Mini-Maya's Tacos On the Grill at U.S. Open. Yum!

Chef Richard Sandoval talks U.S. Open & how booming food trucks trend impacts stationary restaurants.
4:49 | 08/29/14

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Transcript for Mini-Maya's Tacos On the Grill at U.S. Open. Yum!
Well 35 million Americans are about to hit the road this Labor Day weekend and you're gonna find hundreds of thousands of them. At least the tennis fans among us getting in on the US open action is an event that is bigger and more -- -- -- the World Series even the Super Bowl. And with all eyes on fan favorites like Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer ever wants to know let's take it home that Tiffany company trip trophy this year. We'll last year Raphael Nadal took home the three million dollar prize but you're not gonna see -- at the US open this year. Because of an injury. My favorite part of the competition however is taking place -- the court it is the food frenzy I went behind the scenes. With night lining got a taste of all the delicious creations prepared by chefs. Like David Burke. -- motel the Iron Chef. And our next guest one of my favorite chef and -- -- Richard -- -- he is open forty restaurants around the world. And used to be it tennis players so it's perfect to have him here with us is so nice to see -- thank you and you brought tacos always a -- Heard of mine can't go wrong with heart -- -- -- -- the -- -- it would take to actually container which we -- rip my -- serving at the US opens its and that's taste of -- no we do here but -- you know for the gas and this is your first -- at the USO and yes it's called me -- -- for anyone who's heading -- the US open you -- to me my expertise -- Richard stand -- well exactly. How big of a deal is -- to be at a place like the US open. For it was amazing accusation and I love tennis that was my first -- kind of came full circle for me and I've been -- as a player. And -- there's a -- it's an amazing opportunity. You have an incredible story started out in Mexico City you're now bringing those waivers to the world's right through your restaurants. How did you get your start in -- how did you make that first step as a businessman. You know I grew up for on the rest on this with my father and -- -- -- was a restaurant -- not a shaft. So -- really learn the business side from him and then when I came to new York and after graduating from the CIA. I'm moved here 1718. Years aggressor with a really small restaurant on the upper west side no -- -- -- new space because there was nobody. So you know it's very hard to have finally got -- -- -- upper west side. You know after that it was just another domino effect kind of you just know build from that. You learn it probably from some mistakes well what would you say was the biggest mistake you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was just understanding how the press you know. When S -- -- Mexican food -- -- -- Mexican has very you know fast casual very heavy so was challenging for me. To convince them that I was doing an upscale Mexican restaurant. And you actually charged fifty dollars you know not necessarily what you know -- -- Margarito of so to explain to that and I was I was using the same ingredients that the best French Italians. -- -- -- lunch I was username at a sensitive time owners -- -- Have truffles soldiers and we'd -- courtship so I think once understood and kind of compare apples twelve holes that made sense to them. So once we got on board -- we figured things -- exact always getting your world. But when you look at the environment these days. Starting restaurants a lot of people are going the food -- crap. Right -- -- -- that if if you're getting your start today you you have all of that -- acknowledge right would you go that route. Absolutely and I think this -- two things sort of I think its grapes and it gives chefs an opportunity. We have to start a restaurant it without having that huge expansion of to a -- million dollars to open a restaurant and it gives -- of these young chefs company coming. Two starting in an -- in the small food truck and then move on to larger bigger things. I mean do I think I might -- a little uncomfortable with his you know they pull up to all the restaurants. And Yasser -- tours and are paying always -- attacks and everything just pull up next to you and -- starts going -- so I think it's a double its sword in hand but for the -- I think it's it's a very great. -- -- opportunity for younger generation studios get started in the restaurant business. It isn't but it is it's an interesting conversation because you bring up the point. One of the reasons that the restaurant industry has been apprehensive about food trucks is that. You mentioned that rents are high it's expensive to have one location if you're in that location in trying to survive and somebody pulls up out front. It is harder to -- and it's been -- -- To open a restaurant called -- -- -- in front of a part. The loss on a seminary food -- a pull up in the park and its people -- -- in your standing here you know with a four million dollar investments ago hope. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well it's fantastic to have you with us so much fun hanging with you -- you US open best wishes you've got. You still have many days ahead and anybody who wants to hit it up it's called many -- -- out at the US open and fantastic to have you with us -- and -- thanks for having his best wishes that everything will be eating that --

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{"id":25177092,"title":"Mini-Maya's Tacos On the Grill at U.S. Open. Yum! ","duration":"4:49","description":"Chef Richard Sandoval talks U.S. Open & how booming food trucks trend impacts stationary restaurants.","url":"/Business/video/mini-mayas-tacos-grill-us-open-yum-25177092","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}