Neiman Marcus sells $1,425 torn sneakers

Those $425 denim jeans with fake caked-on mud are so last month.
1:08 | 05/08/17

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Transcript for Neiman Marcus sells $1,425 torn sneakers
And retailers seem to be trying to one up each other when it comes to selling distressed clothing gave me were call two weeks ago we told you about the muddy jeans on sale in Nordstrom's. More than 400 bucks. While the pants with a fake dirt stains are going as you mentioned as an image of more than 400 dollars well not even Marcus is upping the ante with what it's calling future destroyed a high top sneakers. It kicks come complete with giant holes stairs scratches and they can be yours. For the bargain price of 14125. Dollars. That's off. So the sneaker is. Also have staples and that although in that case but no they're not dirty alone. You have to provide your own and scuff marks but do they reached. That's what you know he had come with that they have to have that these are so now I'll leave the one for got out in the rain he had ice king you can never quite added up. Then that led early that an increase thank you haven't you choose the rank got his cap on the you're rabbit Pavel. Even though a little bit below last thing although for 12100 make a real out yet. They started out as Jimmy Q. It just got to get on get shared their finger at their Frankie chair now yet.

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{"id":47271288,"title":"Neiman Marcus sells $1,425 torn sneakers","duration":"1:08","description":"Those $425 denim jeans with fake caked-on mud are so last month.","url":"/Business/video/neiman-marcus-sells-1425-torn-sneakers-47271288","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}