Packit: The Must Have Lunchbox For Your Kids

From bankrupt to business woman, find out how one single mom turned her kids complaining into one of the fastest growing companies in America
9:23 | 08/26/14

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Transcript for Packit: The Must Have Lunchbox For Your Kids
Well parents out there this might sound crazy EU but when your children are whining it is not always the bad thing. For one single mom she heard opportunity when her kids complained about luncheon she transformed her life. Going from bankruptcy to building a multi million dollar company ballistic healing is the founder and CEO -- she's just one of many incredible American entrepreneur or is. They are featured in ink magazines 500 fastest growing small businesses in America and we're gonna get to her million dollar idea in a moment but first. -- -- bring -- an old friend of real -- -- -- urge you as president and -- chief of ink magazine it's a nice to have you with thanks for having me back -- and we're thrilled you're here to share the west with us I want to understand how you even went about choosing these businesses because there's so many of. -- well they plot -- and it's all done strictly by the numbers it's all about revenue growth over the past three years if you have really high revenue growth. -- -- -- You're in the list but it's really competitive to be the number 500 company like the bottom of the top 10% of our 5000 that we cover. You had to grow revenues and full. Tenfold tenfold for the past three that is substantial but in addition to that very fast revenue growth what did you see as commonalities across the board. Well you know I would say that was really amazing was the diversity and -- in the top five companies we have. Retail companies tech companies real estate companies. That different -- that companies take to get on to the ink 500 -- 5000 is. This company makes you feel good about American entrepreneurship. There are lots of ways to succeed and America and that's really great -- for one of the things that may -- that real bits of that is separate companies we've actually had here on our show. Major test for example -- was one of those -- it was number one on the history and -- probably could -- -- -- real prescient Sonja part Rebecca at the amazing thing is it's. One of only two companies in the past 33 years all the time we've been doing this list that repeated in the number one -- Its growth was modest 1159000%. Over the past three years the thing about -- who their main product is. Tablet computers from kids. And they have kids software on and everything but with -- real genius is the way they line -- so. You buy different computers depending on your kids age you buy backpacks would you buy little alphabet so they can personalize. And that kind of really clever thing about the alphabet is that there -- 26 characters -- -- that it costs you 29 dollars if you daughter's name is Isabella. That's a ninety dollar purchase to get all -- three -- I really good point and you also -- the point -- this is so important for businesses that want a -- They create their initial product and then -- brand chopped off of that product it's the entry to -- the product line. It gets the consumer -- and then you can sell them on accessories and multiple other things and once they become comfortable with that brands. You can really branch that is one -- the two who proves in space says some real business focused company for people who are watching and thinking I wanna be that next. Small business that makes your list. Where there any categories where you saw a limited number of entrants are areas that you saw in the list that are right for new comers. Answer a question a different way. We surveyed the top 500 CEOs. We compared them against the general population. On what is already known among sort of. Executive personality tests as. Strengths find Apple's -- society of of a familiar tasks for evaluating. Executives. When we compared the successful ink -- hundred entrepreneurs against ordinary -- -- against a general population we -- really stood out. In a couple of different categories the first was not surprisingly. Determination. Second willingness to take risk and finally business focus to -- absolutely driven by the numbers. And driven to make things better from quarter to quarter year -- year. Speaking of driven we have someone here with us -- major -- the founder of packet tell us what kite you're right about -- Kate is an amazing story. -- think -- easy -- is how big realistic feeling she's right here. What we loved about Melissa -- is that it is it captures kind of entrepreneurship at its best. A mom who was kind of became and entrepreneur out of necessity. Really no business experience to speak -- certainly not as a CEO -- she comes up with a product based out of a real life need in her own family. And has the guts and the smarts to turn it into -- -- -- million dollar business and here she is Melissa I would insulate the company is called -- -- you've brought some examples along. So we we -- this story -- your kids are screaming they're not happy about their lunch you say there has to be a better way. -- -- you know after. Over a decade of packing lunches for my kids my three case. And struggling with having -- whole process -- from the pantry because that's the only thing that would keep cool in a fraction. Average lunch bag. I thought there had to be a better way just started doing research looking online and -- really wasn't anything else out there -- mean. We've known coolers to be called coolers for years. And they've never actually -- -- anything so our concept is. A complete -- -- to that category how people think about keeping food cold. It's an integrated solution that gels actually built right into the walls of our bag and youthful but not and you leave them stored in your freezer. -- indefinitely they need a good overnight to freeze to -- -- that you just thrown annually mainly pulling out. The walls of the fact are actually completely frozen. And they keep food and drinks cold for up to ten hours and there attract. If you -- consider this right when you're building that. Per share how did you go about because this is not the kind of thing you can wake up and say well okay I think -- just gonna build one of these packet reasonable. Bags for people to keep their luncheon you have to actually go out find scientists you have to Latin find suppliers and how did you go about doing that -- You know I hit the. Internet for a lot of my eraser started researching it researching different shells of course had to be nontoxic and completely. Since days. It was as simple as cutting down my shower curtain in the bathroom laying -- out across the dining room table. Kind of making making a little map I -- it altogether or took -- to the dry cleaner. And asked her to sat together she said we don't -- bags and hit and I begged and pleaded and she didn't stick together the first credit expressed. And then I had the trade show circuit and started you know that's and -- great barrier to entry because not only do you get in front of your consumers but buyers are walking by and you get the chance to -- actually see and -- -- touching experience your product. Which was amazing for us because when you feeling you get that off on them and you understand how it's so unique and different from any other product on the -- That I see something that determination exactly determination and and I think for so many people a lot of people would say well. I don't know I mean they wouldn't necessarily thinking -- there. They're back they're something they would -- -- their bathroom to build the prototype. Is what's your advice to somebody who is looking at a problem maybe it's having their children brought up with them and they're thinking there's got to be a better way. What's the number one thing they should be thinking about. Think it's just taking that first stat. It's connecting with great people. And networking and learning how to take that first step if you look at your to do list. -- -- every day when you wake up in the morning. It's bound to paralyze you with the -- but if you can just slowly start checking things off -- last. And just keep cutting your next forward. How did you find people in the beginning that you could trust with the manufacturing of this. You know when we first got started their agencies out -- sourcing agencies that do just that they're there they have feet on the ground and in countries that you may want to explore production. And we used to sourcing agency and that's now we've brought -- all in house and we manage that with the team internally. But that's a great way for people who are starting. Take it to get to get a product made in try to get that first Ryan completed. -- really inspiring story Melissa pack. It is the company you can find it. -- other major retailers target Bed, Bath & Beyond the Container Store whole foods some back to school options for everyone out there in -- Herbert as always we appreciate check out ink. The list is out on shelves now. That's right it's great to see -- you -- you -- best wishes seeing here a lot of inspiring stories and that issue. Thank you and thank you for joining us for real -- let's and we wanna hear from you what do you think of -- -- a college would you like to see more universities follow suit. Maybe can bring a packet -- you to -- if you go to her -- is that real bids with RJ until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York have a great.

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{"id":25132693,"title":"Packit: The Must Have Lunchbox For Your Kids ","duration":"9:23","description":"From bankrupt to business woman, find out how one single mom turned her kids complaining into one of the fastest growing companies in America","url":"/Business/video/packit-lunchbox-kids-25132693","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}