A Parent's 'Dream' Tablet

Fuhu's award winning Nabi tablet teaches tot how to text and edit their own video.
5:23 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for A Parent's 'Dream' Tablet
Take a look first though at this adorable video. And. Okay. Yeah. Mary very cute adorable although if you are -- parent and you've heard this song. Infinite times maybe the kids are just cute but I'm loving it the kids singing along to Disney's hit movie frozen. One of the top trends for tots is posting video of themselves on YouTube singing their favorite songs and now in new tablet actually -- your children. How to create and edit a video I wanna bring in the CEO of -- -- award winning now be tablet Jim Mitchell so nice to see a jam and veterans here in the studio. And -- -- would -- was named the most promising. Company in America the most promising company in America yes that's a lot to live up to it is. And it -- it. We're gonna try -- we're gonna -- so this means. The ability for each child to edit a video that -- -- for example it's not like president put on the Internet. Do we really need us. -- -- -- -- -- I think it's inevitable rate because. You know we've always been posting videos on YouTube for a long time right and this is getting younger and younger. And so what we've done with the dream -- is tried to give them the tools. For what we're calling it is the next generation of creative heroes rightly so all those kids that were singing frozen and I have two daughters in -- I tell you. I've got -- up to here with the song. You're just think that's not can't -- say. Are you what those parents you just can't take another -- -- -- -- -- and it's it's been it's been a lot it's been a lot but what is fantastic about it. Is the kids love this whole process they love to shoot video they loved it edited. They love to sing with -- and then share with their friends their grandparents and everyone else. And so we've done is that okay if kids are gonna do this we need to give kids the best tools possible. So in our and our new part of the dream -- for example we put -- whole -- Tools that allow that -- professional grade tools right that are tailored to kids but allow them to edit video allowing them to Photoshop. Allow them to saying in an -- the voices and allow them to do animation. So really -- -- -- Do all these creative things and then put it out. Did you see the YouTube video that got the guy who. Created this YouTube video at the airport while his flight was delayed. They didn't see it when it went viral about more than three million people thought until Wednesday at camp but but -- -- essentially what the dreams -- can -- is essentially what it looks like he was doing in the airport a lot of people were talking about that. How do you keep it secure though because privacy is such a big deal to adults -- They don't real -- It's right we in what we've done. Especially with this version of the tablet is we really beefed up the parents' side to control side right because all parents. Parent differently and it's not my job. Or our job to you know parent kids with a tablet. So what we do is we give them the tools and then allow the parents the ability to. Teach their kids the right thing and easily in this -- straight to YouTube if the parents want them to. Yeah so they set it up in the settings ahead of time exactly or you can -- it to your friends or to your grandparents. You know another good example is. I think -- you'd agree you cannot walk down a street without seeing teens texting -- right or. I've seen babies doing it online restaurant in New York City at scares me administer. But that's so kids want to communicate these days they want to be instantly connected and they want a tax write. And so what we've also done with this is not only let kids do creative you know interaction. But also to communicate the way that they want to which is texting which is email which is photo sharing. But in -- -- a complaint which means parents safe for kids safe way. For them to send messages back and forth and then we even allow parents and to control that has some parents are more liberal some parents are more strict. And so he even on your iPhone right parents -- named controller can -- iPhone and they can say okay here's what I want my daughter my -- to connect with. And then they can review all of the interactions. And -- can come off. They want your tapping into that known desire when the kid says mommy daddy I wanna do this. There is an answer -- it can be parental controlled what's the price point -- -- compared to an iPad. So this is to 69 so it's much less than nine patents actually lesson I've -- -- and the big differences is everything is kind of brought together. And with kids in mind. Another great example is there's this huge trend now to taking real toys. So little -- and putting them on your gaming console and then they appear in your game. So we're doing for the first time now is taking those those toys and action the first one as toothless write the star of how to treat -- dragon. -- touch it to your tablet and then toothless becomes part of your -- This hard I try to do that with my TV when I was a little -- I would put pictures behind it but it never started -- TV but out here in any imagination can create these things and there's technology -- doing Jim Mitchell thank you so much they presented it to be here.

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{"id":24112855,"title":"A Parent's 'Dream' Tablet","duration":"5:23","description":"Fuhu's award winning Nabi tablet teaches tot how to text and edit their own video.","url":"/Business/video/parents-dream-tablet-24112855","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}