnering with men and women together it's kinds it either. The India. And are there are matching elements are met Lemmon noted that carries on accident this South Korea Japan they love to Wear matching amends and I doubt as any of that. This unit in the because I've had submitted requests from my men's collection for women. They'll actually incorporated some elements of it since the women's us and he. And we've some beautiful silhouettes and we've been doing that. The kind of crossover and the market. Perfect pass in time for Valentine's if you'd like some maps with your sweetheart. Thank you so much for taking the time to do to beat and I know it's got to be a little. Heart racing right accounts right before this out it's like. Like presenting your child's around every time there it is much less questioned how much do you have today and also like hair and makeup look. You know what I designed the compete in the and the legal from the book by bringing different teams O'Hara may come. Since you. Commits to create the elements it's kind of finalizing what my inspiration it's and we know we have like. I have amazing team him. Just a semester who have questions on assurances. Technical strategist at U. Major magazines celebrities have been on and millions have. Two hands and friends and com who work with some of the celebrities so and his people I've worked with many many talented. And it's masses that they everyone understands that passion and brings it all. Thank you so much and congratulations and so looking forward to seeing that does I am against US us. You can watch the shallow lives here on ABC news that sent. A partnership that we have a passion week online in the Sierra so I can't wait to see it thank you so much thank you for having me so.

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{"id":36876574,"title":"Malan Breton Talks Fashion Week","duration":"7:24","description":"ABC News' Charli James goes backstage to chat with the designer before his NY runway show.","url":"/Business/video/malan-breton-talks-fashion-week-36876574","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}