Real Biz Buzz: What NOT to Buy on Black Friday, to the hottest gadget gifts for grandma

Rebecca Jarvis highlights hot topics of the day on Real Biz 11.27.2013
3:00 | 11/27/13

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Transcript for Real Biz Buzz: What NOT to Buy on Black Friday, to the hottest gadget gifts for grandma
Hello and welcome to real -- I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in new York and here's what's happening right now. First of all the record run for your money well it's continuing at least a bit this morning stocks opening at new highs again today. The NASDAQ is now back to levels that we haven't seen since the tech bubble. In 2000 were back at NASDAQ 4000. Now some decent news on the jobs front it looks like more employers are hiring then firing 101000 fewer folks. Filing for unemployment benefits that is the lowest level in two months. And we are just hours away from the start of the super bowl of shopping that's -- Thursday Black Friday. Cyber Monday. It's make or break time for the retailers in the economy and it's your opportunity get those door busters -- -- a top jobs shopping and more with Lauren -- from Yahoo! finance it's great to see. Again Lauren great to be back at so -- your holiday shopping -- have you have you brave the crowds yet. -- -- I haven't started I guarantee you I'm not gonna start until probably one or two days before the actual holiday in December and is it going to be online -- in store. You know -- -- If I haven't may not say what -- I know you're not a planner neither of my I usually plan to do everything at the last minute that's my plan. I'm curious to know that what you think about where the mind of the consumer's right now because of a lot of -- estimates going into this holiday season. Have been relatively poor by comparison to last year. Yeah I mean I think that's what -- interesting because there are concerns at this holiday shopping season is -- be so weak we -- consumer confidence numbers come out this week. At a seven month low -- -- that retailers are so concerned and at that such a promotional environment. I think that's great for the consumer -- so many good deals out there and how that how can people weren't they shopping. Even when you look at asked him at that this'll be the week at holiday season and perhaps. 2009 it's still an increase over last year so the expectation is that people are still gonna turn -- and shop -- you bring up the discount thanks savings dot com Davis and number yesterday. 36%. That's going to be the average discount this holiday season which is a lot better than last year about 10% -- this which is good news. I wonder why why do you think consumers right now are feeling the way that they are they're not feeling as cheery as they have. I mean I think there -- -- number of reasons the job situation is still bleak -- -- jobless claims as you -- and are better than expected that the ones that we just got -- Those measure of layoffs those are gauge for layoffs a litmus for app or not gauger -- Aaron limits for hiring and -- jobs market is still been so weak. We -- the government shut down and we have the debt ceiling brinksmanship and all of that. -- -- And all of that impacts how good consumers feel when they pull -- their wallet. And the uncertainty facing next year -- here in particular. What do you think about these markets a lot of people are looking at this year is a great year but the question is what comes next. Yeah I now but you know every time that we doubted what comes next -- that OK maybe now this is going to be the big pull back the big correction and we've been we've looked like the -- -- -- -- -- think factory. I continued to be higher and higher you mentioned that their record with the NASDAQ at 4000. It's still below its highs of 5000 well glut that dog got a lot hired ago compared sent back where was a decade or so ago no. But markets are up so high this year 26 -- 23% for the Dow and the S&P 500 an antibody could say you know this can't continue but I've talked to so many analysts that say. Eight canned because it and of the day that -- winds. Faith in the markets are becoming -- lasts and lasts Europe doesn't add up all of the clip anymore China hardly ending doesn't seem like that's. -- a kind of really facing NASA in any time soon so good all of these things are just being chipped away so really. There is an argument that it that the market can't continue to go higher I think what everybody has their eyes on our what's gonna happen when that that it begins to pull back with any kind of -- think that's what people are all bracing for in terms of what back in deeper for the market's trajectory. Absolutely I was thinking that is the big question mark that it does not extend Lauren Lister thanks so much for joining us thank you. Half of us plan to shop on Black Friday but with so much talk about door -- sales it can really be confusing overwhelming what is actually a good deal and what would just brought in to look like -- this cap will joining me now from Austin, Texas is the CEO shoppers dot com Steve camper. Thanks so much for joining -- Steve. Thanks for me Rebecca so what do you think what are the things