Look Like a Million Bucks Without The Price Tag

Everlane clothing brand creates luxury looks for less
4:23 | 09/02/14

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Transcript for Look Like a Million Bucks Without The Price Tag
If you're looking for a steel instead of a splurge this season you don't have to despair because we have something. For -- -- -- real it is my next guest mission is to make a luxury clothes for last so that we can all feel. And look. Like a million bucks that at that price tech I want to welcome Michael -- -- he is 29 years old. Ditched his job at a private equity firm. To create ever -- a low cost luxury quality brand and it is so nice to finally speak with you here on -- -- Michael I've been following your story for a couple of years now and it's. Just blowing up you're getting bigger and bigger every day. Yes thank you are -- -- Adobe air you'll start this thing just yesterday. But it's. It's turning to get it. Is starting to get bacon for anyone who reads in style. Be the magazine is filled with -- -- mentions like see -- always in the looks when they're going through that different ways -- Put together a look at Bay Area using a lot of -- -- how big of a deal has -- and to get your business in a magazine like that. It's -- -- -- -- we did that really didn't need shrug and a finding that. Great design but also adequate so we've been really -- -- a lot of magazines they finally found -- you can get -- equality but at a much -- -- whole philosophy is that going into this sources -- many of the top brands in the world are using. Having your items made there but not coming with the label that so many of these brands used to mark up. Their prices how are you keeping prices so well. Well it turns out that the industry has just been loaded over the past. I would say. It eighty years where you've been constantly tell you that that is also or -- so many different people Europe marked down. And we sort of looked at it and then why don't we go to those same places that where they produce but instead of having all these components -- -- only online. And we don't have sales we don't. Any of the retail physical component and so were able to mark our days under -- US instead of the traditional 68 easy retailer. -- so it's two times and extensive if -- customer it's it's two times as much to purchase as it is for you to create it whereas a lot of these brands. It's 810 in some cases it's even twelve times as expensive. When you buy in the store as it is for them to create -- Absolutely and we've seen a horse race when he earns and what we do now we share every single piece of the -- and the architect with -- because we want them to understand. Here's what a seizure here is what -- -- -- and -- you what are they are. And people are just eating -- -- bailout. They love and they loved transparency -- -- that on your website on Everett -- dot com if people go there. You you can literally see whether you're buying a sweater. You're buying a T shirt. You're buying a handbag your buying a briefcase and you know what factory came from and what it cost to create and what you have to pay ultimately to -- it. Absolutely and we -- on the back. Rappers are there's been huge because a lot of people have no idea where these army and especially when things are trying to plaza happening over a year ago. People are looking consumers are looking to -- where -- crap out of me me -- And so we going to every background document the whole process share those photos with our. And we have multiple items here on sat -- and -- both men and women. What would you say this fall is -- must have fashion item. This all -- -- we're you know when we enter any category we think they're expanding -- -- right act or a charter that that. During this can be found this beautiful -- Italy's. And we're coming out with a woman she is that everyone is really excited about it sort of -- and it comes in Burgundy. Eight. When they have -- status about your website is these these baiting big top sellers. Are frequently selling out and you're telling the customer -- by the way will be -- stocking more of that very soon so. Clearly it's a strategy that's working. And you mention those issues are they available right now on the site. We'll be you know 11. In front month on that site will thank you so much we really appreciate it the company is Everly and I sure you're gonna see more of -- and in style magazine and all across the fashion industry it's so nice to speak with you finally Michael -- congratulations. -- --

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{"id":25216818,"title":"Look Like a Million Bucks Without The Price Tag","duration":"4:23","description":"Everlane clothing brand creates luxury looks for less","url":"/Business/video/million-bucks-price-tag-25216818","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}