Play- I's Toy Robot Teaches Your 5 Year Old How to Code

Kid-friendly, robots designed to create the world next generation of programmers.
3:00 | 03/04/14

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Transcript for Play- I's Toy Robot Teaches Your 5 Year Old How to Code
-- -- all the time though companies they say they can't find workers with the right skills the technical know how needed in today's economy while our next guests. Wants to start the training process early and I mean. Very very early victims' group -- is the founder and CEO play -- at the company that's developing a toy robot. That can teach -- -- year olds how to code is that it. Yes that's right recruiting is your boss -- -- -- turbulence you we're gonna win. And prevent Israel wants to do amazing things acting as unaffordable basic balance com or teen appeared in. How is that what sitting in front of you how is neck and a teacher at five year old had a -- So how does your what works base was the best device. And I -- -- accurate government. And deserve what is back but not a -- applications on the -- That's -- estimate does have a little what can do that in the process will open up the wonderful competition thinking -- programming -- Says out of one -- is one such example that it into the -- ones how would this S. I think it's -- as -- Realizing how come traditional thinking programming is an essential -- when our kids. Now and how little there is being done far indicating excellent people skills. Especially at an early age when -- was what kind of and they have more power to who's destined stem education and computer science are widowed at least -- -- -- something that's as -- -- your credit and brought us. It sounds like coating in the same way that learning new language is much easier if you start from a young age learning to code. Much easier to pick up from nice young standpoint as young as five -- results. Expect Aaron adding he -- -- also shows that. Not to let us and explain actually how the -- -- ability -- got competition thinking concert. What's -- often I'd like to lose and this is where we come -- be focusing on duels that. In May -- limits on what children. And Andrew what's that create greater Cuba because they can engage excited and draw them into this -- without making it on beacon equipment. You just announced also you raised eight million dollars in new funding growing the learning and play platform for kids. Who -- investors how did you take this investment out to investors and market at. Immediately we just -- -- -- -- billion dollars by Nazis IRS is are under an energy group and sounds remembrances. Now there won't bring dresses I've -- but it -- longtime. It also -- is based investing in companies dress that -- but -- -- apartments office space. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- coalition -- up to them as we just up and look out putting dumping a few months ago when he had more than 7000 customers we go to Israel wants. And media is more than one -- billion dollars I don't wanna billion dollars at that time. Suit me there was an amount that people would in the market. And it resulted in a book on -- department Anastos wanted to. Let's go to the next -- and you've also -- -- -- saying interestingly on the school system. Getting -- to sign on and say they want the product that's large scale sales. That you're conducting but for the individual level if if your parents and you're watching this right now -- you want your five year old. To have this how do you buy it. Even get by this congress next day it -- that is laid out I don't -- Bigotry on the little -- today we start shipping later this year are -- about a robust global leader at a summit and then before -- business community -- -- even more several. Well I will be very curious and interested to see the five year olds around us. Learning how to code I'll be curious to see how that all turns out once they hit the workforce as well some very useful features thank you so much -- -- for joining us today. But united -- -- have a great one.

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{"id":22767670,"title":"Play- I's Toy Robot Teaches Your 5 Year Old How to Code","duration":"3:00","description":"Kid-friendly, robots designed to create the world next generation of programmers.","url":"/Business/video/play-toy-robot-teaches-year-code-22767670","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}