people should be steering clear from on this Black Friday. Yet so I -- that the first thing would be kind of all the technology. -- electronics like dvd players GPS systems. Even really old models of of phones. I'm you're gonna see some great deals on those -- items avoid them completely. -- think that we're going to be -- -- it Joanna stern coming up here about her favorite tech items. But I want to talk to you about the deals that are coming up. What do you think people should be buying and how do you get your hands on the back -- Yet salute what you should be buying is is what does great deals on if you go to offers dot com you'll find great deals were were updating them all of the time. On some things -- be finding this season TV's there's going to be some great deals on TV's HGTV's big ones small ones. And I -- and talents are going to be really hot this season. As well as clothing clothing -- is something that's a staple everybody wants that lots of people are looking for it especially on Cyber Monday. Tips for Black Friday how do you survive the mayhem and still get the deals and not wait around and not deal with the -- Yet so there's a few steps that I -- for people on Black Friday first is make a less to do your research right know what you're looking for. No what you expect to -- if you're going in the store bring your research with you would be the second step. And and finally the the third would be to shop online. -- it's a lot easier to save money shopping online can do your research. You can compare prices at the same time from two different stores and can look for coupon codes before you shop buy you whatever your mind. I also like that -- Bradley is -- I don't know if you've ever tried it but it's a great app because it tells you if you're looking at something the story tells you where else it's available in what the other prices are on. Yet absolutely there's a lot of apps you can use to when you're in store. An online as well there's lots of web sites that you can go to to find the best offers. I think the psychology. To shopping in stores on Black Friday the kind of feels like. Maybe there's something that is overlooked that you're gonna find in the nook and cranny in that store. And there's also the element of wanting to be a part of all of the chaos and people find that to be the finest part of all. Yeah absolutely it's a game for a lot of people we tell people if you are gonna go shop in storm Black Friday bring a friend with yet. Especially if you wait in line. Yet rather than going completely allowed and going crazy on your own event that's tough when you have a lot of things to potentially buy and -- -- talked about that. Yeah yeah absolutely. -- Steve shapers CEO of offers that topic so much for joining us happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving -- back to thank you. Sticking with shopping if you -- -- wait till Black Friday lots of stores are open tomorrow. Finish the Turkey stuffed yourself into a store and I caught up with one of them wal mart's top executives to talk about how they're getting ready for the rush. What they think will be hot this holiday season. You may be surprised by at least one item that they expect to be a big seller take a look. Friday is the super bowl of shopping. Consider this -- the tailgate party. Long pregame show. Its impact it is -- -- Wal-Mart kicking things off -- deals like this leap pad to a regional price 79 -- now. 999. And select -- for an Xbox one video games including call of duty ghost and battlefield for. Which -- 996. New price 49. Last year in the first hour we did ten million. Transactions that are rich Josh in the first hour in one hour one hour around the country around the country ten million transactions. The number one seller this year she will sell enough pajamas this terrific season that they can -- completely around the world. Around the -- around the globe pajamas from Wal-Mart. Well howls are also a big holiday favorite last year in the first four hours of sales on Thanksgiving Thursday Wal-Mart sold one point eight million of them TVs were also -- one point three million of those sold in the first four hours. Bikes to. 250000. Bikes well from PGA's and Howell to technology we want to find out what some of the hot items will be this holiday season. And we want to drill down on what tech -- it should we be getting for grandma and grandpa and we have the person who is known for now intact around ABC news she is tech editor Joanna -- -- she's here. Her hand pick favorites Joanna it. Well we talked about that and I -- that would be a real big I think currently praying -- -- -- You looked just like my drama congratulations. Good day kids are right there don't -- have as far as technology goes you have any technology that can make you look more like -- I do down there am I'm hoping that they come out it's Smart -- did you catch up so what. My biggest thing I'm saying that there is no what you're gonna get before you going to backfire into a -- start going to these sites because they trying to overwhelm you with. These cheaper tablet -- you can get these deals on this just know what you wanna get so these are some of my top picks. The