Real Biz Office Makeover

Episode 73: Rebecca Jarvis gets a Real Biz office makeover with the help of interior and resign expert Francesco Bilotto who shares some quick and inexpensive tips to makeover your office or room.
4:01 | 01/13/16

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Transcript for Real Biz Office Makeover
This office needs serious help wow. I think the real in the real bad expectancy which are talking about here yet it's very real and it eats them ill attention. Oh. I just make it a much more functional space I would like to be able to keep some of they character and some of the things that I have here obviously. Clothes unfortunately comes with the territory of my job I run up on Saturday eat something else to winners so having found here is important to me. But just having XP that's more. User friendly. Look at what you have a sex addict donate talks keep. Oh yeah and and. How you like to organize a cluster. And throw it although it Rebecca who if it's been on your desk for more than three months to you never needed it you're not gonna muted and separate ago. A. Worker puts you have moved the furniture around and different is this it's freedom of furniture if you don't like it you can put it back and we cleaned in the process. Go big and a small room. Bigger things make a smaller space feel bigger. A lot of times people scaled down they big tiny little Anthony get tiny little everything. In at bat that AM if you got to do accurate but in most cases your walls or furniture go big or to go. Billed for your future not where you've been. And the space like this it's nice to reflect back on a few pieces but maybe we can make them a little bit more importance on you put anything. Perhaps these cuts. Hum under a plastic cube. Clean this up there is going to be. Yeah capped one thing there's a lot and I'm I'm actually speechless when I look at both. We're would you at this moment as you're looking at things where do you think things should go the deaths should be moved actually closer to the door. With your share sort of nestled in the corner of the room and your desk actually further back looking out into the room into the space where we are here. And where we are here to the great place to have a conversation as were happy now and perhaps moving a sofa then in this place. Console keep the chair there a sofa maybe to a nice piece of art there that's one large piece of art so your eye doesn't get distracted by a lot of small visuals we got a lot of work cut out for us. You know a lot of changes I mean some changes he left the south where they were because you do have some stuff of items the memories that you want to showcase them preserves. We just added the ministry Washington that you Rico the craft store and finished. Boring white shelf because we took them here that was over there continues that is sort of a barge freight. I mean it was free to do if you don't like it please try once again and again this great back drop them from that work on your guests can find an ambulance and from now on for a little time little money. The office. Now I've at all I think you did a phenomenal job with very little money and very few resource as. I'm so happy I think this is great and I think it's ready. This is ready. Prove it's ready to take won her first.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Episode 73: Rebecca Jarvis gets a Real Biz office makeover with the help of interior and resign expert Francesco Bilotto who shares some quick and inexpensive tips to makeover your office or room.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"36271485","title":"Real Biz Office Makeover ","url":"/Business/video/real-biz-office-makeover-36271485"}