Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis 11/20/2013

ABC News Chief Business Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis with the top headlines in business news.
14:44 | 11/20/13

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Transcript for Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis 11/20/2013
Hello and welcome to real -- I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in new York and here's what's happening. Right now the market. Opening near record levels lots of Wall Street's top minds. Think we could be expecting another good hearings when he fourteen maybe not as good this year but higher nonetheless. Government shut down what government shut -- if you look at what consumers did -- last month that they didn't stop shopping while the government was closed. Retail sales -- to their best levels in four months. And folks still buzzing over that record settlement of thirteen billion dollars by JPMorgan US attorney general telling our Pierre Thomas. That there's no question a part of the reason our economy collapsed in 2008. -- what happened in the mortgage sector. Our other banks about to get the JPMorgan treatment. Well that's where I want to start with our next guest -- -- he's bound her bare -- TJ at a research consulting firm. It provides market research to -- the biggest institutions on Wall Street so Steve who is next. Well -- back and by the way congratulations on the new shelves so excited to join you. -- next there will be more I do think this is a bit -- witch hunt. In terms of casting blame about the mortgage crisis I frankly think that Washington Wall Street are roughly equally at fault. But it's Washington that get to deliver the verdicts and gets to hand down -- fines here -- Washington is looking for a scapegoat. And never guard. -- JPMorgan provides a convenient target you know. Bankers today are about as popular as tax collectors working in biblical times but. What the -- is I'd like to tell Maine -- does that -- -- does need Wall Street because Wall Street provides loans it provides credit and that is that the -- the lubricate. For the country's economic engine it's not doing that very well right now Wall Street and one of the reasons is because this constant harassment from washing. Well what you hear is that the uncertainty is keeping a lot of business is on hold because they're wondering what Washington -- next move is going to be. But main street feels anger and they feel the pain they still feel it unemployment above 7% we -- in this situation in this holding pattern for so long. Meantime JPMorgan stock is up 27% this year. Yet -- -- that's a great point Rebecca the stock has largely shrugged off the news of this massive fine in fact the stock might even be celebrated because at least -- some certainty now so. We have JPMorgan stock. Not too far from its all time high and right at a one decade high but you're right there is a divergence right now. Between Wall Street and main street in that regard main street sees its wages not growing are growing very little and yet the stock market at all time highs but again here I would argue that's largely because of Washington. Not -- department justice in this case more the Federal Reserve it is trying its best of public asset prices that working for the stock market but not necessarily working. Offer regular folks who enter and face 880 -- ten US employment situation it and it -- -- -- we got good retail sales. Out this week let's see though is the consumer ready to spend into Christmas. Right and what we've been hearing is that they're gonna spend a little less this Christmas season then last year the question now is what to expect from the market's next year a lot of people. At this time in 1999. Were saying a very -- year ahead that's not how things turned out. That's right Rebecca and sometimes you have to be most cautious just when the party gets the most raucous. And I do think that is the case for the stock martyr right now after a year like this I am not. Very optimistic to be honest. For the stock market looking at -- next year and and the main reason I think one of the simplest metrics. For regular folks warm market pros to understand is stock market capitalization meaning the total value of all of our stocks. Relative to our GDP what the country produces -- as a whole. We are right now above the 2007. Highs and you mention 1999 we're actually approaching the 2000 highs so 2002007. Those are pretty awful times. To begin involved in the stock -- I fear that we might be facing a similar scenario now. Well I'm sure we'll be talking about it again right here on real as Steve court has -- our first guest they feel appreciated it was great having you. And for all of us that travel a lot this next story is going to make you say. The new report saying within the next ten years thirty of the nation's busiest airports places like Chicago's O'Hare. Houston new work in New Jersey and more well they're going to feel as crowded. As they do on thanks giving. Every single day and if you're lucky enough to live near New York's JFK or airports in Las Vegas Orlando and San Diego. The new year round crash while it could be getting -- sooners have time to get back global entry past. All right so good thing we've got some hot cars to talk to you about maybe it'll be better to drive and to fly here are -- tracks hottest cars of 2013. The ridiculously. Aggressive there you see it Mercedes-Benz SL less AMG black -- -- right the elegant jaguar -- tight. And drum roll please the winner of the road back -- Start the year goes to Chevrolet Corvette -- -- -- Some of the highlights the Corvette has the best priced at 62800. Horsepower 460. And you can go from zero to sixty in three point eight seconds to tweet that you're doing -- And don't forget you can check out -- -- latest issue it's on newsstands now for details on all the cars. -- switch gears as evidenced by what we're doing right here right now there's a new generation of TV viewers. -- -- not tuning in via cable in the big screen. More and more they are watching free on their tablets their PCs and of course on mobile. So we're -- here it real -- how long before what we know this TV today is a thing of the past. Well one of the digital pioneers is here to give us his -- -- Eric hippo is managing director of -- ventures he partnered with Ken -- to build the digital video platform. Now this news and he's also the former CEO Huffington Post and an original investor in -- it's great to have you as there currently are you. Doing very well I mean we're we're good because we're on digital right now yeah. The place to be. It is the place to be so people say but the question is people have been saying that for so long. People have been saying we're gonna take over the Internet is gonna take over TV it still hasn't happened when does it happened. It's happening as we speak the the amount of viewing on the Internet is -- more -- we have more videos more TV is being watched. Thanks to the Internet and on TV itself. They're so much contact out there and I think as somebody who does a lot of web surfing myself sometimes getting through all of that contents. Is -- it's a problem because you can't find what you really are looking for cool do you believe is out there that's what a creep that remote control for the