Office-themed workouts with fitness guru Mark Langowski

The fitness guru behind 'Body By Mark' sits down with Rebecca Jarvis to talk about how even busy professionals can work out while they're working in.
21:04 | 04/06/17

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Transcript for Office-themed workouts with fitness guru Mark Langowski
Hi guys hi everybody who's following a lot with us an ABC news lines I'd ever when following a lot FaceBook. Hi everyone I'd marks instant Rampage. I'm Rebecca Jarvis I'm coming live from my office or real is lie and I am here with that great as somebody who a lot of people. On social party now. Merkley ASCII. Body by mark sweat can't millionaire yes yes and and framing has been following on there's been some big construction going on outside of my office so if you can hear it. Now in the comments I would love to know that we're all in this together and you've been here to view that we great but mark. I'm really excited to have you and satellite loved issues they can do those and Kanye West. He had these these are easy as last season. You know even though it's raining and Norman O Wareham in the Raymond that it went from my cards like running inside here so noses him on the way like. Yes yes it's. It is very glamorous Cooper a smelly Hoover right into the the building. Why is acting for multiple reasons first of all everybody knows you ever organized in Jersey at Good Morning America we see car. Working out he all the time on is to grant. And obviously she's in tremendous shape yet. But I also what it's actually about building a business or gonna get so that Q and were also gonna get to questions that you guys caps that if you have questions. Let us know Taylor done. And any air in the background they're checking for your questions in the shadow that we get up but let's start with the idea of just fitness and general. When you are not for Norton. A and eight bed and I've been in this place that I basically in this place now you're so busy you have dreams and goals. Fitness goes on the back burner. Yes yes you know. Most people don't prioritize like it should be. You know they've they say that okay of their work comes verse there and what comes first hand. They ignore it in and they oftentimes it's a they're not performing at work. On the other relationships of her all these things where they go to first you know. Tackled their fitness and proper nutrition all those other things would have been improved. And so you know people really do put in the wrong orders bars priorities so. I really try and tell people that you know the way they can be successful is by. Released being organized and planned mean when you're gonna work out of its with a trainer you know I I don't work with us a trainer myself I train myself and so. I've got in my calendar today that I'm doing the work out after this hour's airport path well in that lets the other missions you're right that's a misconception people have is that you have to spend you know seven dollars a week if not more in the gym and to be honest. I really only work two maybe three times a week tops out yes yes it three times that we yes so what do. That's how you get past first of all diet and nutrition and that's that's something else of the people don't put. Enough importance on in regards the whole fitness game is that. You know they think that they can just work out to varsity whatever they want and that's not the case and because I really don't have a lot of time to work out. Make sure my diet is clean 99% of the time let's clean. Nothing process. I'll fresh off fresh food you know nothing in a box you know it's coming from his store it package it's been you know process and knowing times over. Mostly good for you went and chips. Just ahead shake shack the other day I will admit its mistakes Jack because. You know once in awhile you do need to treat yourself and I was discrete units ordered it and fifty dollars later in my house. And you know thought I do have it wants a lot of I don't deprive myself these things but 99% of the time I mean clean. And so for people out there who want to eat clean who made her aunt Norris or they definitely air trying to juggle that career and family. What's the waiting do it so that you are not working around the clock trying to figure out what you eat for next. Right yeah it just takes a little bit a planning mostly that comes on Sunday. Oh on Sunday afternoon or Sunday morning when most would do their shopping for the week. And just sit down and looking a week and say okay coming ills that I really need to plan in my give me packing my lunch. I'm and that the pound is on annoys all. You know here it. So really sit down and look at your week and say okay I know that I need to bring my lunch every day for work and so when you go to the store buying a food come home make it so that it's all prepared because it's unsightly rippled for the full week because oftentimes if you wait until the morning now. You're gonna be racing gotta get the kids how is he you wake up late for work. Unity rally the night before whatever it is you're gonna find a reason not to do it so you do that on Sunday when you do a little bit more time. Then you gonna be prepared for the week we can just walk up the door grab it and boom. When it comes to you. Starting pat because a lot of the people that you work but they appear at least to be people who are products that are constantly working at least what that you that I mean I would never let you post a picture like bad enemy. Because it just went happen. But let. But