NYSE Exec Explains Twitter's IPO Process

New York Stock Exchange will be live-tweeting day one of TWTR trading.
2:28 | 11/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NYSE Exec Explains Twitter's IPO Process
Anti Hernandez of an ABC news digital special report -- you've been hearing the chatter at the water -- are reading it in the headlines. Twitter is going to be trading on the market for the first time in history tomorrow but. What is an initial public offering or IPO actually need and how does it work. -- -- -- chief business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis went to the New York Stock Exchange to break it all down. I am Rebecca Jarvis that I -- went acts -- Scott. Isn't that Rebecca Jarvis -- -- Arlington and we have a policy which we -- isn't actually going to be treating as a public company you've been working. On all of the behind the scenes stuff to make sure that -- one. Goes smoothly it's TW TR that's the ticker symbol correct where it TW TR gonna trade on these boards. This is actually going to be the palace where the stock will open for the first time in its history -- -- apparently it went up and we'll be right here -- this particular spot will be literally filled with hundreds. People's Twitter entering the -- now we will be. Opening the market here in New York this is going to be the most visible events in the capital markets for the year are you -- didn't. We are media will be here live and the market will literally be able to see what's happening in -- process and that's really the goal here. -- to give everybody the opportunity to see actually what happens in an idea of working people all of the New York Stock Exchange live -- for the -- at NYSE Euronext we're going to be tweeting out exactly what's happening with the present indications. So you want -- -- in on day one. -- outside of the New York Stock Exchange here on your computer and home you've got -- -- -- county here's treating count. And put in the order and then they contact you right here on this -- -- -- the steps of the one street happening and -- it goes on this trading floor. If you -- retail investor. You own an account at a broker dealer each -- she -- you choose your whenever Robert Burns if you're buying into the -- you can say I'm gonna -- -- the market. Or I could be a buyer at certain price levels there's that different order types. That -- goes through that broker and that broker has the opportunity to send that particular order to an exchange. Here since we're operating the -- -- right here TW TRD one. And you'll be last week. That was ABC's Rebecca Jarvis reported I'll -- right here tomorrow morning with all -- live coverage of twitters IPOs -- two NN at 9:30 eastern anti Hernandez in the New York.

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{"id":20808655,"title":"NYSE Exec Explains Twitter's IPO Process","duration":"2:28","description":"New York Stock Exchange will be live-tweeting day one of TWTR trading.","url":"/Business/video/nyse-exec-explains-twitters-ipo-process-20808655","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}