Internet. -- that we don't know yet that is true that is a huge amount of content just think about the that some of the numbers -- 72 hours of video that's being uploaded every second on YouTube. And every day -- -- 400 million snapped -- which are being shared on that platform. So it's a huge amount of video and there is no guide -- the moment but somehow people find some find their way. To the real quality content. All of those that chats one big reason why FaceBook wanted to buy them for three billion dollars which sounded like an insanely high number to most people. It is a very high knows -- it's have certainly a high number to turn down. It is a very high do you think they'll get another offer don't know that that will see -- study of its. What it comes to what we're going to see the Internet become if it becomes the main platform for people to view how it -- different five years from now -- today. Well I think -- the means that the main aspects is that is -- blending of the different formats I think the the the difference between the movies and TV -- and -- small -- -- on YouTube forces all of that will will blend into kind of continuous formats so they won't be that distinction that this -- today it -- to screens. You know I become the small screen to tablet as -- of choice and people will be wanting to watch everything -- smaller screen. So you're saying TV doesn't go away it just migrates to -- Internet form or absolutely and the yourselves unity -- -- have a. A great job security are great brands at great compact -- that it's gonna make its way to view. It's gonna make its way to the Internet -- -- -- thing is going to dominate as a player here. I think that it's still up in the air there's a whole bunch of new brands are being created of course you have YouTube. Which is that the original into that. Distributor of a video which is huge -- But you brands -- being created every time we have venture capitalists we invest in new brands all the time so what's the TV it'll look like. Well TV is gonna be not on demand and that's always the -- -- you know in the -- is he now pay as you go I've watched as you want -- -- on -- screen on your phone on the tablets. Days in the except maybe for sports. You're not gonna be saying I have to watch -- -- -- -- -- All right I'm Matt Stairs -- about that question is he's our next guest air about thanks so much appreciate you joining us markers of all right for the first time since 1918. Chanukah and Thanksgiving are falling on the same day there are some hilarious ideas out there check this when -- -- -- And I want to welcome to the person who found that for you -- -- of SPN and ABC news whose rocket November. I -- first time ever and you -- on any platform wearing a beard on TV in my history it and what was it. That got you to do the beard is just to make this different my efforts to hear you've got to be on real yes dear -- what we appreciate that. What do you think of what Eric said about sports being different from all other contact did that's why in starting next year the NFL -- gonna get seven billion dollars in TV money. Because sports is the only play where you have to watch it live for. That's it more of my wife doesn't want anything alive I watch every -- you -- sports -- you now. Just wanted to make sure I understand you're married -- -- -- -- new terror. I mean I don't know that they had in 1918 they might -- but it would have gone viral I'm I'm really upset that I did not get in on the monarchy. -- -- And it -- nine year old hysteria that -- weintraub. They reached 40000 dollars in their 23. Closed hopefully now that means that there's going to be. Mean the next one is in 27. -- -- I don't think that deep that you can get in now will be talking about it unreal but is it twice that's -- -- -- I want you is our guest Friday the fiftieth anniversary of -- JFK that JFK assassination and you. Have been following all of the option memorabilia yet everything I mean it the amount of auctions that have come on line for JFK -- -- -- -- just came online from Christie's by the way which is. The watch worn by the doctor. That the -- that care for him that that looked at the time for his time of death. But there's a lot of other ones we -- the keys from the note the limo. -- 1031000. Dollars for that. We have the Texas welcome theater that never happened. For 200836. Dollars this is that it -- mean I'm sorry the -- hospital. -- -- 108000. And then the west what is the phones. From his last night. Ever on earth in Fort Worth in the presidential suite they put little. Things on the phones at the White House logo on it and -- -- -- not yet. Burnett that that sold for about 30000 dollars 30000. Dollars and they probably make -- call better than the fountains that MER. Currently -- this that this is not the time to buy that stuff you -- to wait a couple years to be the next buyer really it's all at the height is how do you know this area because it's what happened -- -- the Titanic last year. You know if you're gonna buy something of a fiftieth of a hundredth anniversary. Just doesn't -- guessing what the next anniversary is and buying now or maybe should -- -- On the -- -- anniversaries that -- -- I don't know I was studying -- last night trying to -- as the -- points from coming to America lost. Larry that's just a cool little you know. This is wooded area does -- in his his spare time we -- recently from a foot locker at. I'm sorry of them. If -- here and so mr. -- ran shipped to North Korea there. OK so it's it's this really went viral yesterday it was called their week of greatness what happens if everything was right with the world. Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield giving back his year. Just can't locker selling anything here well it's their week of greatness I guess -- you -- that that's the question does -- translate into you going into a footlocker. I think this is just this is the world of clutter we live in right now right -- -- -- you'd have to get to the viral. -- said that the people that just advertise are no good it's all about what they call in down marketing it's all about. Having the you know making sure that your content to and they certainly got it -- -- was the most viral thing that was going on yesterday well. Another big viral thing that was going on yesterday forms out with its list of the world's highest paid musicians this year heading down from number three Bon Jovi. Earnings 79 million dollars mostly because. Are rather mostly because of his because we can to -- at number two Lady Gaga she brought in an eighty million dollar. Year gaga was on track to make much more -- hip injury dampened her style and this wouldn't surprise me -- Number one McDonnell way -- -- 125. Million dollars that's really hard to believe it's. I can't believe the material girl is still making although although the Michael Jackson. Mead -- 120 million dollars last year in case there's no injuries him. True in his hips and intact -- Darren about -- don't think that we appreciate it. For more information on the world's highest paid musicians you can go to Forbes dot com and we want to thank you for joining us on Iron Maiden -- here real -- is. Get all the latest news from ABC -- -- seven at And until next time. I'm Rebecca Jarvis from New York.

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