for people who were just getting. Back Q fitness what do you recommend they do you as the introductions he got the food and your planning and dare ya but on the physical fitness I don't think it's. Well. Are you guys. Other physical fitness that it things what you missed. You know start out slow. Because you know most people what they do is date yet we'll dive into you know extreme fitness class and they're they're working out alongside twenty other people animals like we've been doing it. All their life or for the last ten years. For it. Is it exactly so it's start out slow and listen to your body that that's the biggest thing and so that might mean just walking in. Around the block or walking to work instead of taking taxi or just doing things like to get basic endurance built up and then once you've got. You know doing a lot of body weight exercises on my hope nationally and here a little bit late and you know but a lot of stuff you can do it means literally in this amount is based you don't need a fancy gym and that that's the other misconception people have is that. They have to spend all this money and these fancy gyms and you know that they have to get a trainer and even though give your trainer helps and that's my business is built on his you know personal. You know in home fitness is it really you can do it on your wrong you know there's a lot of you know apps out there and there's a lot of free information on YouTube or. We'll get millions to Graham and unity getting ideas so. You know start there listen to your body and just basically progress each week. What's the hardest where. Artists were swimming. Yeah it's quiet if you use in every muscle in the body. And so you know when you do it right. Swimming is definitely the hardest thing in the summertime I do swim workouts with a lot of my client's words not his doing laps back and forth but. You know have you ever tread water in the deep and without your hands. Well exactly how to Nextel Nextel article did in the deep red heavy hand the water. You know you do it and they connect ticket elect's hard enough himself there's there's a million things I do in the pool with clients that they really like a lot so that's definitely the hardest thing. All. I want to know from people out there if you if you don't have a question. You can let us know if you like to see mark work out in my office I think equity. A little bit on the business side because there are so many people now allow fitness and and athletics and just thinking about well this has become so much more heart the conversation. And social media has done a lot from baton. How did you you started on this like fourteen years ago and from. Janesville Wisconsin. Yeah yes and no so it I grew up in Janesville. And then I business I guess I studied business and was actually golfer was actually up a pro well yes and so. That's all I meted out to the East Coast is I was teaching golf at a country club up in Connecticut. And that didn't go as is I'd thought it was gonna go it just wasn't creative enough for me it was entrepreneurial enough for me. So I got out of that in and that's when I started again about fourteen years ago working and equinox. As a trainer there and was only there for a few years and then brands I'm my own to start but about marking basically going to people's homes. Because you know in this area lot of people have GMs in their buildings are in their homes and so I said well why not bring. Now. So low would you recommend for in the other entrepreneurs out there that are trying to you build a platform like the one that you now have it mean you've got fourteen years of doing it. Right. I would say you know trying find specialty has something to set yourself apart. You know when I when I initially got into it to fitness I was kind of looked at as the gulf trainer because in my golf background and you know I didn't as they wanna be pigeonholed as just a golf trainer. I actually a lot of he'll become very successful you know buy into zeroing in on one. Needs the industry and you know really going after that's I would say that would be the number one way that you can really differentiate yourself. In this very cluttered industry. And now you've got sweat and millionaires yes well that's your new brand that's right which OK so I open this now yes yes please do. He brought me a present guys and I told him I'd wait to do the the un boxing yes until the actual statement. And then. Cost now. What I read the cards of one of the counties. Peace. Yet CEO it's somewhat of a kind yup I'm Robert Taylor's well this is real and yet I love my grandparents. Okay. Our. Company is that we should you be trading. Right with it typically Wear it with. Most clients they say doing every other day some type resistance training in his typically three days a week there and then. Two to three days doing something for cardiovascular and that doesn't have to be long it doesn't have to be an hourlong commute thirty minutes. And then taking one attitude is off we are doing nothing. I'm actuary to know the bit less than I recommend other clients. But usually what I what I do work out I'm working over two hours like I'm and when I get in that one I'd have to work out they have it's easy for two hours. Obvious that I make up for little bit so ought to be doing something that's silly every single day and definitely don't do the same thing every single day because your muscles need time to recover. And repair that through the mistake people make is that. They they they do pushups every single day and they don't see