first -- the tablet because. Honestly go to the best -- tablet -- and -- feel like these companies are trying to mess with your head. They got tons -- different sides is difference backs so I know it sounds a little bit cliche but my favorite is still the iPad is is that entrapped. Tried and true the pioneer of the -- I mean you still get the best apps hearing -- to get the best hardware so this is the iPad air. IPad -- and really the only difference this year between these two is the size so also the price to get this for 399 this -- 499 but. Really still one of the best tablets if you're looking for something a little bit cheaper are I'd definitely say go -- the nexus seven from Google. That cost about 230 dollars about half the price exactly it when it comes to buying these do you consider buying the older versions are you by the most today it depends on it back comes down to priced right you can get the iPad two now offers -- -- 299 dollars 250 dollars so. If you want to deal with a little bit of a have to your tablet want to get that little older generation -- slower processor. And your then that's the sacrificing -- we just got a text urge you not -- we actually -- think. Yeah Brad Brad Xbox I brought an Xbox biggest question this year PlayStation Xbox and this is obviously the biggest question for the gamers but it's also -- for families right I mean these can now become the center of the -- -- And that's why I am picking acts boxing it was a little bit of the debate I might actually be tackled by auditors they might be around here don't do it guys doing westerns but yet she's -- -- build a fortress protected by armed attack that I own from the com enters this here. But the Xbox lamp picking -- is that it does have great games but also integrates with your TV you can actually say to it like Xbox watch ABC Xbox watch rob. Just watch AB CI just tell it to watch anything I don't -- -- -- so it has this new component here it is more expensive 500 dollars what else. What else a lot of this stuff is all at the center your phone and so I am not the biggest fan of buying -- for people it's kind of hard decision maybe get a gift card talent to go by the found. But so. All of these actually work with your balance of one of these these two here are interesting products to -- buying -- therefore be home improvement here. This is the -- protect it's actually smoke detector doesn't sound sexy but actually looks really cool. And -- lights up. And this is -- if I hope it doesn't beat because my smoke detector in my apartment literally be asked about all that tied it wakes us up at night that's the best -- talks to you. And when it -- -- gonna -- in alluding to lay out late at night -- will affect it says go to sleep now and this is the thermostat again instead it with your phone using an app so I really like these two products I think. It's this interesting way of entering your phone into the whole house I ask you to bring us some products for gifts for the family because I think one of the most challenging thing -- It's buying gifts for Grammy Graham -- in the tech space and a little -- I'm still struggling with this Graham -- Graham I think don't think the iPad is always a good way to teach them you know new computing styles. I do think that this is actually really good gift for teens and this is the jam box -- it is a great way to listen to one direction with all your fame with all your friends. Which I'm now listening to all the time. So you've just pair this with any type of phone and it's a Bluetooth speaker and it looks small but it gets really loud. And then at this I think is a great gift but I'm also want this one really I yes exactly inside this has the -- case. An inside here is another battery you can put this on the -- yes for the iPhone 5. Charge up your phone I have one on mine. To look at my tweets right now and so you just get a full extra charge by tapping -- and turning on hopefully there are no heaters. Not actually ever I have some retreats on my on my last great -- that. Nice to -- we love -- they use so I knew I -- come back -- -- grandma actually. We like you as you -- I'm I'm coming back next -- to register thinks that lives. After you are all done eating all that -- for Thanksgiving you wanna burn off some of those calories but if your bored with the -- will work out forget heavy lifting and all of those crunches. -- up prowling through the jungle. With this new work out. All you need is a ticket to somewhere -- -- And a very cut body and a lot of stamina. It's called animal slow the creation is of the equinox fitness guru Mike Phipps in -- is -- -- break dancing and gymnastics. And you can tweet me if you've tried it. Full disclosure I never have we will see you later have a great day thanks for joining us on real -- as.

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{"id":21031595,"title":"Real Biz Buzz: What NOT to Buy on Black Friday, to the hottest gadget gifts for grandma","duration":"3:00","description":"Rebecca Jarvis highlights hot topics of the day on Real Biz 11.27.2013","url":"/Business/video/real-biz-buzz-buy-black-friday-hottest-gadget-21031595","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}