themselves get stronger all of the body needs recover and so those muscles need at least point four hours if not more to repair. So you're doing the same class. If you did the same class every other day without okay urging you not do. Every other day it's fine you know but even that unity got a mix it up any of the challenge of bodies so if you get in the rut of doing the same class. Over and over and really you know mastery net and not get any. If it's like any harder for you you should look at the next level class or look at a different classes when classes any class something. Okay guys what millionaire a moment for cities like yet they like news. I already like it okay. Oh my I love it excellent values is it is custom distress I love it is stressing yup this is so in the knees if it is it is. It's so cool yet I now I want this I want that it up a picture of myself working out. Maybe I never got any photos or videos of you working out. Why my. Are you you like your engineering goods. You don't post the videos. It could inspire you well yeah. About that someday maybe you'll see a squat and I'll definitely witness yet that's good and Mintz yeah I'll take the picture I. That thing looks the hardest hit me when I see they're doing it on your your degree is that thing with the ropes where Italy yes. So that I mean that's hard. It it is most people about that's their least favorite thing that we do you. Yes at. Because it's not working just just you're welcome it's not working just your arms it's working your legs it's working your chords elevating your heart rate that's. Next the swimming that's honestly one of the best tools likely it's because they make him a different weights as well so even if you're not that strong you can have a lot lighter rope. But it's it's really hard if you watch the faces of my clients when they're doing users. Always great I don't know how to they they all are fantastic so. If I'm sitting at my desk right now I'm sure there people watching. That right now yup. Com what I Q how could I do it exercise like right now. Excellent question will that that the first thing you can do which if you're in an office space where there's other people they can see union only wanna look like you're working up. So one of the person you can don't just have your feet shoulder width apart yet and have it be where you're about to stand up some Indo. His stand is ill just work to do so we're only going to be hovering failure hovering near you and he's just a little bit and then you're still holed vessel looks like your writing something down. Desperate type because other people or -- really think you're doing anything. Here's gonna hold your trip to fester exactly I like sort of earn a little bit. A case he'll hold us and hold as long as you can and it might be fifteen seconds maybe thirty seconds and then simply. Go back down but your legs rest a little bit okay and they come up again you can do that throughout the day so that's one thing. That they're up today for the more I mean. You probably for your heart rate be a little bit now you can legs virility so if you do that a dozen times throughout the day it's a very good work on her lower body and if there are no other people in the office and have an office like this. Even just doing like normal squads like this where you come down. You but touches the college you chair whatever may be. Doing 356. That's of those 1015 reps each time. It's a great lower body work out. Now for the upper body push ups. Yes it on the floor yet what they're like against the wall it it really it really depends levels so if you're really not strong and all he can start by going into a wall. And another way you and that's and that's I know they clearly look familiar another need to be no new accounts like this you know you're just going in. So I guess slight incline you can -- on the ground you can do on your knees and there's a lot of ways to do elements is really depends on year. Kapler. Just. I would say anymore it's what's had to make it cheaper or wait maybe you know and made good about I steal alcoholic there may. About alcohol this it seems like you guys partied here a little bit. Little bit much which is good which you need to let loose. Yeah that we we we enjoy ourselves especially with Catholic you mark so. So OK so those are some really content bring people and dozen people can do when you're an air yes. What do you edit. Well number one day on an airplane is what you're eating. So again I think he's been go to going back to what I was saying regards its all diet. If you've got an airplane especially if it's six hour flight Los Angeles and if you haven't brought the proper food with you. You're kinda screwed so you travel with definitely. And as well. Yes. Yes katic kinda he usually you have to get it after you go through that yesterday but I I'm going on a trip this this week on the Los Angeles and leave it on Sunday. I'm already starting to think what can I bring on the plane for that long flight. It's all reeks issue with me I'll bring you know. Omens with me over had a mommy help bring some fruit with me because six hours and never share with us now Matt and normally. I think it's the next hour. Oh great. And oh. Why I question is how does scaled that they pictured here in how to scale your business that's great great question. I would say finding the right partners. You know it's it's a hook up with and so. You know if you're specializing. In you know let's say senior citizens you know go go to the senior citizen nursing homes that that are in the area and partner without all the sudden if you've got five nursing homes in the area you know you've now got you know potentially hundreds of clients. If you're just sitting at home waiting for the customers to come to you or. The outsourcing media waiting for the elderly become ill look at your answer it's not gonna help I don't know. Exactly that's the thing is I yachts also to know your audience you know where they're at and so here. Targeting college kids you better be out snaps you better be on into Graham you know FaceBook you know you might be targeted slightly older demographic. On so you know really can and know your audience and you know. Partner with people that are bigger than yield you know people that authority have done what you're trying to do but maybe in a slightly different areas that you can help them as much as they can help you. How would you recommend it reaching out to you those early this I would say. Constant emails and constant calling you know I can't you can't give up you know Carolina outlet largest not eat right and and in the thing that I say you know especially her early on is that if they said no to me. I didn't quite explain myself well enough. Because. I I assume and I'm gonna make sure that they always eventually say yes to me so they see no. They don't really understand what I was saying them you know because I'm not gonna waste their time just like I want them to waste my time so I just need to explain myself better and normally when you do that. They'll come around if you're asking them something. Somewhat reasonable. It's it's interesting it's an act hot yet boats around the founder of church box okay. Seven very similar thing to me she when she started her company she let you all these executives in the lurch box of the company at the subscription you know companies they felt very successful base. Make up skin care products. And she originally went all these cosmetics industry insiders and asked them about her idea is that you know we just don't think it's gonna work and she said in that moment I just thought. I haven't explained myself right at it we're gonna get to a point and yes about rightly. Right that's that's the number one thing is is he you have to know how to position what you're sane. So that they they understand it fully and makes it for sale right right it's it's not a one way eroding in business you know that that's that the person yet to do when you're looking to reach out to someone is say okay. What are they gonna be benefiting from this conversation from this partnership because. If it's just one way you battery bring in money that table or something that is gonna make someone do that it would deal. Absolutely cellmark where can people find you on social media where it can be a fine line. Does social media in mr. Graham is at body by mark and Michael Levine it's bad sweat can't millionaire. In an online it's but about mark dot com and sweat pants Heitmann millionaire dot com. That's quite yet I think we've got or questions. It. I like that she left you know if you're if you're quick on your. Feet and if you basically prepared you know though of those responses. I would say you know quick immediately trying go to one of those. Pick your spots that you have but. If you kind of stumbled a little bit it's all right to and the conversation now you don't think about a little bit more and then maybe do a follow up email you know don't seem. Desperate. But also don't seem like you giving up so again you just may need to take a day or take a couple days. Rethink exactly what your strategy is in the partnership for what you're trying to accomplish in and reach back out to them again. And again it's it's all about persistent. I find it that if you respond to somebody who says now whether it's in person or. Over email and I really appreciate the response thank you so much I'd love to follow up with you again in a few months right blaze how to set the table for. Exactly they've never burned any bridges and then that that's the other thing a lot of entrepreneurs early on don't realize is that. When a small world it is especially in there are small industry. And so we when they do here know from someone you know as they might lash out at them they might you know tell them off and he never wanted to do that because. You really never know wit when they're gonna come across you know your way again. Yet it. Pat and cropping like. Exactly well it really really great conversation yes part thank you for joining me you grabbed 08 Q4. That's what millionaire I will Wear this proudly better. If anybody comes into my office needs. That Everett had threatened Evernote it was put dibs on the putting up plenty of room I really appreciate it have a great day thank you thanks so much guys for all the great questions thanks everyone has been following along. Mark Spence Graham and thanks Aaron has been on line at ABC will be back with more soon and either way in check at the latest no limits episode. We've got posted an iTunes on the ABC news website at least post links to it here on FaceBook audience to grant as well apartment rates.

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{"duration":"21:04","description":"The fitness guru behind 'Body By Mark' sits down with Rebecca Jarvis to talk about how even busy professionals can work out while they're working in.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"46627834","title":"Office-themed workouts with fitness guru Mark Langowski","url":"/Business/video/office-themed-workouts-fitness-guru-mark-langowski-46627834"}